Deadpool Spider-Man Scene and Deadpool 3 Marvel Changes Breakdown

Deadpool Spider-Man Scene and Deadpool 3 Marvel Changes Breakdown

oh hello what are you doing
Oh I know right
welcome back everyone its charlie in honor of Ryan Reynolds finally actually
meeting with Marvel to start working on Deadpool 3 in the future of Deadpool
crossing over into the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies this is gonna be a
breakdown of the new details we have about Deadpool 3 as well as a history of
spider-man Deadpool crossovers in the comics some of their best crossovers
because they’ve actually been doing it quite a bit in the last 20 years even
Kevin Feige was addressing it earlier this year before spider-man far from
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on the video first things first if you guys don’t know why everyone’s freaking
out on social media yesterday Ryan Reynolds just revealed that he was at
Marvel meeting for Deadpool 3 in the caption he reads that he auditioned for
a quote-unquote Anthony Stark didn’t get the part but I did get escorted out by
this nice gentleman with the Taser the reason why you’re just seeing this
happened now and why he wasn’t doing this a couple months ago after the deal
actually cleared is because they had to wait for the dust to settle there was
Comic Con there was a lot of other projects that Kevin Feige was working on
and this is just when they both had the opportunity to sit down and talk to each
other in fact this morning while I was making this video Disney just announced
that Kevin Feige is getting way more powerful within Marvel they announced
Kevin vikas new title is now chief creative officer and he will control all
story initiatives that involve visual Marvel storytelling that means all the
TV shows and all the animated shows – not just the movies there was the adult
animation Deadpool series that they almost wound up doing they’re retooling
now they’ll still do it but it’s probably not gonna happen for a couple
more years I’m touching myself today the writers of
Deadpool and Deadpool – also confirmed that Marvel would allow them to continue
keeping Deadpool within his rated R movie universe making it sound like when
he does his solo movies those will not be connected to the Marvel Cinematic
Universe even if he does reference stuff that’s happening during them that just
means the movies would be a little bit smaller you wouldn’t see a whole bunch
of Avengers show up inside of them but he would be referencing things that
happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies the thing the writers said that
they’re still trying to figure out with the Marvel creative people is how
they’re gonna handle Deadpool inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe even though
the Disney CEO and Kevin Feige did say that Deadpool would be part of the
Marvel films they didn’t really specify what that would look like but most of us
believe that that’ll just mean a more pg-13 once upon a Deadpool style version
of the Deadpool character when he shows up in other people’s Marvel movies
earlier this year when Spiderman had briefly left the Marvel Cinematic
Universe people were asking Brian Reynolds because technically he is kind
of part of the MCU even though they’re still trying to figure it out
if he would crossover with spider-man and he made it sound like it was only
gonna be headcanon going forward but then cut to a couple weeks later
spider-man comes crashing back into the MCU making it possible for them to
actually do spider-man and Deadpool inside the MCU
if you haven’t been reading their recent comic book crossover spider-man and
Deadpool has been a comic book for the last couple of years since 2016 but they
have a long history of crossing over in the comic books most of the times those
crossovers happen within the Deadpool comics though so for instance very first
really big crossover moment with great power comes great coincidence in
Deadpool vol 1 number 11 really early on during Deadpool’s very first solo comic
book in 1997 Deadpool in blind al accidentally gets sent back in time they
wind up in the 1960s in an issue of amazing spider-man number 47 so it’s
literally Deadpool walking through the events of that comic book commenting on
the action he didn’t really have any interactions with Peter Parker so it
wasn’t quite the crossover that you see in modern times where spider-man is
actually interacting and being friends with Deadpool the next time was in 2000
Deadpool almost destroying the Marvel Universe in the
you never actually wound up being published it only wound up getting inked
but then they posted the pages online so you actually did kind of get to see it
but technically it was not published as a Marvel comic book we have venom to
carnage coming up one of their next crossovers was in exile number 12 and 13
in 2002 deadpool winds up crossing over with a version of spider-man that’s
bonded to the carnage symbiote even though I never expect them to actually
