Are the Bees Okay Now?

Are the Bees Okay Now?

[♩INTRO] About 10 years ago, the news was packed with reports about something called colony collapse disorder — a mysterious phenomenon that involved the disappearance of enormous numbers of bees. This disorder, also called CCD, had both scientists and economists worried. After all, without bees, the agricultural
industry would be in serious trouble. In a single year, honeybees pollinate more
than 12 billion dollars of crops in the United States alone. Then, the news stopped talking about it. And these days, we don’t hear as much about CCD. So what gives? Are bees safe now? Well, sort of. And also, not really. The answer is complicated. Even though it’s often mischaracterized, CCD doesn’t just refer to the death of a
hive. Instead, it’s a specific phenomenon where
the majority of worker bees mysteriously disappear, leaving behind the queen, the young, and food reserves. When it strikes, there aren’t many dead
bees in or near the hive. The workers are just gone, which is one reason it’s been so difficult to figure out what causes it. CCD was first identified as a major problem around the winter of 2006, and in 2008, it accounted for about 60% of all hives lost, which equaled hundreds of thousands of colonies. Luckily, cases have declined since then. In 2013, CCD accounted for only 31% of hive losses, and only about 20% in the first quarter of
2018. But it’s not like we found some way to cure it. Even today, scientists still don’t know
exactly what causes colony collapse disorder. Although factors like disease, pesticide exposure, and poor nutrition all seem to contribute
to it, none of these factors seem to have changed dramatically before or during the peak of the epidemic. So CCD just seems to have declined. Which is great in some ways, but is also kind of a problem. Because if we don’t know what caused or
stopped it, we’re not exactly prepared for another huge outbreak. Also, even though cases of CCD have been decreasing, it’s not like the bees are thriving. From April 2017 to April 2018, it’s estimated that 40% of honey bee colonies in the U.S. were lost. And while some of this loss is normal, the
reality is, these insects still face a lot of threats. For example, varroa mites weaken them, shortening their life spans and reducing the chances that worker bees will make it back to the hive
after foraging. The mites also help spread various bee viruses, which can kill larvae, caused deformed wings, and paralyze and kill adult bees. Bees also still suffer from pesticide exposure and lack of foraging habitat. The good news is, unlike with colony collapse disorder, we do know ways to solve these problems, and researchers and policy-makers across the world are working on it. Scientists are trying to develop treatments for viruses and mites, the European Union has expanded bans on certain pesticides, and people are working to re-establish bee habitats by planting wildflowers. Without bees, food production would fall dramatically, so it’s in our best interests to do everything we can to protect them. And maybe someday, we’ll find a way to get rid of colony collapse disorder for good, too. Thanks for asking, and thanks to our awesome patrons on Patreon for helping us make this episode! You’re the bee’s knees, and we couldn’t do it without you. If you’d like to help us keep exploring
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  1. Some insects seem to have natural cycles where there are more or less of them. Could this bee the case? Or natural predator cycles? Could this bee the case?

  2. The research that found the micro waves from phone towers etc was the main cause,.was released then within a week removed and retracted..which was odd,I remember watching some university guy demonstrate how the signals confused the workers,explain the problem..I told a couple of friends about it,but they couldn't find it,this was years ago..but even now,someone's been passing out the research grant cookies.who ever thought having a degree in the sciences made you ethical or's all about the money,…I mean they found smoking was good for you for 50 years..everyone knew it wasn't,but research said it was….🙈🙉🙊M England

  3. 2008 a bunch of bees died.. guess they invested in the us american real estate market and died of shock when it collapsed

  4. Someone was just stealing then. Government ploy. "Oh no the bees are magically dying,so it's going to cause a food shortage" ,🤔 these fuckers are dirty NEVER doubt anything

  5. No mention of the fact that honey bees are a non-native species to the US and have been outcompeting native bee colonies? Honey bees have nearly eradicated many of the native bee species. If honey bees died off, native bees could thrive again and there would be no impact on food production. However, that wont happen, as Americans want cheap, non-imported honey.

  6. I'm just calling it now, insects mainly communicate through chemicals and so I'm betting that some kind of chemical we were releasing was messing with their ability to communicate leading to the bees leaving the hive to look for food, getting lost and never returning.

  7. One of my local apiaries has developed mite-resistant bees. I've bought a couple hives for this year and plan on planting some wildflowers in my backyard. So that's at least a tiny fragment of good news from my corner of Texas!

  8. probably genetic manipulation for sabotage, And if the scientist can't figure it out they all need to be fired.

  9. Please don't tell me you guys are so stupid you don't realize somebody's genetically cause some sort of attack on the level you won't see coming

  10. Aren’t the Honey bees an invasive species? Like there are other bees that don’t make honey, but still pollinate plants and crops. Do they not matter as much cause they aren’t a commercialized species?

