Caging A Queen Bee

Caging A Queen Bee

This is a plastic queen cage.
What’s special about these cages is a few different things.
First of all, you have a solid area up here that’s not vented.
The queen can move to this side if she feels threatened, and she’s protected from anything
on the outside. It’s got vented areas all the way the other end. It’s also got an area
where you can break this out and the queen can’t escape but other bees can get in. To
open this up its got two holes, this one is capped, this is where you put your candy.
Open this small lid and this one flips open and opens it all the way. Makes it easier
to throw the queen in there and then close this. Plastic queen cage. Now I am going to
go to the bee yard and we are going to throw a queen in one of these cages.
You see the queen, she’s right here. We are going to place her in this cage. We got her
in there, going to give her a couple more attendances. Sometimes they can be a little
tricky to get ahold of. You want to be careful when you put your finger back over that the
queens head is not sticking out because you will squish it. A headless queen is worthless.
There we go.

100 thoughts on “Caging A Queen Bee”

  1. But if you take the queen bee, ya the bees will go CRAZY! I’m also the Environmental leader that I how I know about it! c:

  2. So you have your hole entire body covered but expect your hands when you are only using your hands 😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  3. You know you are very rude taking a queen B away from them por little guys locking him in a cage you know you're very rude don't you guys down there everyone agree 🐝 you know you're very rude por bees😔😔😔😔☹️☹️☹️☹️🙁🙁🙁😖😖😖😖🐝

  4. Can't see what you're doing after you pick up the bee. Turn so the camera can video it. We're just seeing the back of your hand..

  5. রানি কিভাবে সংগ্রহ করবো, বা রানি কি বিক্রি করেন

  6. Just a little experience I just had (bad), to pass on to your viewers. I bought 4 mated queens ($180). Decided to keep them overnight to make the hives queenless. Put them in a cabinet without doors in my shop. Dark and warm. Early next morning they were dead. The little sugar ants went after the candy plugs and also killed the queen and attendants. Never thought about ants. Expensive lesson.

  7. The queen "haaaaaallllllppppppppp"

    Other bees "the queen has been stolen!!! Waaaaaarrrrrr- actually no let's just let her get kidnapped with a few others,no big deal!

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