do something like that in the movies spider-man Cyndi out black costume sure
but I don’t think that we’ll ever see him bonded to the carnage symbiote in
any kind of big cinematic outing the first real spider-man Deadpool a giant
crossover was actually an ultimate spider-man number 91 to 94 that was
Bendis as comic book when he was still on the title it was a very Running Man
situation where they were transported to krakoa
and the villain was broadcasting them to the Internet while they were being
hunted for sport up to about 2010 you’d see them crossover in various titles and
really small self-contained stories it wasn’t really until 2012 things started
to get really meta with the Deadpool character but his popularity was
skyrocketing so Marvel just started putting Deadpool everywhere the same way
you see spider-man in a bunch of different titles one of the first times
you saw them crossover and a TV show was during ultimate spider-man Season 2
episode 16 that was in 2013 so this goes way back before the first deadpool movie
happens i’ll cut you in for 10% so we’re gonna yeah pretty much
okay boom seriously I hate you Deadpool I know you mean love
as you can see that’s Deadpool making fun of the blatant cash grab that
they’ve turned him into in the last 10 years or so since he started to blow up
and consequently because Kevin Feige now controls all of Marvel TV they did say
that Marvel Studios would be re-evaluating the way they do all those
TV shows including all the animated TV shows one of the comics that people
point to as the first meaningful crossover that spider-man and deadpool
had in the comics was cable and Deadpool number 24 by Fabien dissuasive one of
the original creators of Deadpool the story of the actual issue is pretty
complicated but Deadpool within is looking for a Daily Bugle reporter who
just happens to be driving Peter Parker on a bridge not really thinking about
his actions Deadpool at airs Peter Parker from the car and flings him off
the bridge realizing a moment later that he probably just killed an innocent man
because it’s spider-man that he threw off the bridge though he uses his
webbing to swing back up and he and Deadpool start fighting and because this
is happening during the era of full-blown fourth-wall breaking deadpool
deadpool during their fight refers to spider-man as having Tobey Maguire teary
doe eyes am I not supposed to have what I want what I need what am I supposed to
do it was happening in 2006 so this is post Tobey Maguire spider-man so he was
just the point of reference we hadn’t quite got to andrew garfield yet and if
you are big the end of the video games like the deadpool video game or
spider-man ps4 they did have a very early crossover during spider-man
shattered Dimensions which actually laid the foundation for spider-man into the
spider verse in the comics which obviously now is a really big film
franchise this guy can somehow come back from the dead or that they gave him a TV
show they didn’t really turn their crossover into a full-blown
self-contained comic book spider-man and Deadpool
until 2016 but that recently stopped at issue number 50 so they might come back
and do another volume of that but because of all the changes in the Marvel
Cinematic Universe and because they have access to all the Fox
characters there rebooting all the x-men characters at Marvel Comics there are a
lot of changes happening behind the scenes creatively including Kevin Feige
sort of taking over all of Marvel TV and movies
so everybody post your theories about possible spider-man Deadpool crossover
inside the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe just expect him to be
a little bit like he is during the spider-man Deadpool comics which is a
little more pg-13 if you’re asking when that would actually happen realistically
I think that what we’ll see is is that the way for a really big Avenger style
crossover with a bunch of Marvel characters on screen you’ll see Deadpool
interacting with them for the first time they’ll use it as a test for some
spider-man Deadpool scenes and if they feel like it works then they’ll pursue a
bigger project with spider-man and Deadpool together but for right now it
just seems like Deadpool 3 is gonna be its own thing often its own little
rated-r self-contained universe in spider-man 3 will be its own thing
inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe if you have any big questions about
Deadpool or videos you want to request or big questions about what’s gonna
happen going forward just post them in the comments below
there’ll be a whole bunch of really cool stuff that they’ll announce in the next
couple of months I’ll name a new giveaway winner when I post new Marvel
everyone click here for my brand new Deadpool Robot Chicken trailer video and
click here for my new Rick and Morty season 4 trailer Easter eggs thank you
so much for watching maximum effort I’ll see you guys tonight!

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