6 thoughts on ““Dance of the Honey Bee””

  1. How can we slow down our paste, when our gov't and bankster are so greedy and out of control; They run this world, Obama just sign the Monsanto bill. We protest, we tried to make public awareness but still the Gov't and bankster won't hear us We live in a world that is so full of cancer,so toxic.

  2. You know things are bad when bees must be transported on trucks from place to place just so we can have fruits and vegetables.

  3. As an Australian beekeeper I can happily report that for the main part we are not experiencing the hive colony collapse which is afflicting so much of the world. I believe it is largely because we have not the same history of intense pesticide and herbicide usage over such a large percentage of the land area. It is amazing that people persist in supporting the use of neonicotinoids in face of the mounting evidence!

  4. I had bees at my patio and I used a live bee removal service instead of extermination. The bees and their combs were relocated to a bee farm. Felt really good that these wonderful animals can have a new home.

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