(deep dramatic music) – I’m Coyote Peterson. Those are leafcutter ants. And they bite,
really really hard. (sighs with exasperation) Here we go again. (pained yelling) Yeah, he’s popping
holes into my finger. OW! (rhythmic jungle music) (lion roars) Costa Rica is an outdoor
adventurer’s playground. And if you venture to
the Southwestern edge, you will find yourself
exploring the dense rainforest of the Osa Peninsula. A truly primitive paradise, that is home to one of the
most impressive creatures I have ever encountered. What you’re looking at here, this barren runway
that cuts right through the heart of the rainforest. It may look like a game trail, but believe it or not, this
was made by leafcutter ants. And as soon as the sun gets
a little higher in the sky, and the forest warms up, this is going to be swarming with those industrious
little insects. Leafcutter ants are
famous for being one of the most complex societies
in the animal kingdom. Building nests that are
over 100 feet across, and which can contain over
eight million individuals. What do these millions of
ants do all day, you wonder? Well, as their name
suggests, they cut leaves. Wow, look at that! At one point, this
was a complete leaf. And you can see where the
ants have intricately cut out little sections to
take back to the nest. Alright, well let’s keep
following the trails, and see if we can find
some of these ants. The trails can run for miles through the rainforest. And if you follow the ants
who are carrying the leaves, eventually you’ll be
led back to the nest. Not a place you’d ever
want to find yourself. Unless, of course, you were me. And you were looking
to challenge one of
the angry soldiers. Okay, so, we have
now located the nest. Wander back into there, and I will literally
be under attack. I have rolled up my pant
legs, as you can see. – [Voiceover] Great
look by the way – Yeah, no, this is
my classy jungle look. Alright, I’m gonna go get
myself an angry soldier. You guys ready? I have to do this quick. Alright, here we go, good? – [Voiceover] Yep. – Entering the zone surrounding
a nest of leafcutter ants is incredibly dangerous. And in a matter of
seconds, we were swarmed. Alright, I’m looking
for a huge one. We are under attack right now. Careful, yeah they get on you. Don’t let yourself get bit. – [Voiceover] Oh man, they’re
right out of this hole. – [Coyote] Alright,
I’m gonna grab one. – [Voiceover] Right
here, look at this. They’re just jumping
out of the hole. – [Coyote] Oh gosh, there’s
a huge one right there. Look at the size of that one. Got it, holy cow, ow! A little one bite me. – [Voiceover] Oh, I got
them crawling up my leg. Okay time to get out – [Coyote] Get out. Out out out. Abort abort. (pained grunts) – [Voiceover] Hang
on, oh jeeze, oh man. Ow, oh my gosh, they’re huge
and they’re all over me. – [Coyote] Good? – [Voiceover] Yeah, dude,
they swarmed me bad. Jeeze they come at you so fast. – [Coyote] Oh wait hang
on, you’ve got a huge one on the back of your leg. Yup, even Mark took some
bites to make this episode. Whoa, that is a big
soldier ant right there. This species of ant only
bites, it does not sting. Which is good news for me, so my hands aren’t going
to end up like they did after the fire ants. Now, size to body weight ratio, this is one of the strongest
animals on the planet. Now, I’m told that these
mandibles are so powerful, they can cut through skin. I know you guys are curious as to just how powerful
those mandibles are. So what I’m gonna do today, is get chomped by
the leafcutter ant. If threatened, a soldier
will attack any invader. No matter how big or small,
with incredible force. Using sheer like
mandibles, they will bite and tear the victim apart. Showing absolutely no mercy. I don’t really mind
getting bitten by things, it’s stings that
are usually worse. But, uh, I’m looking at those
mandibles, and I’m thinking This guy’s probably
gonna break skin. For my own safety, and
the safety of the crew, We have chosen to perform this
experiment with a single ant. This scene is
incredibly graphic, never attempt what
you’re about to witness under any circumstances. Get ready, there will be blood. Alright, I’m Coyote Peterson, and I’m about to
enter the strike zone, with the leafcutter ant. Here we go, ready? One. Two. Three. Ahh! (pained gasps) Yup, definitely breaking
through the skin there. Oh there’s like
little razor blades. I have an incredibly
high pain tolerance, so my goal was to
last 60 seconds, under the onslaught of bites. Can you see that? He’s popping holes
into my finger. Ow! These ants are intelligent, so
by moving from spot to spot, the ant was testing the
weakness of my flesh. Oh yeah, that hurts. He’s got me good right there. His mandibles cut through me, like a hot knife
slicing warm butter. And boy did it hurt. (grunts in pain) Oh man that hurts! Yup, definitely just
cut through the skin! Turn away if you are squeamish, this part is pretty crazy. Those little mandibles
are razor sharp. It is really tough to
just keep my hand still. And you can see the blood
is now starting to pour out. I could feel each
layer of skin cutting as the ant began to bury
it’s head into my finger. Ow, he’s burying his
head into my finger! The seconds seemed to
draw out like minutes, as beads of sweat
poured down my face. (pained grunts) Finally the ant decided I
wasn’t going to give in, and as it removed it’s mandibles
from the hole in my finger the challenge was
decidedly over. I had lasted over sixty seconds, in the jaws of a leaf cutter. Okay, I gotta take him off. – [Voiceover] Ooh, ew. – Gross. And my blood is already
starting to coagulate. But look at that. Holy cow, that is one
powerful little insect. My finger is
throbbing right now. And in my quest to find
the most powerful ant bite, and sting, I would
have to say that the leafcutter ant,
without question, is capable of slicing
through human skin. And on the ant power scale, I’m gonna rank this little
insect, as an eight. I can’t even imagine how bad
the bullet ant is gonna be. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave, stay wild. We’ll see ya on
the next adventure. Whoa that hurts! Like all ants, the leafcutter
only attacks if threatened. And I’m sure you were thinking, “Coyote, are you taking these
ant challenges too far?” “Look at your finger, it
looks like a horror film.” To be honest, I had
no idea a single ant could do this much damage. (slow pained groans) So the moral of the story is, if you’re ever in Costa Rica, pay attention to
your surroundings. He’s popping holes
into my finger. Because the last place
you want to find yourself, is in a swarm of angry soldiers. If you thought this ant
challenge was extreme, make sure and go back and watch my painful encounter with
a mound of fire ants. And don’t forget, subscribe to join me and the
crew on this season of, Breaking Trail. (rumble) (birds chirping)

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