100 thoughts on “Baldwin rips Samantha Bee: What she did is beneath her”

  1. Bottom Line—–CNN sucks……#11 in the cable ratings even behind the Home and Garden Network…Nobody is watching this Democratic Propaganda except CNN sicaphants……fuckers

  2. It was going so well Brooke I knew it couldn't last. Typical CNN making excuses by covering it up by pointing out that there are other rude disgusting individuals don't use that as an equaliser she is a disgusting vile person just say as it is that was abhorrent and disgusting forget about the others we are talking about Samantha Bee other people have been lambasted for what they did on other shows.

  3. The liberals illegals are the worst. The network should be fired and the profanity needs to be band from TV networks and millions in fines should be imposed.

  4. I'm actually pleasantly surprised that CNN of all people would call out the hypocrisy now if they would only start realizing they had pieocracy when people start talking about white people and saying racially charged things when if the script were flipped would be completely unacceptable to say about another race. They need to start talking about that as well because if it's not okay for One race it's not okay for another

  5. I don't think I've ever seen CNN in damage control over another liberal media this way. I guess this was so bad even they had to say something. The woman in the purple top is really growing on me as a reporter though, she should move over to Fox news. Abandon ship.

  6. Fire that unfunny feckless c**t! She should wear something sexy and tight when she's forced to move back with her dad once unemployed.

  7. I'd like to meet Keith Slobberman in an ally and beat his ass! Break his jaw so he could never speak again!! He's a piece of shit!!

  8. Samantha Bee is a piece of human garbage, and Rosanne is a comedian who a made a dark humor post. Get over it. Almost 1 million people are brainwashed by watching Samantha bee

  9. No one has a problem with the F-bombs either?! That woman is considered a model for young women? No wonder our young women growing up struggle with morals. face palm

  10. Or if a conservative celebrity would’ve said something like that about Chelsea Clinton especially since HER DAD actually did rape and assault women

  11. As a democrat voter myself its refreshing to hear this sort of measured debate…liberals just irritate me to no end.

  12. Quiet dammit I'm praying to Barrack right now to the east , oh maybe that was the west? Whatever it's the direction his ass is facing me from. So I can lay a big smooch on It. He did so much for this country.

  13. No Brooke ,same rules do not apply .One was down right racist for no reason ,other than being her racist sick self and the other was pointing out at the absolute human rights violations being employed at the hands of this horrible woman's insanely evil father!

  14. Bee isn’t sorry, she’s saying what she has to say to save face. & the hypocritical liberals who are ok with this are stupid hypocritical idiots. I’m no Trump supporter but I’m not one of these idiots who think this is ok. Also, I’m not a Hillary supporter either, only idiots cry in November because it’s the “anniversary” their savior lost. Morons.

  15. im sorry but ivanka is a feckless cunt her father is the biggest asshole this side of north korea hes in love with russia and putin and thinks he some sory of fucking ruler it wont be long till the people revolt against tump and his bullshit idealogy

  16. racist isn't hateful?? wtf are those libtards talking about? it's just racist and not misogynist when it comes to them! how is being a racist worst than being a misogynist??and fuck, unlike bee, roseanne didnt even know that woman was black! how many libtards have called trump a monkey and never lost their job?? hypocrisy at its best!


  18. #ArrestPeterFonda I hope he gets plenty of time to think!
    18 U.S.C. 115 (threatening to assault, kidnap, or kill a federal official or employee, a former
    federal official or employee, or the family member of a current or former federal official.
    Penalties: —imprisonment for not more than 6 year

  19. Not to take anything away from your bravery in confronting this issue Brooke, you might be losing ground with your liberal friends and co-hosts.

  20. Damn, CNN finally gets it or what? IT took that level on anti-trump insanity for them to see the double standard, and more importantly, that every time a liberal media/hollywood celeb goes on an anti Trump rant, this makes Trump that much closer to re-election . But really, they are mostly offended by the C-word, which is probably just a feminist reaction 🙂

  21. Thank you Samantha, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Whoever you are people from CNN People say these because people ARE F tired of this and STOP blaming her. WE all know this planet is a fake invisible shield. STOP RIGHT NOW!!!!

  22. Late to the party on this, but this editorial from this out of touch reporter is fucking gross. Words do matter, and if you have to use the most explicit language you can to get the point across that families are being divided, do it. Bee didn't go far enough with Ivanka, she is by definition a feckless cunt. She should have never apologized before the family issue was quelled. And this person on CNN is just as useless, but I won't call her a cunt, because vaginas being joy to someone. And this reporter brings none. My personal message to this reporter, you are just as guilty as this evil regime in this crime by going after Bee for the language used.

  23. Pot calling the kettle black, there just too much these libs. Won't be long now, the storm Donald warned them about is here.😁

  24. I'm a republican and I don't agree with Samantha Bee's statement, but I believe in the first amendment. She should not have to apologize nor should she be punished or ridiculed for her statement.

  25. Brooke Baldwin is hot. I would have sex with her LOL. I would love to see Brooke have her own television news show. I don't watch her on CNN because I don't like CNN news.

  26. CNN being disingenuous and totally insincere again. CNN broadcasts vile comments made by lefty racists about President Trump and his daughter and then pretending to call these yobs out for their comments. Fake news CNN is more despicable than any of these lefty scumbags for pushing their vile and sick comments. No wonder CNN's ratings are in the trash can and rightly so.

  27. WHATEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! Since when did this country become a moral compass? Get out of here

  28. So " I'm sorry" and that is where it ends?????? So it's ok to say it and then apologizes??????? It was ok after everyone proofed it over and over before it was on the Air?????? This is unexceptionable!

  29. Thank you Brooke. Bee should have been fired as it wasn't filmed live. Olberman shouldn't have gotten a new job.

  30. Wait, why is that word such a big deal?. It's not racist. It's just a freaking word, a body part. Not a big deal, people are so sensitive. It's more disturbing that she insinuated that she has sex with her father.

  31. As Peter Beagle and NinjaFrog6 said, I also give fair credit to Brooke Baldwin. This shows that there ARE some leftists with common sense and morality. As a conservative, I am pleasantly surprised, and highly grateful for CNN's conduct in this case.

  32. I don't like this foolishness on either side. Much respect Miss Baldwin. Unfortunately, we are living in ignorant times.

  33. Ms. Baldwin regarding those two vile uncouth despicable ultra bias frauds, for once we are in agreement, they are rude crude and shameless.

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