Dj Coone – Infected

Dj Coone – Infected

Last year a new virus identified and named reverze, spread across the globe rapidly. Very soon an increasing number of people got infected by the virus. The virus takes over your body the second the pounding beats of harddance music reach your brain. The only antidote is to join the harddance community. We will come together, we will be as one.

100 thoughts on “Dj Coone – Infected”

  1. This is the song that made me like hard style. Getting introduced to it was the only good thing that came out of dating my ex girlfriend.

  2. stupid dislike button…i ike my bar full green and no reds…red is for that 1 week with no sex…stupid red…if you dont like this kind of music wtf arre you doing here

  3. @HARDSTYLE4eve yea i didn't explain myself good enough, I ment for those in the comments who said that it was hardstyle 🙂

  4. @byHooliganen Nice track man, could you send me a list of your top 10 hardstyle songs? ill send you a top ten list of my own in return.

  5. @MiniHardjump because of your typo i read it "when the bass drooped
    my balls did too"
    made the comment so much more entertaining than what you actually put 😛

  6. @MrBoricua2593 There's a slight difference in the sound of the kick but that's about it, diehard shufflers will tell you that they are completely different, etc. But they really aren't, you can jump to pretty much any hardstyle song, same goes for shuffle. Headhunterz are a good example, you can do hardjump (The more preferable method of jumpstyle) to a Headhunterz song just like you can shuffle to it.

  7. Come on children, stop fighting. What the fuck does it matter whether it's jump, hardstyle, or whatever the hell else you wanna call it? It's a good song. Just fucking enjoy it and shove your names and opinions up your asses.

  8. who cares now? its been at least half a year i dont listen to any of it? 😀 and besides the point u just say that because your jealous. so beat it kid.

  9. LMFAO is a bad disease that is infecting the young community that is shaming the name of shuffling
    lets show them what REAL shuffle is

  10. Fuck categorizing it. Ita a fucking good song. N this is the best kind fuck all the new generation with their wanna b techno n shuffling. More like obnoxious sound n lame stomps.

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