Bugaboo Ant vs Bee5 Stroller at Magic Beans | Best Lightweight Travel Comparison 2019

Bugaboo Ant vs Bee5 Stroller at Magic Beans | Best Lightweight Travel Comparison 2019

In this video I’m going to be comparing the
Bugaboo Bee5 and the Bugaboo Ant. The Bugaboo Ant as you may know is the newest roller from Bugaboo. It is their micro mini small tiny little stroller, that fits in the overhead compartment of an airplane. And you may be thinking hey
Bugaboo makes two small strollers, what’s the difference? I’m going to break it down for you right now. [logo music] So the Bugaboo Bee5 has been around for many years.
I had this with my ten-year-old. This is a great urban stroller. Great for if you live in Manhattan and you’re going through small elevators and you’re just walking down through Central Park this would be a really good urban stroller and the Bugaboo Ant is a really good travel stroller. Also high quality Bugaboo wheels but it is smaller and compact. It’s really meant for travel and I will show you that to you in a second. Both the Ant and the Bee5 have the seats go in both direction. There is more of a proper recline for newborn on the Bee5 even though you can do a full recline on the Ant as well. And also you can get a proper full sized bassinets to go- that clicks in to the Bee5 and that is not an accessory for the Ant at this particular second. Adjustable handlebar. Lots of different positions that you can have your handlebar for lots of different partners of different heights. With the Ant there is a high position and the lower position. As promised: how does this thing fold?
So you take those handlebars push it in. You just put your fingers on the little black buttons and you put your fingers around them and you push in and it folds right down. It’s small enough.
It’ll fit in your trunk of your Uber no problem. Not too heavy just under 20 pounds but when it comes to the Ant let me show you how this thing folds down. You’ll see it folds very small. First thing you do is you push down the
top of the seat. Just like that and you kind of like smoosh it in like that, just a
smoosh. There’s a really nice satisfying little click. It feels really great. And then what you do is just fold this forward. Folds all the way forward and then a pull.
Pulls right up and no bending over whatsoever. You just click the thing forward and then you take the button to push this down and the cool thing is that this stands on its own. There is a little stand on your Bee5 as well. Which they just added in 2019. So they actually, both of these strollers stand but you can see them side by side you can see that the Ant is so much smaller than the Bee5. We thought the Bee5 was small but then we met the Ant and we see it’s smaller but we have this really cool little stand for
the Bee5 so that stands as well. For those of you who already have a Bee, for either a Bee3 or a Bee5 you can get a little stand that goes with it. With the Bee5 you just step on that brake. You push forward and it opens back up. In terms of the Ant, you just pull up the handler bar. Right back up back up and then again those white
things you pull it towards you and it opens right up and then the last step is
you just push down click. Click! And then you lift it back up and you are ready to
go. Obviously, there are more steps to open up the Ant but you get a really small compact situation at the end of the day. Things you may not know about the Bee5, you may have a Bee5 and don’t even realize this, there is an adjustable backrest and footrest on the Bee5. So this actually goes in and this actually comes up as your child gets bigger you could actually expand and adjust. What you want to do is you want to have this sort of longer on the younger child phase and as
the child gets older you actually want to make the seat more shallow so the feet can hit the footrest.
You can email us at [email protected] if you have any questions that’s what we’re here for. To turn the seat around on the Bee5 here’s what you do. You grab that lever on the back fold it right over till it’s down like that and you just lift it out, turn it around and you line up the seat again and you just click it in and, boom, now
you have the seat facing you. You can fold the Bee5 with the seat facing you as well. In terms of turning around the seat on the Ant here’s what you do. Again push this down, smoosh it in and then fold it over this comes right out, turn it around, throw it back in and now you can have the baby facing you.
There’s a extendable canopy on both of them and for some of the canopies for
the Ant you have actually a peekaboo window and if you wanted to get a- more
of an airflow for a Bee5 can just buy a Breezy Sun Canopy as an accessory.
I do full reviews of these strollers on the channel so you can go check them out
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18 thoughts on “Bugaboo Ant vs Bee5 Stroller at Magic Beans | Best Lightweight Travel Comparison 2019”

  1. How many centimetres is seat depht of Ant and back height of Ant (minimum to maximum) please? Also what is weight limit? We have disabled child (walking short distances) and need long lasting extra compact stroller. Thank you so much.

  2. So the bugaboo ant (50lbs) can hold more weight than the bugaboo bee (35lbs)? I'm confused as to why this is so when the bee weighs more and is bigger. Does that mean there may be an update to the bee coming soon? Also, how is the suspension of the ant compared to the bee?

  3. I’d like to see a review of the Maclaren Atom and comparison with Bugaboo Ant and Babyzen Yoyo+

  4. Hi! can you please do a evenflo pivot xpand vs Contours elite or curve? Thank you it will be so helpful!

  5. Thank you for your review! 👍 please
    could you answer my questions:
    – does the bee cocoon fit on the ant?
    – does the bee foot muff fit on the ant?
    – is it likely the ant will get a basinet for newborn?
    – would maxi cosi car seat fit on the ant?

    Many thanks!!!!

  6. Love your videos but these are definitely two strollers I would not recommend for New Yorkers. In a fast paced city and you don’t own a car… those train operators and bus drivers will leave you! They do not like to wait. Plus, not every train stop is handicap accessible. (Meaning not every train station has an elevator.) A young woman recently passed falling down the stairs in the train station trying to carry her stroller down the stairs. The best stroller I would recommend is the uppababy minu. One hand fold while holding your baby and a strap to carry your shoulder. Just my experience as a native Brooklynite.

  7. Any chance of a comparison on the mockingbird vs the Uppababy vista. Mockingbird seems like a budget friendly version

  8. I do not own either of the strollers but I recently borrowed the Bee and I loved every minute of it. ☺️ I live in an apartment so being able to carry a stroller safely up and down the stairs is absolutely essential. I played with both in a baby store, and to my dismay the Ant took a long time to fold and it was hard to carry the folded stroller. I was surprised by how quick and easy it was to fold the Bee and I was able to carry it with the handle bar on my shoulder like Eli demonstrated in one of his videos.

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