Como Matar os Cupins Definitivamente Receita Caseira

Como Matar os Cupins Definitivamente Receita Caseira

no one wants to visit termites
is not true however these small and undesirable
insects appear when we least expect termites feed mainly on
wood but can feed on any other material containing
paper pulp live plants etc will have when not
find something to feed themselves can destroy other objects in search of
food is estimated to be generated by these insects
are about 5 billion dollars per year in the united states and canada
monetary value greater than the value of the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina in
new orleans for getting causes damaged property and even
house structure is very important know how to prevent and what to do when
to identify the presence of these small distributors see some
tips that help prevent appearance of termites
Common salt is actually sodium chloride a very useful substance for cleaning and
disinfect in addition is very useful in prevention of termite emergence
all you have to do is mix water and salt in equal parts and water
some cotton balls in this mixture put the soaked cotton on top of the
and in affected locations cotton is mainly composed of
cellulose which attracts termites the salt in turn takes care of
dehydrating termites and keeping Boric acid is boric acid.
a widely used chemical compound for to treat infections but can also be a
effective way to kill termites this ingredient is so efficient that
can be found in insecticides made to fight these intruders
he acts mainly by attacking the the termite nervous system causing its
dehydration mix in equal parts sugar and
and place in containers in visited by termites
do this for three or four weeks this mix also the beach and eliminates
ants and cockroaches although not toxic at low doses
boric acid can do harm in doses larger
therefore avoid ingestion and contact with the eyes
remember to also keep it away from children and animals essential oils in
last years more people are valuing the
benefits of using essential oils however the oils are more used to
skin care most are unaware that oils
essentials are also effective in termite elimination the best eyes
for this purpose are orange cinnamon clove and eucalyptus clove
the oil in a spray apply to objects and infested areas
vaseline another effective way to to get rid of termites is through the use of
gasoline to make it lina is not properly a homemade poison to
termite since it does not kill the insects but can be used as a
species of repellent and also as protection
it is recommended to rub Vaseline in the furniture and let go for a day or two
then just clean and polish everything with a cloth in addition to the tips in some
recommendations make sure your home has
infiltration of very humid environments and take a little sun avoiding leaving furniture
of wood near these places the wood is still one of the main targets of
termites vacant all dead plants one they attract termites
if these tips do not help control termite infestation
it is advisable to call for help professional
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Thank you so much, stay with God and even the next video


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