  11. So what about bats? Is there any chance the disappearance of bat colonies and the collapse of bee hives are related?

  12. Is or ture that there are other planters in the usa is becuse i here from my teacher bees dont belongs here in the Americas . Is there is other pollinators like ants and butterfly and bats and masceetoe and i think deer becuse they eat leaves off trees like a juraf in a way

  13. There’s only one thing to do!!!

    Learn the language of the bees..

    Earn their trust..

    Then breed with their wamen!

    And, in time our differences will be forgotten

  14. During the summer last year (2018) there was a heatwave in Ireland and there’s already a bath out my back garden but my mam saw something before that If you get sugar and water and put it in a bowl with marbles then it lets the bees drink the water

  15. Maybe we could try and edit the bees DNA to produce a toxin against the mites. Might not be possible but worth a look.

  16. The European honeybee is NOT the primary pollinator in North America (and are an invasive species!), even when thousands of colonies are shipped around to do pollinating; they assist the native populations of bees. All the efforts to save European honeybees are unfortunately doing nothing to save our native pollinators and the honeybee can NOT pick up the slack. You could annihilate every single European honeybee in north America and crops would get along reasonably well without them, given enough time for the native bees and insects to repopulate to their historical numbers.Edit: dangit, Withee Labs said this a week ago. Curse not reading comments first!

  17. Here in Brazil the problem is both better and worse. That is because we have about 20 species of native bees, so there is less risk of an epidemic, but the european bees introduced here are killing the native ones, leading to a problematic situation.

  18. I thought we were to blame for the bee loss, it was all man made climate change etc…

    I swear to god we'll be blamed for bloody meteorites at some point! XD

  19. No bees in America means that the native species will start doing better and humans will need to get their money from other countries.

    No honey bees here means everything would be better off.

  20. ich lehne mich jetzt mal weit aus dem Fenster.
    könnte es sein das weniger Bienen sterben WEIL ES NICHT MEHR SO VIELE GIBT

  21. Humans are too quick to panic and assume the worst when it comes to nature. While science is awesome, its new. Barely a few hundred years old in its modern form. Its arrogant to think we know enough about nature to predict its catastrophic collapse for certain.

  22. When I was in school all the Catholic kids went to CCD. Maybe they finally stopped murdering bees while studying the Catechism

  23. The Queens started demanding equality which turned out to be more like I want all things you deserve nothing, so all the worker bees said nope were out. You can live on the welfare bounty we left you while we go find bleach.

  24. Why is percent of hive loss that's due to this issue, relevant? Isn't the relevant info, the percentage of hives that get lost, and once we know that, then we can apply the percent that's due to this issue. (For example, if the percentage of hives that get lost goes down from 50% to 1%, then even if the percent of the lost hives due to this issue goes up, it would be of minor relevance.)

  25. CCD is a kinda made up phenomenon. The bees experiencing this mainly where the pollinators, this collapse didnt affect privet bee keepers, bee keepers for making honey, and wild bees. this is because how pollinators have to work with the bees and the customer, they will drive up with hundreds of hives. most usually dont check every ~17 days to make sure that they are health ( not checking to see if they have water, food, and disease/mite free). At the same time most are loaded back up and sent to the next farm during the day, which about 20% of the colony will be out. They do multiple spots over a large distance leave many bees be hind. during the spring time most pollinators will split their hives and grow their size before the next pollinating season for farmers. If I remember right Florida stopped pollinators from coming in last year because of already having too many bees. In most of the southern states have aficanized bees or "killer bee", which are out of control and kill people.( they dont actively look to attack people but they pretty much see anything with ~20ft of the hive as something that needs to be killed before they are attacked)

  26. Stop saying we don't know the cause. It has always been about Monsanto GMO cell infused pesticides. They own the scientist and cover up the research. You coward

  27. And they brought colonies from all over the world to pollinate the almond crops of California. Making sure that any disease would be spread worldwide so you could have your almond milk!

  28. One of the other big problems is that we really were not tracking hive losses prior to 2006 all that well, if at all in some places (especially the American south). Hive losses was just a part of beekeeping and people generally did not report hive losses to the government. But once 2006 happened, everyone started reporting their losses religiously ballooning into the ridiculous figures that we saw in the late 2000s. -IRL Beekeeper

  29. the bees and many other insects are disappearing at an incredible rate. i have been gardening for almost 45 years and have seen many insects completely disappear from one year to the next including bumble bees.

  30. I hate hate hate how grey this issue is. This should frankly be a black and white issue and it's so infuriating that they're so much misinformation around it. Obviously this is NOT directed at the sci show.

