Bug-A-Salt 2.0 action sequences taking out flies with a table salt gun

Bug-A-Salt 2.0 action sequences taking out flies with a table salt gun

Bug a salt fly killer Uses Regular Table Salt, so ammo is very cheap shoot it inside without leaving blood spats on walls This is version 2 which is stronger and more accurate than the first release… Children CAN hurt each other, must be supervised! It looks cool and won’t be mistaken for a REAL gun… flies on the side… cool there is a safety on the left hand side will shoot through tinfoil and can “sting” if you are shot at close range orange site pops up when it is cocked, don’t leave it for storage in this position… fire it. right hand thumb activated the safety fire release I’ve had this gun for a long time and it shoots very very well… no signs of failing. slow motion you can see how much salt is in the loader from the top or sides slow motion fly shooting begins flies you don’t shoot have no idea what’s going on and don’t fly away they keep coming until you run out of flies kill flies at your picnic without making a mess with the bodies they just land harmlessly on the ground for the birds to eat you get about 5o shots with one load of salt keep watching.. there is a bonus shoot at the end sounds of people screaming thanks for watching!

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  1. We have a plague of the damn things this year. I had considered making some salt loads for my 410…but the neighbors might complain.

  2. That's awesome! It's basically a fly shotgun. At first I thought man you have to have crazy aim to hit a fly with one grain of salt but then I saw the spray an that makes more sense. I'll have to look into this. Would be a very unique gun to my collection.

  3. at the explanation you added "more deadly" is this reffering to more power and AoE (area of effect) that bug-a-salt-version-one didnt had? what is the mortality rate of bug one then? are bug two have 100% mortality rate?

  4. Yeah it is expensive but hell i had to have one so i bit the bullitt and got one. Can't wait for it to arrive so i can go postal on some flies!

  5. Bought one of these today, had a wasp nest by my door, streaked their guts out at point blank range. No more wasp nest.

  6. I love how, at 1:48, the fly peeks up over the edge of the wood and then that other one lands on him like "NO, get DOWN, you FOOL!!"

  7. I often get flies out on my boat biting my ankles.. I could shoot and kill the pricks and not harm myself [ a sting is fine just no blood ] as long as it's not point blank??

  8. whatever you do DON'T kill the bees. They are dying off and our agriculture is suffering because of it. bees=pollination

  9. Thank you! This video was exactly what I wanted to see. Other people talked about how it killed bugs and then shot action figures or other stupid crap. That's not what this gun is for!

    Your video was great already, but the money shot at the end made me a subscriber. Well done good sir!

  10. Use inside? My wife would kill me. Grilling, Yes, a little salt on the steak or hamburger, no problem. Thanks for the entertainment, Mr. Dunn.

  11. Have the camo pattern one it's a fun thing for me and the kids. Dad gets to shoot shit with no ammo cost. Kids learn gun control an safety lol. It's fun buy it. You won't be angry you spent money. Kid always wants to kill wasps. not intended, however multi shootings you can.

  12. Ive used my bug-a-salt tactical rifle almost daily for 14 months now & i gotta tell you i think the flies created a no fly zone at my property – i rarely see a single fly anymore !

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