Baja Bugs. Racing for victory at the Baja 1000.

We are team Yolo. And we’re from Vancouver, BC. My co-driver Todd and I are going to run the first 360 miles. Never won it. We’ve had, seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths. So we’re really, really, going to try hard and get a victory for this one. Hello. Good luck.
Yes. Thank you buddy. I’ve known Grant for probably about ten years. We’ve done a lot of buggying in the desert. Grant came down and helped me, and another group of team, do the Vegas to Reno in 2010. So, this is an opportunity to come down and help these guys. Good luck guys. Have an awesome race. Be safe. Oh no! Hahaha. That was our fault. Hit the button. Okay, we’ve got a hard s-curve coming up.
Going left. Coming to the crossroads now, 575. 575 chase 1, we got you.
See you. Through the intersection, and on. End of speed zone. Give him the blue light, there. Hold on.
Not yet. Let’s get up this hill. OK. Give him the light. What’s he doing? Stopping for the hill. 10-4. Copy, you are going on the goat trail. I am parked where you get off the highway,
and down the road. Baja Pits. 599 Going to have to push. I want some water. Water! Thanks. That was good. The is the road that we go like this, and then all of the sudden, it just turns into whoops. Then, it’s just whoops, for 20 miles. This is race 575. Come in chase 575. Copy. This is 575 chase 1. Go ahead. Are you guys going to be able to make it? Meet us at that pit stop, at 236? 10-4. We’ll be waiting? I heard you squeaking, but everything looks tight. All your paint markers are all good. OK. I think we’ll just go then. Grant. Pull right ahead, and underneath the canopy. You’re clear to go. Everything looks good and tight. OK Eric, we’re going to ned the RZR. 10-4 I’m driving along the fence line now. Ok. You’ll come to a big sign post. Turn in there. Unload the RZR there and then come in. Just follow the track. 575 Race. We’re down in the wash now. Headed towards the left side. Ok. I think I see your lights there. Take a bit of a run there. We’ve got a bit of a slack. We lost Grant. I’m looking for the RZR. Can’t hear what you’re saying, but we are still moving. You guys head back. 575 chase to 575 RZR. Do you copy? We’re at mile 297 and going fine. 575 race. Are you guys still moving? Cannot hear you. If you’re ok… …just make two clicks with noise. [Click, Click] Message received. Two clicks. You are ok. So are we. 575 race, this is 575 chase. Go ahead. We’re at mile 300 exactly. Ok. If you go up to 303. The cars come out of this wash,
and then we get on the gravel road to Coco’s corner. If you come in from there, we’re at 300.
And I believe you’d be at 303. 10-4. I got a copy. What car is it? 575 There are a lot of bugs stuck. Hey Eric. Do you have a copy? This is Logan. They are on their way. Ok. We might be out. Do they have a radio? They should. Yes. Eric, Eric, Eric. Do you copy? Eric, Eric, Eric… This is Lisle. Go ahead. Yeah, just stand by. We got out. I’m just waiting for Todd to catch up to me. And we’ll let you know if we get going again. Should be ok though. Copy that. We are nearby if you need us. Hey, Logan. Grab a couple bottles of water out for us, please. Copy. Ok. We’re here. Keep coming, about another 80 yards, to your left. Just park on the side. Chase 575, this is race 575. Over. The is chase 575. Go ahead. Chase 575, this is race 575. Over. We’re probably still too far out. Race 575, this is chase 2. Go ahead. Jack the front end up and check the wheel bearings. And then also, we need to check the rear axle mounts. Roger that. We got that. How far out are you guys now? We’re coming up to mile 333. Roger that. What did you guys do with chase 1. Whereabouts are they? We don’t know. We left them at Coco’s corner. Roger. You left them at Coco’s corner. Chase 575, this is race 575. We just passed 334. Over. Roger that. Past 334. The first section went rather well for us. We were running clean. But we did get into a few sticky spots there, with the sand. We got stuck. Had to get pulled out. We just lost all brakes in the last five miles. All brakes? Yes! Dad! What’s up? These shims are all folded over. This one is tight. Uh, not really. Nothing? No, there is air in the oil. Aerated. We’re in San Ignacio, which is race mile 609. Waiting for the car to come in. Brennon Quennell, Shawn Martin, are going to get out. Myself and Jason Mcvicar are going to get in. We’ve got about 180 miles of high speed, hard packed, some silt. A few water crossings. And then we will be getting out. And passing the car off to Erich Reisen and Russ Sinclair. They will take it on to the finish at La Paz. Yup. You’re full throttle. We got through. You got through. That’s amazing. It was great! Absolutely great. Hahaha The last 60 miles was just straight silt and rocks. Silt and Rocks. And there’s going to be a lot of people still out there, late tonight. Yeah, a lot of people not going to make it. We drove by. They were holding up a tow rope, hoping we’d give them a pull. And we could barely make it through. Sorry. Trophy trucks. It was awesome. Got to keep going. Would I do it again? Hell yeah! But I don’t see why anyone would want to take a beetle through terrain like that. But here we are. Back again, doing it. Can’t hear you. Coil off or…? Take it out of gear. Hey! Can you help? Push, push. Volkswagen buggy. Ok. And then we get up to top. Push. Off the road. Head backwards. Backwards. Good, good, good. Ok. Thanks. Dry in there? Yup. Make sure coil wire is on. Yeah. Mile 784. Waiting for Geoff and Jason to arrive. Avina left two hours ago. He’s well out front. Geoff and Jason are currently in fourth. Waiting for the other teams to come through. Twenty minutes from now we should be getting into the car. Russ and I will be taking it up through the mountains to Loreto. Back down over the mountains to the Pacific side. And then all the way along the coast, over the steps, and into La Paz. How many tires do you need? The little hill climb had huge boulders everywhere. We need to change a tire. Who’s got duct tape? We did get one flat tire. And as that started to leak down, we decided to pull over and change it. We did change it with a fresh tire. Continued on. And about twenty miles later. We encountered a really rough section. And that tire went out. So, we actually lost the tire completely and were on a rim. So, we put the old flat tire back on. So that we could continue in. And not even a half a mile later, we come around a corner. And we see a tire on the road. And it has the right bolt pattern wheel. And it’s holding air. So we stopped. Swapped that into our car. And drove the next, probably 5 to 15 miles. Somewhere like that. All the way back in on this tire that we found. And that got us here. And we passed the car off to Erich. And now he is headed to La Paz. 10-4 Silt was over there. We picked our way through most of it. We’re still down and out with some mechanical issues here. Please stand by. Awe dudes! I lost my gears three times. Yeah? Take me to the highway. Let’s meet everybody. We’ll have a discussion. Make a talk. We’re down. You guys. Transmission just let go completely. We are down. Yeah, we’re coming back. We are safe here, right now. We’re trying to figure out how to get out. Weatherman. Come in please. Race mile 807. Race 575 is out of the race, with a blown transmission. Copy? Alright race 575. Are you guys ok? We are ok, Weatherman. We have our chase vehicles here. And we will be loading the car up. Thank you very much. Copy that!

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