Crochet Duster Cardigan | Tutorial DIY

Crochet Duster Cardigan | Tutorial DIY

65 thoughts on “Crochet Duster Cardigan | Tutorial DIY”

  1. Nice cardi! I’m pretty new to your channel and I love your work. Thank you for sharing with us, I’ve saved this link❣️

  2. I can't imagine how you can come up with so many designs but I'm loving it! This may have bumped my #1 on the list of your designs to make😜. I'm definitely going to have to prioritize! Thank you and Happy 2020!

  3. Really nice!! Thing Iove about your video's is you cut right to the chase and you don't turn every video into a "how to crochet" video, you just dive right in. That's so refreshing from most crochet video's on youtube, and for those of us who are seasoned hookers who don't need the slip knot explained. 🙂

  4. Happy new year , I loveee this duster ,.my new year resolution is to find more time to crochet , so I'm excited to see this , thank you

  5. Happy New Year. You’re fantastic. Love this. I also like that you’re also using lighter weight yarns in your projects too. A thiner yarn gives a more floaty/softer look imo. Personally, I find thinner yarn more comfortable to wear. Whenever I use worsted weight yarn for garments it kinda makes my garments look stiff if you know what I mean, even after washing. Keep up the great work. I will definitely make this pattern. X

  6. I love how your technique is not locked into a pattern commitment but created based on body size. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. Happy 2020

  7. I don't really do the resolution thing, but if I had to I guess it would be to think outside the crochet box and come up with my own unique patterns. Those sleeves are perfect!

  8. Bonjour et bonne année Merci pour vos vidéos et modèles qui sont à chaque fois superbes
    Pourriez vous mettre les sous titres en français

  9. I love your design! iMy new year resolution is to let it go and stop being such a OCD!💪 Hope to get your thus beautiful give away pattern❤️

  10. Happy new year! Resolution let go of what has past and become more confident in who I am and in my crocheting

  11. I’m excited to do this cardigan . I’m a Intermediate beginner. The armpits on this scare me a little but I think I can do it.

  12. I am so loving 🥰 this cardigan. My plan for the new year is stop procrastinating on crochet projects that I start… Lol….An I want to start working on some DIY stuff as well.

  13. Wow what a beautiful cardigan. I love your designs. I will be making one for spring but I will make longer sleeves. I am a very cold sensitive person. 😉 Thanks for the great tuturial.

  14. Would you explain how you do the length, sleeves because I want to make my grand daughters one. They are both 7-8 one is short the other is taller. I also would like to make dresses to match. I see dresses but they are short sleeve and for toddlers not for older girls or for adult lady.

  15. I like the big puffy shoulders and a dress that you would wear to church with or school. Long sleeves, long length with a design on it. Thank you for reply.

  16. Excellent. I do not speak English, and I understand perfect. You explain perfectly. I will crochet this sweater, but and a large size. Thanks for sharing. God bless you.

  17. I have enjoyed your video on making this duster cardigan! Thank you for sharing this with us & giving us the chance to win the pattern. I hope to continue learning new crochet skills this year, I'm a work in progress. 💜

  18. It looks beautiful! This 20 I hope to knit more beautiful garments like this, try new things and bigger projects… Thank you for sharing 😘 happy new year and a lot of success

  19. My new years resolution this year is to be more active and try to lose some weight and also crochet new things!

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