DIY Election Coverage (Act 2, Part 2) | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

DIY Election Coverage (Act 2, Part 2) | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

the truth is, Lauer did a fantastic job
at the meaningless campaign coverage we’ve come to demand from our media. At
some point, networks decided they could ask questions and the answers would just
be someone else’s problem. Specifically, yours. I wouldn’t blame it on the
moderator here, I would actually ask the viewers to really look at what Donald
Trump is saying. Mr. Trump said he would have ordered his generals 2 cease oil from our enemies isn’t that against the Geneva Convention?
Or is that a good idea? Well, I’m no military lawyer but I
think that people can look at the definition of war crimes and come to
their own conclusions You heard her, average American! In your
plentiful spare time when you’re not working your two jobs or watching
your screaming kids, why not spend 20 or 30 hours studying
the Geneva Convention so you know whether or not it’s ok to
steal another country’s oil? That’s so much easier than asking reporters and
moderators to do their fucking jobs! I do not believe that it’s my job to be a
truth squad Well it should be because if you haven’t
noticed, we the people suck at it I want to put up one more number from
the latest fox news poll, the likelihood that the Clintons were selling influence
to those who donated to the Clinton Foundation — very or somewhat likely,
sixty-six percent, not likely or not at all thirty percent, which basically is 2 to 1.
Howie, folks believe this is, or was, pay to play Look they only have 24 hours, there’s no
time to report the facts and what people feel are the facts, you got to choose one! Guys, we are swimming in bad information. Our dads are on Facebook — chemtrails are not real, dad — why can’t the media just tell us what’s true and what’s bullshit? Well, you have to call the guy a liar, and that’s the problem, that’s a
difficult thing for Matt Lauer to do, because it sounds like an opinion.You’re
not supposed to have opinions in this business Yeah but calling a liar a liar isn’t an
opinion if you can prove it, that’s what we call a fact! The idea that
news network execs traded their balls for ratings — that’s just my opinion. And look, I know
the newsrooms are trying to fact-check the geyser of mendacious vomit that
spews nonstop from the Trump campaign they even invented the lower third lie
detector just for him! Unfortunately only immigrants read
subtitles, but facts without context are as bad as lies. Case in point — They destroyed Blackberry’s
with hammers in the State Department that’s not what the presidents do– Hang on hang on hang on hang on,
Evan Perez, hammers? Fact check that for me please on the fly Uh, yes they did, Brooke uh —
They did. Good, you checked a fact! But you never bothered to mention that government officials are required to permanently delete the data on old devices, they destroy them to keep
the data safe. We can’t read nerd mags for you, CNN, we’re busy with our Geneva
Conventions homework! So, absent a more reasonable explanation, I guess we’ll just believe this People who have nothing to hide don’t
smash phones with hammers, they don’t. Some would say destroying evidence — What kind of backwoods mafia thing is this? They used bleach, they used the hammer to clean up the crime scene Is this Goodfellas, or is this the State Department? Her proxies proceed to smash them with hammers — 2 of them —
2 is too many —
Just for the record, I’m not judging. No, don’t judge, Anderson, judges are
biased. Except for the judge that sends that mafia cunt to jail. The problem is news organizations simply
are not equipped to cover a candidate whose entire being is a lie, they’re
built to present us with a choice between two qualified, decent public
servants with different ideologies who could both do the job of president
without starting World War 3 on their first day in office because a random
Iranian flipped off one of our boats. Maintaining the image of fairness
requires them to portray Hillary and Trump as equally flawed candidates even
though they know that’s incorrect. On the one hand, you have the most
breathtakingly unqualified ignoramus to ever heave his spray-tanned bulk within
striking distance of elected office, a race-baiting bully who, according to two
meticulously researched biographies is a tax cheating, investor swindling, worker
shafting, dictator loving, pathologically lying, Attorney’s General-bribing,
philandering, mobbed-up, narcissistic serial con artist, who hasn’t got the
attention span to read a fortune cookie, much less a fucking intelligence
briefing. But, but on the other hand Hillary Clinton used a private email
server. See? Perfectly even. Next up on the place for politics, the
neck and neck Senate race between a Rhodes scholar and a petri dish of fecal
bacteria. Tweet us your thoughts, we’ll be right back

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  1. Yooo, she downplays so much about Hillary Clinton and refuses to see the downside to her campaign. Yes, Trump is absolutely worse, but it's not just the emails that weigh down the Clinton campaign. Consistent lying and admittance once caught in a fib, the emails, the primary rigged against Sanders, lies about her health until video was found, and favors for donors to the Clinton Foundation. Samantha either doesn't see it or blatantly IGNORES all of this. Hillary Clinton has serious faults. Don't be Team Liberal or Team Conservative like so many talk show hosts are. Be aware and vote for what's right, and admit your faults when you're wrong.

