Dental Health & Gum Disease : Symptoms of a Root Canal Infection

Dental Health & Gum Disease : Symptoms of a Root Canal Infection

Hi today we’re going to talk about symptoms
of a Root Canal infection. I’m Dr. David Wagner, NorthWood Dental; Clearwater, FL., and what
are the symptoms of a Root Canal infection? A Root Canal is when you have an infection
that starts in the tooth, spreads down to the root, and gets into the bone underlying
the root. This infection can actually swell or spread and creates pressure which radiates
to the jawbone, so that would be part of the pain or the most severe pain you could have
would be the radiating of pain through the jawbone. It actually can feel like it’s going
from, you don’t even know which tooth it is because it goes through the entire jaw. so
it’s very common for a patient to come in say “I don’t know which one it is, but it
really hurts.” Now before that occurs sometimes you’ll feel sensitivity because of the hole
in the tooth gets down to the nerves so hot and cold and sweets will actually cause a
problem. Now it may be a cavity or it may be the beginning of a root canal. Sometimes
when the infection’s inside the tooth hot or cold can make it worse or better. I’ve
actually seen where hot will make it feel worse and cold will make it feel better. This
is a very good sign that you’re having an infection inside the tooth. This has to do
with the expansion and contraction of the tooth and the nerve inside. So sometimes though
it’s very evident, because it’ll actually be swelling and even some pain and puss drainage
right beside the tooth that’s affected so, that makes it pretty easy to see which tooth
it is there. So those are some of the symptoms of a Root Canal. I’m Dr. David Wagner, NorthWood
Dental; Clearwater, FL.

7 thoughts on “Dental Health & Gum Disease : Symptoms of a Root Canal Infection”

  1. Hi Dr.:
    I hear having a Root Canal can be a bad idea, but I'm not finding any definitive reasoning.
    Do you have any?
    Or are you like "Hey, at $1K per, the more the merrier!"

  2. Hi, It is 6 am. One of my tooth hurts. I had a root canal done about 2 years ago. The pain was always there, but I convinced myself it will go away in time, but it is been a week it is really bothering me. So much from that tooth. I can not grind that tooth against other tooth. Cold ice seem to makes if feel better. I went back to the dentist who did my root canal said, the tooth next to is problem and he want to perform root canal on that tooth. I am 100% sure that is not the problem. ++

  3. I think this dentist did poor job. He is now telling me to remove the tooth. I told him can he redo the root canal and kill all the root but he said it can not be done. He said remove the tooth, which making me upset. Please give me some suggestion. I think this dentist is not very good. I looked at his customer service ratings he got 1.5 out 5. While other dentis has 4.5 to 5 out of. This endodontist name is Dr. Wing F Chan, DDS. ++

  4. I've had a root canel tooth for nearly a year, and I went to the dentist, but I got really scared as he came at me with a needle and didn't get my tooth done. And now my jaw seems to click, my tooth aches, its swollen underneath, its got a hole inside the tooth. But I don't see myself going to get it done anytime soon. What could happen to me if I don't get it done yet? If I know, then I might just do it…

  5. yeah I do spit up blood after lying down 4 a long time n my tooth hurts whnever I drink cold water. my dentist said she recommends root canal n my docter said its from my gums cause he did a upper gi study n said there was nothing n if it were my lungs bleeding there would be a cough with it not spit. so I try flossing more. I also have acid reflux. n more than likely have gingivitis

  6. Hi I did xray and there is a black shadow but not at the end of the tooth bottom part it's in between the tooth in the middle where the gum is located in between the tooth do I need a tooth canal it hurts only when I bite down

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