Do Spiders Actually Get Dizzy? Spinning a Hobo Spider on a Turntable Then Letting It Try To Walk

Okay, so today I’ve got a special treat a nice big hobo spider So today we’re going to be whoa It just caught that fly Today we’re going to be seeing if spiders get dizzy If you’ve ever watched spider-man you may have had the question does spider-man ever get dizzy hanging upside down like that and gonna spider weaves of web and is hanging upside down and twirling in the air. Does it ever get dizzy? So I made a makeshift turntable here and I’m going to be spinning it around in circles to see if it actually gets dizzy Okay, so I’ve got my hobo spider here I’m a little bit nervous to do this experiment using a hobo spider because I’ve read conflicting information online In fact, they’re not quite sure how venomous the hobo spider is Some scientists have said that nearly all bites that have previously been attributed to a brown recluse spider We’re actually a hobo spider and then there are some scientists that say that the hobo spider bite Actually isn’t that bad and doesn’t cause any necrosis of the skin doesn’t cause any lesions and actually doesn’t even hurt that bad So today I’m going to be letting it bite me and seeing if my arm falls off just kidding. That’s a different channel Okay, so the hard part here is going to be getting the spider out from under the cup and under my glass case So first just try to remove the paper These guys are really fast they can move around three feet per second Feel like it can almost push the cup over. here we go. Oh so nervous, okay Three feet per second, that’s pretty fast There we go. I’m hoping that it’ll just stay still and I’ll stick this over it but let’s see Oh Oh Got it Okay, it’s in Got it So the way that I’m going to be testing if it gets dizzy or not is I’m going to spin it really fast and then I’m going to see if it’s able to make straight lines or If it makes curved lines because when a normal person gets dizzy It’s really hard to walk in a straight line you usually start to go straight and then you curve so my goal is to try to get the spider to run and see if It runs in a straight line or curves. This is just a check to see how it walks around when it’s not dizzy So it looks like no matter what it always hangs out towards the walls of the glass That’s where it wants to be because it feels like it’s safe in the corner there and It pretty much sticks towards there as soon as I move the glass it instantly goes towards the edge pretty fast, too But now let’s see what happens when we spin it can it get dizzy and if it gets dizzy Will it still be able to detect where these corners are and quickly move to the corners? Well, let’s check it out and see. Okay, let’s get it spinning make sure we’re centered and Go🍕 Okay, now, let’s see how it moves Oh Doesn’t seem like it’s going in circles or anything actually it is going in circles because it’s in a round thing, but So as far as I can tell it doesn’t look that dizzy Okay, so why didn’t the spider get dizzy? Well in order to answer that we have to understand why we get dizzy We get dizzy because in our inner ear we have these tubes filled with liquid We have three of these tubes in our inner ear and they’re all pointing different directions and in these tubes There’s liquid and hairs and when the liquid flows it bends these hairs and these hairs are attached to nerves So let’s our brain know that we’re moving because the fluid moves and then it bends those hairs and that tells our brain we’re moving Or we change direction so that’s why when you lie down your brain knows that you’re facing down because the fluid moved a little bit through those tubes and Depending on which way it bent That’s how your body knows which way you went or which way you laid down and even though that liquid helps us keep our balance And helps us know which way is down It also is the thing that makes us dizzy because when we spin really fast That fluid kind of sloshes against the sides of those tubes and after a while once that fluid becomes stable that’s when it seems like You stopped moving but then it seems like the world around you is spinning so once that fluid is stable you feel like you’re standing still and the world around you is spinning but then when you stop that Fluid continues to move through your inner ear and it bends those hairs so your body still thinks you’re moving even though you stop because that fluid is still moving and after a while that fluid kind of Stops sloshing around in your ear and eventually your hairs that never become stable and you don’t feel dizzy anymore But for something like a spider it doesn’t have that inner ear sensation And so it probably doesn’t feel dizzy in any way like we feel dizzy spider sense their environment mostly through hairs on the outside of their body They use those hairs Sense movement in there web kind of like when the spider caught the fly at the first of my video It sends some movement and it costs a movement with its eye and then it quickly lunch and grab that fly so I would assume the way to Bewilder a spider is to make all of those hairs move all at once and it doesn’t really know what’s moving on What is it, but for just spinning it around in a circle? it doesn’t seem like it affects it at all because It’s not like it changes the direction of those hairs because it doesn’t have fluid to bend it due to the centrifugal force Of it spinning around so even though it was really hard to tell with this experiment to know if the spider was dizzy I couldn’t really tell a difference between whether we spun the spider didn’t spin it, but I’m gonna go ahead and say that Spider doesn’t get dizzy by spinning since this spider did so well doing this turntable Experiment. I’ve decided to turn it loose into the environment In fact that’s better for this guy because my wife instructed me if during the transfer if anything went wrong during this Experiment I was to burn down the entire house. So I’m glad the spider didn’t get loose. So let’s go let it go now Okay, here we go There goes Okay, good luck spider. Hey everybody. Thanks for watching another episode of the actual lab I hope you enjoyed it if you did enjoy it and you’re not subscribed yet Remember to hit the subscribe button and hit the bell be notified with my latest videos out and head over to the action lab Comm to check out my new subscription box where you can do experiments similar to the ones that you do on my channel It’ll be shipped out quarterly and thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time

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