Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Insect Eradication Salt Gun

Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Insect Eradication Salt Gun

Are you annoyed with flies around your
house and want to get even. You want to get back back on these flying bastards wipe them off the planet while you’re having a blast I’m mr. unbox and today we will take a look at the famous Bug-a-Salt pumpgun
to see if that can get the job done. Welcome to Mr. Unbox a channel where
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miss out on important stuff. You might have heard about Bug-a-Salt a salt gun
that fires ordinary kitchen salt to wipe out bugs. It’s a pleasant alternative to
the traditional fly smacker. The inventor Lorenzo Maggiore. Made the original prototype back in 94 With help from friends and family the product launched in 2012 via
crowdfunding through the website. Let’s go online and take a look at the bugasault.com As you can see there are many different colors and bundles. We just
want a single piece and in our case is the yellow Bug-a-salt 2.0. It’s 39 USD plus
shipping. I’ll take it. While we wait for the package, let’s go over some fly facts: Common houseflies can carry over 100 different diseases and germs. Even more grows the fly defecates every 4 to 5 minutes. It will lay
eggs on the food and wommet on it before its feasting. Fly larva will hatch
into maggots within 24 hours. A female housefly will lay 3,000 eggs
within the lifespan of 21 days. According to Bug-a-Salt we gonna join forces and
we’re gonna kill this shit breeding motherfuckers. Amen and God bless
Bug-a-salt. I bet it worked for bees and spiders as well let’s look at the key features. Salt
magazine with a capacity of 80 shots. There’s a window on the side that will
allow you to see how much salt is remaining in the magazine. It has a
textured hand grip slight cocking mechanism. It has an auto safety feature
a pop-up sight that indicates it’s ready to fire. Unfortunately it does not
require any batteries so I guess auto mode is out of the question. Normally instructions are pretty useless
and boring, but this one is kind of funny it’s a handwritten note. This is of
course not personal but a really nice touch. Let me ask you a question what do
you think of this way of eradicating bugs. Is this something that you want to do or
have you found another way that is better. Let us know in the comment
section below. Let’s add some ammunition. I think that’s enough. Let’s lock and load and kill some bugs This is a pretty powerful tool so don’t
aim it at eyes and faces and treated like a firearm. What do you think about
the Bug-a-Salt. Is it hot or is it’s snot. It requires some skills to master, but
finally a funny way to get rid of these annoying bugs. In my world this is hot.
Hope you liked this unboxing and first impressions of bugasalt. If you did
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