ANTSTORE – Biosphäre Potsdam – Planung einer Ameisenanlage – Teil 1

ANTSTORE – Biosphäre Potsdam – Planung einer Ameisenanlage – Teil 1

Hello and welcome. Today we are at the biosphere in Potsdam. We were asked to plan construct and build an Ant Setup For this tropical indoor world. So that the visitors can explore The Antworld. Join us on this Projekt. “Good morning, Mr. Sebesta, nice to have you here. Welcome to the biosphere.” Martin: “Hello, nice to meet you. Let’s take a look!” This is our first visit and now we will find a good location for the ants together with the customer. We will probably choose Leafcutter Ants for this project because of the Perfect climatic conditions. Its so hot I’ll take my jacket off right away. Leafcutter Ants are also very interesting to watch for the visitors, when they carry the Leaf pieces. I think that will be the right choice. But I’m going to discuss that now. “Hello.” Martin: “It looks wonderful in here.
What inspired you to keep Ants and what is your vision.” Mrs. Hüerkamp: “In the summer we had an exhibition on the topic of” bees… …wich are eusocial insects. The second idea to This was to show Ants. Ants are very well known for their, and the best example for the eusocial form of existenz. Ants are also in a real rainforest so we wanted some for ours too. You can also learn a lot from these animals social structure and working together. We also have the optimal habitat for Ants to live here. We also have the opportunity to build upwards Very high. So a Big Setup would be awesome.” Martin: “So in your case I would suggest Leafcutter ants from South America. Exotic and very active animals that can build large colonies. …a lot to see for the visitors. The climate is like in the natural environment. We could have several small ant arenas spread out… …so that there is something to see everywhere. So let’s take a look at the Suggested spot.” Ms. Hüerkamp: “I like the Idea Leafcutter Ants, … … because you can watch them well when they carry their Leaves. And if our visitors could see that too, it would be great. So lets go down into the jungle. ” Ms. Hüerkamp: “From here you could build straight up to the Platform. And here we have space for an ant arena. Can the ants reach this 6m height? Martin: “We could go along this tree.” Mrs. Hüerkamp: “That should work.” Martin: “How much space do we have down here? ” Mrs. Hüerkamp: “We can choose a location and then speak to the gardener.” Gardener: “So every large plant like a palm or a tree I can not move… … But we can put the little plants somewhere else.” Martin: “We also have the option to place the Ant Arena on logs, to use as little space of the plants as possible. And up here we could build a platform With multiple chambers. Here is a sketch. We could use 20 and 30cm Cubes in here. We connect all the different sections,
so the Ants can choose on their own Fungus and waste chambers. Let’s mesure this height… 1.6 Meters The Formicarium itself can be placed on an 30cm or 40cm High Base. ” Ms. Hüerkamp: “Yes, that’s great, even small children can look inside that way.” Martin: “If you ever have to collect one of these ants, you can carefully lift them up with your Fingers. With this species you don’t have worry to hurt the Ants because they have a strong exoskeleton. So you can easily put the Ants back. This species is not toxic and cannot hurt you either. Martin: “Okay, I wrote down all dimensions and important details, we keep in touch. Thank you.” Ms. Hüerkamp: “Yes, great, I’m looking forward to your ideas. We will definitely have a great implementation which will impress us and the visitors.” “All right, bye.” So there is really a lot to discover here, let’s take a look. Now I have to finish planning the construction Setup. We’re going to build something awesome here. Stay tuned.

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  1. Hey Martin schönes Projekt was du hier in Potsdam umsetzen darfst. Wenn du Hilfe beim Aufbau etc. brauchst,melde dich. Ich würde mich freuen. 🙂

  2. ich freue mich schon auf die folgenden videos zu der anlage. wie sie geplant , gebaut, geliefert, aufgebaut, die blattschneider eingesetzt, und wie es am ende aussieht. ponerienen oder bsp weise ocephila smaragdina hätten natürlich auch gut rein gepast. ich würde auch gerne mal ein video von den kolonien sehen die ihr im laden ausstellt.das würde mich sehr freuen.

  3. Wow wieder einmal Mega Video 😍 Respekt… der Filmstil und der Schnitt, die Musik und alles andere war einfach Mega gut gemacht!! Auch mit der Drohne alles- man sieht einfach dass da viel Mühe hintersteckt! Ihr könntet in dem Videostil auch eine Doku machen und ich würde euch zusehen 😅 zum Beispiel beim Prozess wie ihr alles aufbaut mit den Blattschneidern und so und so weiter 😊 Mega Leistung!

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