  2. Where is mention of Clinton Foundation, Iran deal, campaign donations (from other governments), Benghazi case, lying under oath (with emails), arming "moderate opposition" in the middle east, whitewater scandal, wars that were ok'ed by HK (hundreds of thousands of lives lost), unmanaged/uncontrolled migration?

  3. Hillary Clinton awesome Dodgers taxes through shell companies she owns she's also a war criminal who was the Secretary of State engaged in active pursuit of backing terrorists and their radical organizations through Military Support. who also help pushing laws that destroyed the black Hispanic communities. she may be not be equal to Donald Trump in terms of what they say but she has done way worse stuff and has done the things that Donald Trump claims to want to do. she pushed and fought while in Senate for a border fence and Mass deportations. this also includes sending back children of the conflicts in which she caused to send a message to those who brought them here.

  4. Can we not just deliver the news instead of having 90 people try to interpret information for us? Even someone who can read well would be better than the anchors today.

  5. I love how the ONLY defense I ever hear from Trump supporters is: "Hillery's done bad things too!" They never seem to deny any of his criminal/corrupt actions…

  6. Hey Sam: "Tax cheating, investor swindling, Worker shafting, dictator loving, pathologically lying" ALL DESCRIBE HILLARY TOO.. YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM if you promote HRC, a true criminal.

  7. awww LOOKY another show on the tee vee LOOKY box slamming trump – get you're safe spaces in order
    TRUMP 2016 bit chazzzzzz !!!!!

  8. It is true that news organizations often treat the fact of opinion as proof of the fact as reality, but criticizing the allegations against the Clinton Foundation might not be the best way to prove that point.

    The way it's presented here, it sounds as if it was just another story concocted by Fox News, and so people on the left can just dismiss it as mere propaganda. We're led to think that the poor presentation of a story means that the story itself has no merit. In reality, the story came from AP. The Intercept has a good article summarizing the various findings over the years: .

  9. Well, this really sums up my problem with American media. It's like they're so afraid of pissing off people already convinced that they're a left-wing propaganda outlet that they've turned into a right-wing one.

  10. If you think your media source is balanced, you are basically fooling yourself. People usually choose the news source that confirms what they already believe to be true. It works no difference , regardless if you lean right or left. No one gets off the hook.

  11. You almost had me. Hillary is awful, and for so many reasons are her own. How about her ideology in general? Or her feigned interest in the middle class?

  12. Glad you're back Sam. My thoughts? It's in the bag for Trump. Back in 2000, the so-called LIBERAL media went out of their way to bash Gore and repeat Karl Rove's manufactured lies, even when the media pundits had to LIE by inventing LIES about stuff that Al Gore never said, or that Al Gore told the truth about but the LIBERAL media told us Gore was lying.
    I'm voting, but sorry America, I think the writing is on the wall. We're being mass-manipulated by "Liberals" to support Trump.

  13. You know how really incompetent Roman emperors would regularly get assassinated by their own body guards? Prepare for Pres. Trump to be the first president to be assassinated by the secret service.

  14. Yes mainstream media is full of it. Their job is not to provide accurate info, it is selling audience to advertisers, period. Free content is bait , nothing more Any adult who doesn't know this already is severely handicapped in terms of participating in ,and understanding public affairs. But you know what- self governance requires being well informed, and voters who don;t know things like when their country is violating the Geneva accords , etc. are not well enough informed to effectively participate in democratic self governance. The proof of this is available every day in the US. There has never been so much access to information so easily.

  15. Start at 3:46 – 4:07, Well said, Sam!!! Journalists MUST step it up, but it can't be denied that this entire situation is utterly asinine.

  16. So Correct Sam Bee!!!! Why don't the networks just shut off the cameras. They should have done that in DC with that Birther announcement/hotel advertisement.

