Chicago Flower & Garden Show 2018 – Navy Pier – Gardening, Landscaping, Butterflies, Cockroach Races

Chicago Flower & Garden Show 2018 – Navy Pier – Gardening, Landscaping, Butterflies, Cockroach Races

We’re here at the Navy Pier in Chicago
and we’re here for the Chicago Flower and Garden Show. And the theme this year is, “Flower Tales – Every Garden Has A Story”. That’s what we’re gonna find out – what the story is with these gardens. So pretty excited to see how they do all this
indoors. You’re allowed to come and go as you please throughout the day as long as
you have your hand stamped when you leave. Donna what do they have here today.
It says 20-plus inspiring Gardens. It’s gardens, activities, home and garden,
marketplace, and gourmet cooking demonstrations. Flowertales! It’s our first time here! So, let’s go see it! As you first walk in, this is garden number one – Garden Trilogy. They have recorded crickets here. I like how they have different books spread throughout the garden. There’s some children’s classics. And the whole walkway is lined with
books. I like that one; “Snow White And The Seven Garden Gnomes”. This is Bernie’s book bank. They collect
books for at-risk children in Chicagoland. Wow! I wish our backyard
looked like that! Yeah, it’s nice. I’m sorry but I’m not a real lawn guy. Cool book tree. There’s some really unique plants. All the plants, trees, and flowers are marked, so you’ll know what you’re looking at.
Like for instance, I don’t know for sure what this tree is. And it says here it’s
a Firebird Sargent Crabapple tree. Very pretty. And one of the first things you see when you come in is this Wizard of Oz display.
And a Flowertales Subaru. And of course the Subaru is a Forester. It fits in real
good. Garden number two is, “Foresters, Outbacks, Legacys – Oh My!” There’s the big Emerald City backdrop. Garden number three is, “Aqua Land”. One of the nice things about the Flower and Garden Show is that you can see all
these different plants and landscaping ideas, and see what you would like in
your own yard. And they have a lounge here. A few tables. You can get some wine and coffee. Some chips. Garden number four is, “Every garden has
a story to tell, but ours has a secret”. Who made it, Donna? The students of the
Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences. Looks like they designed it. Here’s an entrance right here. The
Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir beware! Here’s a
cutout in the wall there, and steps going up to it. And Alice will greet you as you
go into the Secret Garden. Once upon a time. Hi, how are you doing? This gives you directions to everything
in Wonderland. Rabbit hole, Tweedledee, This Way, Tea Party, and the Cheshire Cat. And here is the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. There’s the Queen of Hearts. And the White Rabbit. This is the story of Alice in Wonderland.
“When you can’t look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark”. This is from The Daily Prophet. Harry Potter – Undesirable Number One. And here’s all the Harry Potter house flags, banners. Those look like the Rings from Quidditch. There’s Ron Weasley’s car in the tree. There’s Ron he looks a
little worried! Welcome to our Secret Garden. We’re all mad here. This part of the secret garden is a hobbit hole. And they built a little stream into the display. Number 5 is the Floral Market. You can take home some fresh-cut flowers with you. There’s a little picture area here. There are some oriental lilies, tulips,
and some hydrangeas. And you can get your tulips in a tulip vase. I didn’t know
what these were. And they are Bells of Ireland. They have some Mr. and Mrs. Bouquets. Yeah, I really feel ignorant walking
around here, because I don’t know what hardly anything is. But Donna knows her
flowers. Those look like a violet, but it says that it’s a Purple Campanula. This is a good place to come while it’s
still winter, and you can smell some fresh flowers, and makes you think a
spring! 6 is Sculpture in the Garden. This
garden is one you walk around instead of walking through it. And in each
section there’s different flowers along with a different sculpture. And what’s a garden without insects? Kinda goes together. Number 7 is, ‘Women’s Journeys In
Fiber”. That’s cool! That box is a little scary – it’s Pandora’s box! Oh, look at all the Mermaids. Number 8 is, “Sights and Sounds to
delight your senses – leap into spring”. Named after the children’s book, “The Frog and the Toad are Friends”. This garden consists of an outdoor living area, raised garden, a fish feeding area, fire bowl, and a
large umbrella. Let’s go feed the fish! They have displays of different types of landscape lighting. This would be something amazing to have in your backyard. Number 9 is, “Pathways and Passages”.
This shows how they might design a space. This is the
family room. Eating area. Washing. Windows. Cooking. Garage. They’ve just completely
transformed this indoor area for the Chicago Flower and Garden Show.
There’s sod and rocks and trees and plants everywhere. Donna what’s Number 10?
Tablescapes Competition. The theme for this one is, “Beauty and the
Beast”. Red roses and dark colors. The Living Library. This one’s, “A Dinner at Honeydukes”. This
is out of Harry Potter. There’s some chocolate frogs. The theme on this one is Alice in Wonderland. The Mad Tea Party. The theme here is
Thumbelina. Jungle Book. Let them eat cake. This is the secret garden. This is from Chicago Hauntings Ghost
Tours. This is Number 12, “The window box
