Cockroaches 🦗

Cockroaches 🦗

Look, I never understand the term… “Weakness words”, until I heard, COCKROACHES, Ehwowoowheheheh… You know, those creatures created by our Almighty Father (and thee heavens
above…) [choir and trumpets intensifies] Why did you gave them the ability to uhm… F L Y?! WHY?! Look, yes, cockroaches are one of the most
greatest yet scariest insects… OF HUMANITY! Why? Let me pin point some of scientific facts,
boi! This channel will become scientifically-educational. Science Fact #1 According to the Wikipedia… (Legit, I am shocked, not joking…) *inhales and exhales for some composure* They are one responsible for decomposing… +100 for disgusting score please!
(Also, we have some easter eggs here…wink wink) DESGOSTENG! And one, last disgusting science of all the
most… Either they can fly and can give birth to
tons of their future generation… (Sarcasm alert!) I hate nature sometimes… Lord, what happened to our biodiversity? Us humans, have fear on your creations, yes! Why did you just gave them the ability to
fly?! They flew right into me like some of a butterfly
who is so proud of their ability to fly… Like if you are just a butterfly, yes, I’ll
let you fly to me but you’re a cockroach! You bring many bacteria! WHYYY— Well, in conclusion, the cockroaches are after
all, useful… Even they are so scary and disgusting… They are very useful to our biodiversity.
(Mother Nature) So if you saw a cockroach, let them be
and let their decomposing job, do the rest. Hmmm…endcard is here! (again…) Well…this is actually recorded after New
Year, so belated Happy New Year to you all! And also, this is my “very” first storytime. Welp, like and share the video and subscribe
to my channel! (I hope I see you on my next videos.) And be the Eddest amongst the rest!

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  1. Phew!
    Examinations finished as well as this storytime that took me 2-3 weeks to finish…
    Hope that ya'll enjoy and relate to it!

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