  17. That bit with the scales should be mandatory viewing for every journalist (and every Trump supporter who thinks the media are against him).

  18. At 4:18 a description of Trump that you will want to play again and again until you can recite the list of Trump's dis-qualifications. Thank you Samantha Bee.

  19. Samantha, please be a moderator at a presidential debate. Please. You are the only journalist who remains standing! Even my PBS Newshour delivers only kindergarten fluff these days.

  20. This was the most brilliant piece of "journalism" I've ever seen.

    Sam is a true comedic genius. Her coverage is the only good thing to come out of this god awful presidential race.


  21. Great how she glosses over the pay-to-play scheme with State Dept. and Clinton Foundation.  See Clinton Cash – also 'meticulously researched.'  Plus how the Clintons make $20 million + from speaking engagements?  Many of the big foundation donors went on to hire them to speak.  Also, she overlooks Clinton's fundamental incompetence at every job she had handed to her.  Trump has big problems, but please don't pretend Clinton isn't a loathsome candidate as well.

  22. Nice DT takedown, but HC isn't off the hook merely because the email thing isn't as big a deal as Republicans are making it. Clinton is a walking vending machine dispensing political influence for cronies (i.e. illegitimate businessmen like Trump), was caught red-handed aiding in the rigging of her own nomination, and she's a war hawk who would make Rumsfeld and Cheney proud, if only she understood the value of foreign embassies in war zones.

    Get ready for more war, more surveillance, and more selling of military surpluses to police departments who turn a blind eye to psychopaths and racists in their employ.

    Never Trump. Never Hillary.

  23. Against the Geneva convention, well yes it probably is, but this is America and if we want something that doesn't belong to us, we take it regardless🤓

  24. So true – the amount of time I spent reading the Inspector General's report, digging out the information on the reasons why the FBI couldn't have recommended induct leg of Clinton (the State Dept. has a backlog of unfiled documents stretching back to Albright's tenure, the fact that they allow the use of Google and hotmail accounts, the 20 million missing emails from W, Cheney, Rove and I-Don't-Recall AG Gonzales, which Obama's staff found in a mismarked box and had large gaps STILL in the important times leading up to the Iraq War, and that one reason for this would be the suspension of the system that President Clinton had set up to catch all his and his staff's emails – that seemed enough for me. And only took me about 12 hours – and I have the benefit of having done both IT and legal assistant work for 20 years for a very very large law firm. I do admit getting sidetracked by the deflategate lawsuit papers, reading the NFLPA law suit against the Commissioner as well as about 8 stories on the situation – who knew that our NFL Commissioner's dad had been a US Senator? And, having a dislike for Brady and his coach, I surprisingly discovered that on the deflategate suspension of Brady – I WAS ON HIS SIDE. Luckily, I know what's in the Geneva Convention well enough to not have to research how highly illegal Donald'd idea is. I've long ago realized that no one knows more than Jon Stewart about almost all this – with his protégés close behind. So skip the news and watch them! Though if you're up it, finding out for yourself is rewarding – and you even stumble upon interesting stuff about the NFL Commissioner and how wrong he was! But when short on time, the comedy shows are better than any mainstream news, with the Internet news sources right up there (The Young Turks, Redacted, the Humanist Report etc.).

  25. All government electronic devices are physically destroyed when decommissioned. Alllllll of them in every gov't. Of course Trump might no that if he had spent a single day working for the gov't before presuming to know how to run it.

  26. the dishonesty in this is almost impressive. I don't care about what she said about trump the end, I don't like trump and what she said about him wasn't inaccurate. but what she said about Hillary… he completely ignores Hillary's extreme corruption. such as taking money from foreign country's governments and being paid for her opinion. Hillary wouldn't be much better than trump. Samantha is either incredibly uneducated on this topic or is intentionally lying.

  27. C'mon! If you don't think Hillary was workin' the system, you're just ignorant. This is the kind of partisanship that is killing us. Yes, on a scale of 1 to 10, Trump is a one, but Hillary is no better than a two. To not admit this is to gin-up anger against Trump supporters instead of where it should be aimed: the system that gave us this lose/lose choice in the first place.

  28. And a year later we find out Trump advisers did the EXACT same thing……….. guess it doesn't matter that much to Republicans

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