Can I Eat Lentils If I Have A Yeast Infection?

Can I Eat Lentils If I Have A Yeast Infection?

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath and author
of Candida Crusher. Just want to do a video today regarding lentils. It’s a question I
get asked every now and then. Can I eat lentils if I have a yeast infection? You can, in fact, eat lentils. They’re an
excellent food and they’re a high protein source of food to eat, indeed. They contain
about 25 to 30 percent of their calorie value actually in protein content. So they’re very
high in proteins. So they are a good choice if you don’t wish to eat a lot of red meat
or white meat or fish, for example. You need to be careful with lentils, though.
Lentils can affect your nutritional status to some degree, so they contain things called
trypsin inhibitors, so they can reduce the availability of protein through inhibition
of something they contain; only to a minor degree, but you wouldn’t want to eat lentils
like all the time. You may want to eat them a few times per week. I find it quite an agreeable
dish. They also contain things called phytates which
are a particular type of acid contained in them in this legume which can reduce the availability
of zinc and iron to a small degree and also calcium and magnesium. But lentils are a fantastic
source of fiber, particularly the green ones. They’re up to 30 percent fiber content, so
the red ones contain a little bit less fiber. But they’re very good sources of B vitamins,
particularly B2 and B5 are quite high in lentils. You’ll find calcium and magnesium. You’ll
find iron. You’ll find zinc in there; phosphorus in there, and also foliate, so they’re a very
healthy food to eat and a high fiber food and you certainly can eat them with a yeast
infection. They contain a few amino acids, in particularly,
lucene, isoleucine, and lysine. Lysine, in particular, is quite a good anti-viral amino
acid, and it can also be used to calm people and relax them if they have a bit of anxiety.
I know that some people with yeast infections can certainly get anxiety. They do lack methylamine
and cysteine, the sulphur-containing aminos, but if you sprout them, you’re going to get
these essential aminos both methylamine and cysteine. So sprouted lentils are an excellent
food to eat; high in fiber and full of all the essential amino acids. But can you eat lentils with a yeast infection?
Yes you can. Don’t let people tell you you can’t. Brown rice is another food I’ll talk
about in another clip, but lentils are certainly good and I recommend you eat them a few times
per week. So I hope that answers the FAQ on lentils
and Candida. Thank you.


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  1. was just looking for a lentil recipe when I came across this. I actually kind of like you ๐Ÿ™‚ maybe ill buy your book. barnes and noble?

  2. You said you can eat lentils and hummus
    I understand it's small ammounts
    But what I can't understand is it allowed on mevy diet or the next stage??

  3. Lentil soup is amazing
    I use butter, ginger, onions, cilantro, garlic then lots of spices including tumeric

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