Brody the bathroom is **** clean I don’t know what you’re talking about. If the make up is on the bench, that’s where it’s meant to be. Idiot [SCREAMS] What’s the matter babe?? Oh my God Brody! It’s in the shower! [PATHETIC SCREAMS] Alright, ONE of you is going to have to take care of that cockroach. Aw what babe?! I don’t even know how to take care of a cockroach! Brody, she’s talking about killing it. I don’t want to kill it! Brody. Now is not the time for your stupid vegetarian ideologies! Just ***** kill it! Aw why can’t Ben do it?? What?! I don’t want to kill it! Oh my Gawd. You two are acting like a couple of 5 yr old BITCHES! WHAT? We’re not bitches!! Yeah! We’re grown-ass, manly-ass men! YEAH! We’re gonna show you! We’re gonna show her, aren’t we Ben? YEAH! With a montage! [EPIC MUSIC] AH! Bro! What are you wearing that for?? Protection? Take it off! Take it off! Just take it off ok!! Just put on some cool shades or something! I dunno! Ugh, fiiiine! [EPIC MUSIC RESUMES] [PATHETIC SCREAMS] AH IT’S GOT IT’S WINGS OUT! Get it away from me! It’s so disgusting! [PATHETIC WAILING] Dude it’s going for you! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH [choking] Aw good job Ben! What the hell is going on in here?? Did you even kill it? Aw um, I’m not sure because Ben just ate it… And so, but he kinda swallowed it, he didn’t even chew it, so it could still be alive But it’s gone now That’s ***** disgusting Now get the **** out of here I’m having a shower you perverts! Why can’t Ben do it?? What? Don’t get me into this! You kill it That was terrible. I know That was a terrible take. [laughs] Now we have to do it again!

17 thoughts on “DESTROY THE COCKROACH”

  1. Hahaha 😂 I almost expected that Breanna would have to take things into her own hands after pointing out how utterly pathetic the "men" were being about a creepy crawly. Ben swallowing it was an unexpected twist. NICE! 😆

  2. Moving on up! Great work.

    Though I'm confused that you stand close to a snake and fear a roach.

    Great vid ma'am (and dudes)😊

  3. haha.. funny stuff. However I don't condone murdering cockroaches. I have a cockroach for a pet. He's name is Carl. We live in harmony.

  4. This was hilarious, 😂😂😂. Thanks for sharing, Love SekhmetSapphyre-Sun💓😻🙏🏾

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