Close up Wasp – Macro Adventure

Today I want to look for insects. And try to make some Macro Photos. Near where I live
Is a big street. On this Footpath are always hurt or dead Insects. This is Ivy
there are alot of Wasp and a Hornet up there
But I’m here for this. Back at home we are going to look at the findings. They are wasp or yellow jackets. I try to clean the worst
and take it to my microscope. There is still a lot of muck and pollen. They did lay on the ground for a while
so dirt is expected. I try to get some of the Dirt off
whitout destroying them. Next I want to stack some images and make
a big composite for that I take a movie
focus on every part and I try to overlapp a certain amount for
each stack. After I got a focus stack of ervery part of
the Body I cut it out of the movie
and export it as pictures I use Davinci resolve for this. Export as seperate clips in a picture format
and in seperate sub folders After the render is complete
I have 57 folders with images to stack. For the stacking I use Picolay. I open the folder choose my setting an let
it run Importen is I want to save the depth map for
later With every stack completed
I just need to sticth them together using Image composite Editor
That is quite good the wing I stitch manualy
and this is the result Now comes the fun part
You remember we saved the depthmap with picolay we can render a rocking 3D Animation
Just choose a stacked image an its coresponding Depth map
load it as result and depth map choose the dregrees and steps
and let it run if you don’t like the rocking action there
is another way You could do a circular motion you just need
the degrees I want 5 degree max rotation
for 45 Degrees I just take the sin of 45, times the degree I want
it is about 3,5 Degree and for the inbetewens I just take half of
45 22,5 Degree and multiply the sin and cosin
with my desired degree. After that I just add that manually into picolay
And I need to rename every picture so that it stays in the desired order
This is what I end up with. I will put every Programm I used in the comment

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