Bee Bot App – iPad Coding and Computing Apps reviewed + Giveaway!

This video will be part of my new series and
playlist on Educational Apps for Android and iOS devices. First up; iOS with the Educational
App called Bee-Bot. Welcome to another ‘Flipped Classroom Tutorial’. In this tutorial I’m going to show you one
of my favourite apps to teach programming to very young children.
A lot of us already know about Bee-Bots. Bee-Bots are programmable floor robots, you can use
these in class. Now there is also an App. This App is free of charge and let’s go ahead
and open it. As you can see: Bee-Bot App. When you first open the App, you can see that
it’s a very colourful and attractive layout. The children will simply click or tap on ‘Play’. Now I’m going to go to the settings and ‘Reset
all the scores’ This is great for when you have different
groups all starting from Level 1. Now let’s go ahead and ‘Play’. We will start with the first level. And you can see that there are stars as rewards;
one star if we can reach the flower, two stars if you make it and it takes you a very long
time or three stars if you do it within the time limit. Let’s go ahead and Start. And similar to the
‘real’ Bee-Bot we have to program using Forward Backwards Turn Left Turn Right And then Go We do have to remind the children to always
Clear the statements by clicking on the X button. Because it doesn’t just ‘Go’ left but Turn
left 90 Degrees. Let’s do ‘One step forward, Go’ This brings us to the Score board. Let’s say FL as in Flipped Classroom. Let’s go to the next level. Level two! These levels continue to get harder and harder,
so the children here, now need to think about how many step forward they will have to ‘code’
or ‘program’. In this case we will have move forward -one
– two – three steps. One Two Three step forward and then we press ‘Go’. Now I’m going to show you an example of Level
ten. So let’s go ahead and go to level ten. As
you can see here the children will have to ‘Debug’ their code. If they are not ready
to program this in one go. they will have to make mistakes and ‘Debug those Mistakes’. So I’m going to navigate to the flower, by
first making a right turn, and as soon as I Press ‘Go’. My Bee-Bot turns, the Bee-Bot
does remember all instructions, it creates an ‘Algorithm’ with different instructions. But it remembers that ‘turn right statement’,
so if I now add a ‘forward’ statement, which is what I want to do, but I forget to ‘Clear’
You will see it Again turns and moves forward. It has NOT forgotten the previous statements.
This is the reason I say ‘Always remember to Clear previous code’. Now I have to Turn left, Move forward. Before adding my next couple of statements
I’m going to clear the code. Left Turn Forward, forward, forward Right Turn Forward, forward, forward Left Turn Forward, forward Left Forward Right Forward, forward Right Forward Now a lot of children Will get to this after
having played with this app for some time. As you can see It follows all the steps exactly as I have
put them in. So, to summarize. A really good and brilliant app to teach children
at a very young age about algorithms and how different instructions follow each other Top
to Bottom. There is also a little added feature which
is the ‘Farm’ So let’s go ahead and open the farm. These are little Bonus levels, let’s open
the second sheep level, I have to push these sheep, herd them, into their pen. Let’s keep going… That’s one! And as you can see the app if very intuitive. The children will love these bonus levels.
In the Top right corner you see a little timer and this timer decides how many stars you
get awarded. Here you have a short explanation on how this
game was created. If you want more information about actual Bee-Bots you can always vist You see your How to Play basic Controls and
Below in the description of this video You will also find a GiveAway! I will give away a PDF Full Classroom Guide
on how you can use Physical Bee-Bots as well as this app in class. Basic programming skills for Very young children. Go ahead and Scroll down, and find this Giveaway! If you found this video helpful please leave
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I will see you in the next one. Thank you for watching!

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