Chinese street food ( Scorpions, Insects etc )

Chinese street food ( Scorpions, Insects etc )

BG [Music] [Music] [Music] everything hey guys welcome to my channel why I’m in Beijing right now in China the Chinese New Year and 2019 the big year I am in one pushing right now I’m gonna show you where to have street food in one pushing I’m sure most of you cannot try this let’s have a look shortly what they are eating in China you know what these are alive before deep-fried [Music] everything I tried to taste the scorpion I think I’m not that friend [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] the thing is I cannot explain the smell here I’m about to throw up I was wishing that like I could try something here now after this smell so awful life they’re spitting on the floor I really wanted to try this scorpion but I was not that brave normally the street is full of crowd you cannot even walk here but tonight is New Year Eve so nobody’s around thank you for watching this short video I hope you like it and then don’t forget to like and comment below don’t forget to subscribe [Music]

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  1. brooooo u keep make to great videos to show abroads how' s lifestyle there ! It has been very authentic video to indicate lifestyle in China ! I cant wait to watch continue of this series. ! are u currently in china now ?

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