Cockroach Cremation

Cockroach Cremation

Warning: This experiment deals with molten potassium chlorate. There is a small chance the vial or test tube could shatter spilling the contents. Fire safety plans should be in place. Greetings fellow nerds. A friend of mine wants me to apply molten potassium chlorate to this dead cockroach he found. I have weird friends. Anyway here is the potassium chlorate and I’m going to melt it with this torch to make it more reactive. And here is the cockroach. Looks like I didn’t heat it enough at the beginning so I’ll give it another blast. There we go! Potassium chlorate is a powerful oxidant that directly provides oxygen to combustible materials like this cockroach making them burn faster than they normally would on air. And that is pretty fast. There is almost nothing left of the cockroach. This was the most thorough cremation I’ve ever seen. Thanks for watching, please subscribe, like and comment.

99 thoughts on “Cockroach Cremation”

  1. @Christopher B Because most people want to keep the ashes of their cremated loved ones. Other than that, it would be the most effective way.

  2. It's okay! You can breath the cockroach dust… Just filter it through a cigarette and you're good to go! =P

  3. could you use molten potassium chlorate as an alternative to nos or even gas? they both burn more than normal amounts of stuff.

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