BOX FORT ZOMBIE BASE Vs ZOMBIE HORDE!! 📦😱 The Walking Dead Box Fort!

oh that shot that was a close call
alright guys I got the fire started this place is a mess the rain broke down the
fence we had a walker get in you almost got me
thankfully Logan took care of him but we’re not gonna survive much longer we
need to repair this fence repair the base add-on I’m gonna need to get more
weapons we gotta start building hey yo what’s going on guys is Papa Jake here
from T with me and we are back with a brand new video and today guys its
episode 2 of zombie week that’s right the most requested week of all time we
are back and if you guys didn’t check out last episode you definitely need to
go check that out oh we are back in our survival phase and we had a little bit
of a problem alright we’ve had one of the hardest challenges ever to survive
in the history of our 24-hour challenges in our weekly themed box for us we’ve
had to survive the cold the rain zombies and stops gone wrong lots of stuffs gone
wrong we’ve had lots of zombies but we’ve also had lots of rain so as you
guys can see the fence that we had in the last episode is almost completely
fallen over also our base is taking a ton of rain damage we only have the
clothes that we found from our first loop act that we picked up when we were
traveling through the woods so even these are kind of all soaked I’m cold
it’s wet but we got to survive guys so in this episode we’re gonna start by
recreating the base we’re gonna reinforce the wall and get that set back
up we’re gonna redo the council and make sure it’s rain proof from the start and
we’re also gonna work on a medical bed time to start building all right guys so just finished putting
up this kind of protective tarp over our actual main box for a base so if you
look here we actually had to take off the roof because it was all wet and
completely destroyed but the inside stayed pretty dry and pretty well
together with all the lighting and all the different work that we did we’re
gonna redo the roof on top of the box for it as well it’s kind of attach it to
this tarp so if it does rain will be completely okay inside there and we’ll
be able to survive no problem next up we got to start working on the walls we’re
gonna have to reinforce all of the walls along here and we also have to go ahead
and make a medbay because guys out here things can get dangerous there are
walkers there’s fire there’s the cold and of course the hunger so we’re gonna
need to make a medbay for us to survive the only problem is right now guys is
we’ve been hearing a lot more walkers in the distance and the sound is getting
louder I don’t want to say anything to Logan but I think a horde is making its
way over here and if a horde does come we got to be able to prepare ourselves
so we’re definitely gonna need to go on another scavenging mission and find some
food as well as supplies maybe some extra weapons between the rain and the
cold we finally got the Ford redone check this out it is looking super cool
we got the fire going over there keeping us warm and of course the brand new
headquarters is looking great it’s still like the old headquarters and still got
all the electricity and everything’s running inside but we redid the roof as
well as the front door and we added this rain proof roof which is awesome yeah
the new base is looking good but Jake now we got to work on our fence because
if walkers come there’s no way they’re gonna get stopped by this I agree man
let’s start building so we just finished up reinforcing the wall we got tons of
thick cardboard now we built it up we added some wood for reinforcement but
all around this wall is looking beasty so with the wall completely reinforced
and our main base looking perfect to survive in it’s now time to get on to
another important part of the survival base we need a medical bed in case
anything happens whether it is we’re getting an attack with a walker or we
fall down and hurt ourselves we need a place to go and get treated we’re
definitely gonna need to go and scavenge for medical supplies but luckily we had
some in our crate as well as some that I found in the abandoned house that we
went to so now we’re gonna prepare the medical Bay once that’s done I think
it’s time to go out on a scavenging mission because we’re low on food
we’re also low on weapons and I hear a massive hoard in the distance I think the wind picked up and almost blew our
fort completely out of the way we got to make reinforcements fast so we just
finished the roof on the medical Bay all right now he’s gonna light it and bring
all our medical supplies in check it out welcome to the Med Bay this place is
awesome we’ve got the entire Med Bay done up now
so we have a bed here which you can lay down on if you’re sick we also have a
bunch of really cool medical supplies that we found in the abandoned house we
got a full package full of goodies this thing is full of all sorts of stuff
things to close up wounds we even have things like glow sticks and medical
water in here pretty much if anything happens to you we got the medical
supplies to handle it yeah guys and that’s super important when we’re gonna
be surviving out here we have zombies but we also have the cold the hunger and
just general scrapes and scratches that can happen so now that the medical Bay
is done we’re going on to the next and most important thing that we need I took
this journal and from the abandoned house we found in last episode and in it
it’s got some pretty interesting mapping it shows an abandoned food factory not
too far from here it’s a bit of a walk through the woods which is fairly scary