competition”. There are several seminars scheduled
throughout the day that you can attend. Going on a different times so you can
catch different people, different subjects. You might smell the meat or the onions on the pizza. But a dog is going to smell the crust, the sauce, the cheese, and the pepperoni, all independent of each other, as one picture. This is the Garden A. It’s the how-to-garden area. This is a potting party. Some people only have a corner plot, so they only see it from one side. So
you can decide which way you want to play with it. This is Number 11, “The Tulip Extravaganza”, and they are not kidding! Towards the back of the hall is the
Marketplace area. There’s all kinds of vendors here that you can purchase products from and see what they’ve got to offer. And at the very back of the room is the food court. Our grandson would love this, to get that
close to a Digger, as he would call it. 13 is the Butterfly Garden. There is an
enclosed area there with butterflies inside. Going in carefully so we don’t let
anything out. They really like you! Several butterflies
flying around loose. You just get him to get on the paintbrush and then you can
put them on your hand. There’s nectar in the paintbrush. And
then you move them from the paintbrush over to your fingers. 14 is the Racine Zoo. There’s a tarantula. Giant roaches. These were made by some of our animals at the zoo. Oh really! Yeah. You can see the penguin there doing art. that’s cool. And here’s his painting right there. And the lion does stuff too. And the bear. Oh wow. And our cockroaches which are over there
actually painted this one! That’s pretty good for a cockroach. I know! He’s got some talent. We wanted to get the tote bag. This is my bag that we purchased today. And it was actually painted by a giraffe. 15 is The Story of Diversity. This was designed by the Stevenson
Elementary School in this play area. “Diversity is a beautiful thing.” What did you find, Donna? I call it an Easter flower. Hyacinths. They
don’t last very long, but they really smell good. Yeah, that smells good! 16 is the People’s Gas Safety Garden. Call before you dig. This shows a garden or plants planted
just above some power and water lines. 17 is the Photo Competition Lounge.
There’s some beautiful photos of plants and flowers. And hummingbirds. 18 is the Whole Foods Experience. Whole
Foods has a little market here. In Garden B, there’s a Kid’s Activity Garden. This is the junior excavator training. dress up in hard hats and safety vests
like the real Nicor Gas employees. When you’re digging the dirt, you may
even discover buried treasures. Donna’s becoming a junior excavator,
or in her case, a senior excavator. I’m not sure she knows what she’s doing.
What are you digging for? And next to Garden B, there is a kids activities area. There you can make a caterpillar. You can grab a rock and you can use a
stencil to color on your rock. Donna’s got a ladybug she’s working on. And there’s the stones you can use to play tic-tac-toe. And over here they’re making paper plate butterflies. There’s a lot of kids potting plants right now. And that’s a free activity. Here’s a cockroach drag strip. There they go! She’s better at this than me! Oh, I’m catching up. Mine’s given up! It’s getting close to the end. Donna won!! Yay! See, it wasn’t all that bad, was it? No you’ve got to kiss the race car driver. Noooo!! Now this guy, as big as he is, you’d think he’d go like gangbusters. But he doesn’t like to run. He’s lazy! At this table they have edible insects. You can eat a bug. I ate a cricket. It was good! We’re gonna go through the Marketplace now and see what they’ve got there for sale. Oh a nice outdoor grill over here, Donna says. We need a new grill. I don’t
know if we need one that nice. They’ve got everything for sale. You can buy seeds, bulbs, dahlias. Lily of the Nile. Rhubarb. Oreo Twinkies. Regular dipped
Twinkies in chocolate. It has nothing to do with gardening but it’s my favorite
booth. Some Zinnias. We got some free seeds. Tired of walking around? You can try one of the world’s best massage chairs. Just a little bit everything related to gardening and not related to gardening. Just related to buying. They’re getting ready for the cooking demonstration at 1:30 Please give a big round of applause to
Michael Spiewak from the Heritage. What we’re doing is a ricotta cavatelli
with spring vegetables. All these vegetables are
coming in a season right now. Sorry! Ha ha! We had a good time at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show. Yeah! We got to do a lot, see a lot, and smell a lot. Now it’s back
out to the cold, cold winter. Yeah. So we felt like we had a little bit
of spring but now it’s back to winter. So, if you get a chance, come to the Flower & Garden Show in Chicago. And before we left town we had a chance
to see the Green River in Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day. Pretty awesome!

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  1. have always wanted to see the chicago navy pier…looks like a real nice show! oh nice to make books part of the flowers….i like aqua land…love all the water – love the great theming of the show! thanks for sharing! congrats to donna for being the cockroach race champion! 😉 love the garden snail too – thanks for sharing! wow…that is a green river isn't it? 🙂

  2. Nice video. Thanks for sharing. There was a show by Macy's in New York, please check our video on our channel.

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