Bernie On America’s Opioid Epidemic And ‘What Matters’ To 2020 Democratic Voters | NBC Nightly News

Bernie On America’s Opioid Epidemic And ‘What Matters’ To 2020 Democratic Voters | NBC Nightly News

100 thoughts on “Bernie On America’s Opioid Epidemic And ‘What Matters’ To 2020 Democratic Voters | NBC Nightly News”

  1. Bernie promises a lot but fails to tell us that we will be paying 70 percent taxes to support his government. We need less government meddling and more choices. Bernie will tell you it's good for you to be poor while he racks up the dough…uh, no…

  2. Robert De Niro asks himself a question.

    Could Biden's son pass on military secrets to China through Burisma?

    Could the "Democrat" Biden drain secret information from the Selicon Valley to China through his son?

    Robert De Niro cannot answer this question for himself, and you?

    We only know that Biden’s son worked in China.

    We know that Biden’s son received $ 100,000 for his services.

    And we know that Biden’s son is consulted by Romanian corrupt officials.

    All these defamatory facts must be considered and investigated by the Chinese trace.

    The FBI should answer the questions of Robert De Niro.

    We also know that Biden, like Lagarde and Obama, are members of the Bilderberg Club, this club has ordered political persecution of Trump, because it prevents them from getting into the pocket of Americans.

  3. people wake up …do you think democrats care about these people …San Francisco illegal drug use is legal needle are everywhere this is a front from bernie Sanders

  4. A good way to distinguish yourself from a bot online would be to summarise the video in a sentence before commenting…half of the comments on this video seem like pre-programmed right wing bots with no idea what they're even watching..

  5. FDR & JFK were for Universal Medicare 4 All. M4A is not radical or Too Far Left. It’s radical to be against it. Now is the time! Bernie 2020 🔥

    JFK's 1962 Universal Medicare 4 All speech:

  6. The self loathing Jew looks sad,looks like Bootygest (sic) got to him!
    Where's aock now, she will jump ship when Hillary again causes your demise,this time without paying you off,quid pro quo style,or is it bribery?💤good night Bernie!

  7. You simply don't care about the opoid crisis if you FREAK OUT over vaping deaths but you don't give a darn about cigarette deaths, suicides, and more. Vaping Deaths should NEVER gain more popularity of coverage then SMOKING deaths. Ignorant!

  8. Gun grabber dems are the biggest threat to our people. The fact that they have you brainwashed with so much misinformation lies and deceit is scary.

  9. Glorify the drugs and violence culture…toss in a psychopathic commitment to identity and gender hatred…and you get chemical dependency…of course they are victims

  10. Keep suing the pharmaceutical companies and you expect prescription prices to come down? This clown is not too bright.

  11. Screw Bernie Sanders. srew all of the Democrats. I pay enough in taxes you leftist dictators try to raise my taxes and I'll pay nothing. I like guns and I will not give them up. I am not one of your left wing sheep that desire to be subjugated and controlled by an incompetent federal government……. men are men and women are women it's not interchangeable. All these authoritarian Democrats talk about is taxing more and banning stuff.

  12. Is there not a coloration between americas De industrilisation and the upswing og opioid abuse. Thanks democraps, opioid addiction another failed democrap project.

  13. Fantasy land, the pharmaceutical industry is so greedy, you expect them to just give up their money? They killed people for that money. How many people died? You think they're just going to give up their blood Money? Ok.

    Human greed is too strong

  14. TRY CANNABIS AND PSILOCYBIN! Psychedelic mushrooms repair damaged nueral pathways and create new ones, especially stacked with lion's mane and niacin.

    Study fungus!

  15. Society must LEGALIZE POT for recreational use nationally to almost instantly end the opiod crisis and everyone knows it's profitable.

    So, Big Pharma and drug cartels make laws, and was it Bayer-Monsanto who added trying to GMO pot and control the rec market to maintain the Fed policy cracking down on growers?

    First try killed 2 soldiers, the agenda still in power vs a 5000yr old, selectively bred medicinal plant that heals psychologically and physical health.

  16. Prescription drugs or illegals drugs from over the border? Are you going to tax the cartels Bernie, let’s open the borders and bring in more drugs.

  17. Now he cares!! Riding Trump's skirt tails!! The man that had his first job when he was in his 40s!! And has been in politics for years! Done nothing for American black, brown ommunity!! And took Hillary's buy out in 2016. How quickly Democrats forget! But when you have a brain the size of a pea!!! What do you expect!!!!

  18. Heroin*epidemic since the 60'$……CIA, U.S. Military, Congress unto the present. The Taliban had reduced the business 60%?? But the illegal war and U.S. Military, and CIA cranked it up again.

