CS:GO – When PRO PLAYERS Use BUGS, TRICKS & TIPS!! (Crazy Plays)

CS:GO – When PRO PLAYERS Use BUGS, TRICKS & TIPS!! (Crazy Plays)


100 thoughts on “CS:GO – When PRO PLAYERS Use BUGS, TRICKS & TIPS!! (Crazy Plays)”

  1. Can someone explain the stewie 2k cache squeky thing? Like why freakazoid needed to face that direction and whats that do

  2. so what these glitches that are in the game, which so many people have complained about in the past, are now okay? such a fucked community

  3. oh it's just a glitch/trick? some of the shit looks more like an exploit to me lol.
    here's the definition of EXPLOIT just in case some people have trouble understanding.
    Make full use of and derive benefit from… in this case (glitch/bugs) – definition of an Exploit

  4. I have a question guys/girls. When Pro csgo players are like in an E-League Major, are they allowed to play with their own setup? And also settings like crosshair and other settings…?

  5. that trick by stewie is pretty good for taking down guys onspot but it gives players sittin in heaven the upper hand as you can both nade in well and be completely sealed off from the right side (from his perspective)

  6. Can someone explain 3:06?
    Like what was wrong with that, there wasnt a bug or anything. Looked like a normal play

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