Cockroach in Big Mac McDonald’s Prank (Clean Edit)

Cockroach in Big Mac McDonald’s Prank (Clean Edit)

100 thoughts on “Cockroach in Big Mac McDonald’s Prank (Clean Edit)”

  1. why does everyone think that they have to use a fake accent to make a funny prank call? It makes it very obvious!!

  2. @iMCobra21 i got linked here by a friend not knowing it was going to be a shitty prank call, so dont assume you know how everyone got here.

  3. @iMCobra21 i could never have known it was shitty unless i watched it, oh my lord the stupidity is growing in people as you trying to play the good guy telling those that do not like it to not watch it.And the comment section is for expressing myself, because i did not like it means not that i should not say what i think about it.
    Same fucking principle, if you dont like my fucking comment, then dont fucking comment or reply to me or why the hell did you WATCH MY COMMENT IF YOU DID NOT LIKE IT ?

  4. @iMCobra21
    4. Look at some of the comments posted, like the one by ilovetroyramos "THIS IS SO FUCKING FUNNY I CANT BREATH!!".

    So, maybe check the title (if you can read)
    (Yes I know I forgot the end parenthesis on the comment above, was a typo not a stupid mistake)

  5. @iMCobra21 There is a saying, Dont judge a book by its cover, and i dont do that, then i thought it was immature after watching halfthrough, and now you are trying to break me down because i have a different opinion than you, good luck and have a fun time calling some one troll because his opinion differs.

  6. @1zombie1princess yes i must get a life because my opinion differs, no fucking way, you are the one to get a life because you just have to claim other opinions are invalid, fucking kid.
    when will youtubers understand an opinion can not be wrong? = never

  7. @iMCobra21 the damn fucking principle applies, like you said, if you dont like the video, dont watch it, now i am telling you, if you dont like my fucking comment, dont fucking watch it, understand it now ?
    good, eat some candy fattie

  8. @omarr9k Wow you've really stooped to a low level (ill save that for last)
    Alright you dipshit, I guess you didn't see in my comment before this YOU CANT WATCH A FUCKING COMMENT, i don't know –and dont want to might i add– how to fucking read a damn comment.
    i.f..y.o.u..d.o.n.t..l.i.k.e..p.r.a.n.k.s….d.o.n.t..w.a.t.c.h..t.h.e.m…….d.o.n.t..c.o.m.m.e.n.t– There i spelled it out for you, now (in a dif comment)

  9. @iMCobra21 I explain why you stooped to a new low — "eat some candy fattie"
    Do you feel tough, do you think you can own the world because you can troll like a nigga, dont say "fattie" over the internet, sets you up as a stereotypical fat guy that doesn't like talking about his weight, so he makes fun of other people (that he doesn't even know if they're fat/skinny white/black gay/straigh) and calls them fat, just for this kid, i have the right to call you a troll
    Fail Troll Is Fail

  10. @iMCobra21 LOL,
    No, i actually saw your comment and,you missed something huge here, i said that i thought this clip is immature, not that prank calls generally are immature.

    Now you are saying if i am tricked to watch them then i should not comment them? WTF what ? So if i do not like it i have no right to say it ?
    same here, you dont like my comment, THEN I AM TELLING YOU TO NOT READ MY COMMENTS, how hard is that ? Same logic, now do not respond back to me, unless you are a hypocrite.

  11. @omarr9k Are you a goddamn moron, you called this (a prank call) immature, and every prank call has basically the exact same intention. Therefore if you think this is immature, (i dare say) you think all those other damn prank calls are immature.
    Now what I'm saying is that you've been tricked into watching this vid (that's what you told me) and what i'm trying to say, is… If you didnt' even mean to watch the vid in the first place, dont leave a comment saying something negative…

  12. @iMCobra21 Like if I got tricked into watching a gay porn movie, I wouldn't comment on it saying its "gay".. Because well, no shit…

  13. @iMCobra21 every prank call has not the same content, many prank calls can be done in mature ways i think.

    You see, this is your opinion that every prank call is immature, and you are trying to enforce it on me, so i cant be right, but you fail to understand it it seems.

  14. @iMCobra21 many prank calls can be done in mature ways.
    This is nothing close to your example of that gay porn movie, because it says so in the title of your porn movie, here, it says not @[email protected] in the title.

  15. @omarr9k No have you never heard of, well suppose it was something like that, but you could post comments…
    And you can't do a prank call in a mature way, just doesn't work that way, prank calls are fake, a fraud, lieing, that's not mature, no prank call can be mature…

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