Bugaboo Ant V Mutsy Nexo V Babyhood Air Compact V Edwards & Cot Otto Travel Stroller Comparison

Bugaboo Ant V Mutsy Nexo V Babyhood Air Compact V Edwards & Cot Otto Travel Stroller Comparison

– Hi, I’m Anita from Global Baby and today I’m going to show
you the four compact strollers that we sell at Global Baby. So I’ve got them lined up here. Starting with the Edwards & Co Otto. Next is the Babyhood Air Compact. Next is the Mutsy Nexo. And lastly, we have the Bugaboo Ant. Okay squeeze in, so that
you can see them all. Okay so let’s start with
the weight of the strollers. I need to use my cheat sheet here. Okay so the Edwards & Co Otto weighs 7kg and it can take a child up to 20kg. The Babyhood Air Compact weighs 5.9kg and it can take a child up to 18kg. The Nexo is 9.5kg and it can take up to a 25kg child. And the Bugaboo Ant, weighs 7.9kg and can take up to a 22kg child. Okay, and these are from cheapest to the most expensive here as well. So let’s start with Edwards & Co. it’s a New Zealand brand. It’s just a really good compact stroller. Keep it in your car or use
it when you are traveling. It probably wouldn’t be
your everyday stroller. It just doesn’t have the
suspension that you would want for your everyday, but really
good for travel and stuff. You’ll recline so it
is suitable from birth. And it’s just a squeeze
on the toggle back here to recline the stroller. You’ve got your little mesh vent there. And five point harness of course. Just click that that one. And to fold, you’re going
to slide this across here. They say it’s just like a
motorbike, which is funny cause I’ve never ridden a motorbike. But anyway, across, It’s just got a clip on the
side, which I just managed to catch up in the hood, but
that is the stroller there. So, as you can see, it’s going
to take up hardly any room in your car and you can
also use it when you travel and put it in the overhead. Most airlines. I mean not every airline’s
going to let you do that. Check before your travel, but yes. So that is, it was Edwards & Co. Next, we have the Babyhood Air Compact. You can see it has a little bit
more going on than the Otto. The bumper bar. You, both strollers actually
have that adjustable footrest. You’ve got the front
swivel wheels as well. And a really similar
system for the recline. So it’s just a squeeze of the top toggle. I guess you pull it back
here to recline the stroller and that’s your lay flat position. You have an extendable hood. The nice tan leatherette accent. And a little peekaboo
window there as well. So to fold this guy, always better to fold
it, all strollers really, to fold them not reclined. Upright, and then
similar thing at the top. You push it across. And you can also remove
that bumper bar to make it a little bit more compact as well. It comes with a bag and
the bag has a carry handle. And the Otto comes with a bag too, so that’s good when you travel. Travel system, yes? You’re going to attach a Maxi-Cosi capsule to the Air Compact. And you can attach a Maxi-Cosi capsule to these two strollers as
well, but you can’t attach a capsule to the Edwards & Co Stroller. Okay, so there we go. Okay. The Mutsy Nexo. It’s really hot today. This is the Mutsy Nexo. It is kind of a step up
as far as strollers go. It’s not, it’s not designed and marketed as a travel stroller. It’s more of a compact every day stroller. It’s good for people who live in cities or if you’ve got a small car,
or maybe I know I’ve sold quite a few of these to people
who have lots of children so they don’t want a big
stroller in the boot of the car because they need all the gear for all the other kids in there. So this is the Nexo. Lovely stroller. You’ve got your tan accents as well. You can attach the Max-Cosi
capsule like I said before. You’ve got the adjustable handle bar, which the other two don’t have. Extendable hood. And it’s a different style of, I would just detach that to show the airflow to someone else. It’s a different style of recline. It’s got a little handle at the back here. Toddler footrest and leg support as well and the front swivel wheels. And to fold this one, you’re
going to put the handle in, fold it over, squeeze on the side here. And it’s closed. So, as you can see, they’re
all a very similar size when they’re folded. If you want to take this
one on board a plane, because it’s not quite small
enough and it weighs over, What’s it weigh? It weighs over 9kg and you’re
only supposed to have 9kg in your travel luggage. So what I sometimes do
is take the wheels off and put them in my husband’s
bag, so then it weighs under the weight and
it’s small enough to fit in the overhead. So that’s the Nexo, and then
this one is the Bugaboo Ant. As you can see, it’s unique
among the travel strollers because it has the parent facing seat. And it’s maybe one of the
only ones in the world of the travel stroller kind
of category that has this parent facing seat, which is we know really nice for newborns. You can attach the Maxi-Cosi capsule. And I might show you
first before I fold it, you can also attach without
adapters the comfort wheel board which comes with this cool little seat. And you have just some
little holes in here and you can put that in. Which is… Can you see that, Flora? Yeah? Which is pretty cool, really. I’m going to take that one off again. So we take that one off there. Now you can fold the Ant with
the seat facing towards you, but it kind of is a
little bit more convenient or a bit better to have
the seat facing away. So I’ll just show you how to do that now. So, oh, maybe I’ll show
you the recline as well. So it does the full recline, but it only reclines
when baby’s facing you. When baby’s facing away, it stays upright. So let’s do that. (laughing) Okay, so this is the Ant
with the seat facing away. It’s got the extendable hood there, but like I said before,
you can’t recline the seat very well, very far, like for a nap. With the seat facing
away, it only reclines when baby’s facing you. Okay, now I’ll show you
how to fold the Ant. So like I said, it folds better
when the seat’s facing away. And with the recline here, this is as far as you can recline the seat when the seat’s facing away as well. So we will push the seat down. Fold the tops of the canopy
in, and fold the seat over. All the way like that. And then there are little
white buttons on the side. You don’t have to do them at
the same time, which is nice. And push the wheels in. So that is the Bugaboo Ant folded. So can you see all these
on the floor here, Flora? Are they all in the shot? Yep. So these are our four
compact travel strollers.


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