  19. Still doesn't understand it's a cartel problem not a prescription problem. Just lost my vote. Hope he doesn't win the primary, dems will lose again.

  20. MSM 200 a year not a month. Dance beaches dance for your socialist commies overlords. Lie till ya die. Except you killed yourself. MSM morons.

  21. Burnout Bernie, Communist piece of sh*t. What matters to America is that this asshat never becomes President.

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  23. So Medicare for all. I pay 140 a month now. And he thinks a family of six should pay that per person. And pay up to 200 a month for drugs. You people are fools.

  24. 200$ a year, actually. another attempt to smear bernie and deny the american people their due! Furthermore, if the heartless drug pushing pharma lobbyists complain they wont have money for R&D, i suppose we should keep our hundreds of millions the taxpayers routinely grant them for said research; only to be gouged under the pretext of the drugs "copyrights." The R&D is funded by the people, it's OUR copyrights and OUR human right to have OUR life saving medication as we need it!
    SANDERS for life 2020! To OUR health.

  25. I honestly care less about punishing the pharm industry than I do about just stopping the problem. I've lost too many people that I love already. I love Bernie too, but I don't see where his plan even starts to do that.

  26. Problem 1 – Prescription "opioids" work when it comes to treating chronic pain. Problem 2 – People like Sanders think they know better, when in fact they are not doctors, lump in heroin & fentenyl into the total equation and say they all are bad. Untrue. Problem 3 – any candidate openly admitting that they would abuse the power of The Presidency to punish those THEY deem evil should have no platform, and no place in politics in America.

  27. Let’s stop phentanyl coming from China let’s stop heroin at our southern border first, this could easily be done w the will. They keep blaming prescription drugs for the deaths but it’s not it’s heroin and phentanyl that is responsible. I am a recovering addict myself

  28. People CHOOSE not to do the research on the drugs.

    People CHOOSE to keep taking the drugs even though they don’t need to take it any more.

    People CHOOSE to become addicted to drugs.

    Under Medicare for All my father a retired USMC Master Gunnery Sergeant who currently works for NSA would lose his current healthcare plan. The price for my dad’s healthcare would increase. His quality of care would decrease. The VA system already run by the government treats him like crap.

    If you work for the federal government then you only pay once a year for your healthcare. Medicare for All would not only increase the price of healthcare for government employees but quality would go down. And 180 million Americans would lose their jobs.

  29. 🤣 and thats one payer?

    Why wouldnt that mother who's son was NOT in cancer Remission not given pain medication? Slashed up the context here a bit too much in this "story". Not news.

  30. I will never vote Democrat. I refuse to condone post birth abortion and organ harvesting of the murdered babies………………………………….. unless of course those babies are over the age of 18 and voted Democrat. In that case they are fine with it, let their voices be heard and their vote count for something.

  31. I am voting for Bernie. I know he has always and will always be working for working and middle class people. I trust him to be there for us. God bless Senator Sanders.

  32. Unfortunately the opioid epidemic is being taken out on elderly American citizens. I think it’s because they lost the drug war, they want to retain size of the DEA and other organizations so they suddenly focus on this. It’s all about money and the size of organizations

  33. I want to know your biased thoughts on Andrew Yang. Please be as biased as you possibly can whilst you explain why Americans shouldn't vote for Yang.

    I'm a Filipino btw.

  34. Bernie Sanders is a HYPOCRITE POS Why don't take some of your ''8 Million Net Worth'' and donate it to charity……Sorry Progressives this FRAIL seventy nine year old man with a bad hear will not be the Nominee…..Maybe you can dig up his rotting corpse for the 2028 Election…………..

  35. DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM: A CAP ON CAPITALISM, NO EXTREME WEALTH HOARDING (like the Unfettered capitalism we have today!) Workers and Industry working together with Communities to have a Sustainable Fair Market for All, NOT JUST CORPORATE WEALTH! The Health and Education of American People as an Investment in FUTURE GROWTH IN THIS COUNTRY!! Bernie Sanders has had more Bills and Legislations signed and Passed then ONLY ONE OTHER PERSON! Known as the Amendment King in DC because he will try very hard and Usually succeed in finding a way to talk to all sides to form amendments for workers, poor, or human rights, YOU HAVE TO RESEARCH ALL HE HAS WRITTEN, SPONSORED OR PASSED OFF TO OTHERS BECAUSE SANDERS ONLY NEEDED RESULTS NOT RECOGNITION!


    The Future of Work: A VICE Special Report (Full Episode)….

  37. Bernie is communist and socialist we know by history that don't work.
    Look Russia ended Cuba say but tourist Bolivia it president get exit it country it just doesn't work.

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