  31. So, bees disappear, but no one knows where? Maybe another queen was born and took them away.
    Also, were crops pollinated more, less, or the same while this was going on?
    And Europe banned pesticides with no real proof they were bad for bees when properly used.

  32. Paul stamets is working on a cure, using mushroom extracts to make the bees more resistant to the veroa mites. And it is looking very positive.

  33. Good news, bees are an invasive species to the American so we'll be fine if things go back to normal. Maybe even some of our natural species will make a climb back from endangered where bees put them.

  34. When planting flowers look up which ones are local to your area. A while ago Honey Nut Cheerios included flower seeds in their boxes but they weren't part of the local ecosystem so hurt them some amount by being invasive.

  35. Honey bees aren't native to most of the places they're used and they're only as popular as they are in agriculture because they make honey. There are tens of thousands of pollinators out there, mostly native insects that the bees have displaced, that could fill the role. Our over reliance on an invasive species is a problem of our own making.

  36. What's odd is that this isn't really an environmental problem, bees aren't native to the US. It's just a technical problem for an industry.

  37. I would love a video that talks about what foods would be left if all of the bees died and nothing replaced them.

  38. My money is on neonicitinoid insecticide and the GMO plants that are engineered to be tolerant of it. I'm guessing that the EU has banned that but the US has not. Those manufacturers have enough money to dictate US policy. Just my opinion.
    edit for bad typing

  39. The French knew from the beginning that it was the new pesticides that we used!! How did they know? Because the same thing happened there in 1994 after they started using the same pesticides that always stay with the plant!!! Nobody heard about it then, because it was only in France, but when they banned those substances, CCD all but disappeared there. They told us what it was, but nobody listened!!!

  40. I go out looking and counting the bees I see. There are less and less every year here. Now my cherry trees produce nothing. I have put food out for the bees that came and ate it, now none show up.

  41. The [insert political party] knows what causes colony collapse syndrome, they told me all about it! It's [current political topic], so now you know! Mystery solved.

    Damn you monsanto/global warming/Donald Trump/co2 emissions/yellow dye 7/atheism/chemtrails/dubstep! Damn you to hellllllll! (I'm making a joke, but also at least 3 of these examples I've actually been told was true in real life… by people whom couldn't possibly know.)

  42. I’m sorry, who determined Colony Collapse disorder is overall negative and who can I hold responsible for all these outdated assumptions in science?

  43. Check out router signals that mess with insect orientation, then come back to me!
    Maybe the decrease in the disorder came at the same time as a new kind of router got popular?

  44. The bees continue to die from Geoengineering spraying.

    Scientific Paper by Mark Whiteside, MD, MPH and J. Marvin Herndon, PhD: Previously Unrecognized Potential Factors in Catastrophic Bee and Insect Die-off Arising from Coal Fly Ash Geoengineering (click here); Asian Journal of Biology, 2018, 6(4), 1-13. Spanish

  45. Farmers are murdering bees like they're murdering us and their own family members. Their greed for profit has made them demonic with poisons. They're fanatical poisoners. They've supported every single poison to put on your food that's come along. This support of Farmers crap is nothing but pocket stuffing with YOUR money, to convince you to give it to them to NOT grow, and to kill bees and people. Let's be honest here. They suck Monsanto and they have no other lover.

  46. Imagine the bees are dying from a war with the wasps and they are only dying because they have a one use only stinger and every time they host an attack on the wasps they die because wasps have multiple stings and the bees don’t?

  47. I feel really discouraged at the reporting in this video and it’s total disregard to cell phones and the disruption of the earths electromagnetic fields

  48. The 1st depopulation of bees was GMO's, Genetically Modified Organisms which produce their own toxic poison to eliminate Crop Dusting with poisons. Is GMO honey safe to eat? GMO foods were removed from stores during the 1990 s, after allergies + illnesses became prevalent.
    Colony Collapse Disorder is caused by 5G Cel-Tower RADIO WAVES. Brain Wave frequency is 60 Hz, Weather Manipulation frequency is 300 Hz, Microwave frequency is also a Standard Option on 5G Cel-Towers. Add Smart Meters to every home and Cel-Phones to every person, 5G is not only Cancerous to children, but devastating to bees.

  49. I commented on an older video and it really seems like you're going out of your way to not call out Monsanto here, most of the EU has accepted that roundup is the big driver behind colony collapse disorder because it disorients worker bees and causes them to fail to navigate back to their hives… It's not so much a mystery and hasn't been for awhile…

  50. Can you imagine going to the restaurant and the waiter says "sorry, no prime rib. all the cows died in February. We should have prime rib on the menu in September."

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