considering the woods are crawling with walkers and zombies but I think if we
gear up and we move out now if we’re quiet we stay together we should be able
to get in there and loot some food all right let’s grab our bags and head out
we gotta get supplies I can hear some walkers in the distance but it looks
like after that horde walk through the walkers kind of died down haven’t heard
much activity from them if we travel through here not too far past the woods
there should be an abandoned factory up ahead the map says it’s closed down but
with our luck there should be some food left over from the scrap yeah Jake I’m
getting really hungry all right stay close I can still hear some Walker’s in
the distance but let’s get moving don’t you say Walker no he’s not a
Walker what’s your name it’s Kirk are you doing
here got split up my from my camp couple miles back me and the whole crew what do
you know about what’s going on just a lot of dead people walking everywhere
yeah we’re heading up that way we’ve been looking for some food no no don’t
go that way don’t go that way whole place is infested I got something
great here you guys got camp or anything like that setup we got a camp a few
miles back you said you got food yeah tons you got enough food for all of us
yeah I’d say I got enough food three of us said the whole place is infested up
there it’s crazy things crawling give us a second look
look I don’t know about this look what’s a little banged up what’s
this a doesn’t just steal our food and leave course less friends know about
where we’re surviving John I think he looks pretty genuine honestly I don’t
think it’s gonna be a problem plus she has food and we need food and I misread
what he says about the factory’s true I’m not gonna make it too far this he’s
got an extra weapon as well I say we bring him back to camp we keep an eye
out if anything happens then let him go sounds like a plan all right Kirk so you
got in a bit of a tussle back there take me bites and scratched from the walkers
no I’m clean nothing you got enough food for all of us I’ll bring you back to
base camp but if anything happens fiving your crack in the woods like you’re
drawing your crew back to us or getting rid of you quick no man none of that
let’s get out here those weapons should be coming any minute I pack up your
supplies well you take this to a bad you lead the way we got to get up here it’s
fairly secure we just reinforced the entire area looks real nice better than
place I got back home yeah we got a med bay as well as the main tent here you’re
welcome to any of our supplies we’re gonna need that food though we’re
starving you all right yeah no I’ll be fine Oh No
welcome to water boil yeah I’m to the Med Bay right now give me the baby
Kurt all right come on what got this in there well you grab his bag put on the side
we’re gonna need to see what’s going on see something with my arm no it’s a
fight it’s a fight he got bitch you tell us who’s Matt Logan I’m not bad I’m not
bit was this mean is he infected in the event of a bite apply pressure to the
wound with padding found in the supplied bite kit until proper medical
supervision care okay whatever whatever if the wounded individual expires after
being bitten vacate the premises immediately
he might be affected we can try and treat us hold on I’ve got a bite get
here okay stay calm you’re all right I just gonna sting a little
it’s all right I’m fine I’m fine I think I’m gonna be okay don’t worry we’re not
fine we’ve got to treat this will you pass the med kit I’ve seen worse than
this don’t worry about it Logan if he turns don’t be too late
gonna be okay we’re gonna fix you up though I’m good you’re not good we need
to treat this now let’s get this wrapped up it’s gonna be okay Kirk we got you
bandaged up we’re gonna take care of you buddy oh you don’t know that that’s why
we shouldn’t have brought him back here we disinfected the wound Kirk I need you
look in here I check out stable for now we’re gonna have to keep an eye on it
well have you sleeping the med bay tonight oh no mr. Falls is back from the
camp sit down sit down no I can fight I can fight I’m sure oh
I’ve done this one too many times jeez that was close
he almost breached the fence good job out that guy how you feeling it’s nice
happens to support this done all right look I think after all that we need some
rest Kirk I think you should sleep in the
medical Bay tonight at least up we can monitor you Kirk more thing Hey
if you need anything we’ll be out here for the night there’s food and rations
in there let’s get some shut-eye this time the gun look we’re gonna have
to monitor his wound I don’t know what’s gonna happen to him we don’t know the
extent of this virus or how it spreads it’s been a long day those clothes that have been any closer
Logan I would have been dead but worse one of them no I’m done
little guy I can’t do this anymore all right almost died in there
between this the zombies the cold but Jake what other choices do we have Logan
if it’s between staying out here and waiting to get killed point out that our
defeating the Baron I said we take our chances I said we put an end to this we
don’t want to just wait around Logan until the walker busts through that gate
and gets us so what will it be guys do we stay here and hunker down on the base
or do we go out into the woods and find and defeat the Baron put a hash tag you
guys wants to go out and defeat him or put a hash tag baby he wants to stay
here and bunker down in episode three of zombie week we’ll see you guys next time you

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