Ants vs. Turtle

Ants vs. Turtle

Oh man! This time, I believe I’ve crossed the line. A couple weeks back you watched as my massive
pet fire ant colony, you guys have named the Fire Nation, devour an entire mouse and reduce
it to bones. You’ve seen them consume an entire chicken
head, and totally hollow out a bird-eater tarantula. It’s clear the Fire Nation is a ravenous and
hungry kingdom of ants. But we can’t let the Fire Nation have all
the fun. This week, I made the decision to bestow yet
another gift unto one of the ant kingdoms of the Antiverse, our great Ant Room, and
after careful deliberation, I decided that this week, we would give our Big-Headed ants,
a supercolony you guys have named, the Bobbleheads, the meal of their lives! AC Family, I dared for the very first time,
to give my ants an entire turtle, and what they ended up doing to it, will leave your
jaw on the floor, and totally leave you disgusted! In fact, while making this video, I almost
puked. You’ll see exactly what I mean soon! Brace yourselves, everyone, as we finally
revisit our glassless antfarm’s mystical shores, of the Islands of Avista, and watch how our
Big-headed ants, the Bobbleheads handle eating an entire turtle, here on the AntsCanada Ant
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BELL icon. Welcome to the AC Family! Enjoy! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the mystical
double floating island we know on this channel as Avista. To the unfamiliar eye, it looks like just
an ordinary planted bonsai, taking up a tight corner of the Ant Room, but to those of us
who are familiar with Avista, we know that this bonsai, hosts a mighty kingdom of the
most resourceful Avistan inhabitants. They, of course, are the Bobbleheads. Now this colony is definitely one of my favourites,
as they’ve gone on to become so industrious, running an entire operation in the trees. You see, these Bobbleheads are animal farmers,
and more specifically, dairy farmers… Well, not exactly cow milk, but these big-headed
ants have learned to care and nurture a symbiotic community of mealybugs in order to collect
a bi-product they excrete called honeydew. Check out those ant dairy maids, as they tenderly
stroke the mealybugs, their ant cows, to stimulate them to excrete the sweet honeydew, which
they drink up happily and take back to the colony in their social stomachs within their
bodies. They’re truly efficient at running food operations. But sugary foods alone cannot completely nourish
the ants. The Bobbleheads, also need their meat, and
they’re not about to kill the mealybugs, who supply them with their sugar source. AC Family, take a look down towards ground
level, where it looks like a big commotion is happening. The ants are working together to excavate
around this massive superworm, which recently fell from the skies. It was way to large to readily fit into their
nest entrance, so the Bobbleheads have been working tirelessly for the past half hour
trying to mine around the superworm in order to fit it into their underground lair. It’s super important that they do this as
swiftly as possible to avoid thieves from stealing this divine gift from the gods. Watch how persistently they work, AC Family! I love watching them do this! They even leave their garbage at a garbage
site for me to clean up weekly. I can always depend on them to leave their
trash all in the same spot for me to collect. They even have their second island territory
connected by a wooden bridge, to frequent and inhabit. I hope to expand their territories to a third
island soon. So as you can see, the Bobbleheads are an
active and functioning ant colony who have clearly figured things out over time and fallen
comfortably into routine. But AC Family, I felt it was time to shake
things up a bit on the thus far, predictable floating islands of Avista. It was time to drop another gift of gold from
the skies, a gift that I was eager to see how they’d deal with! Here we go, AC Family. And now, behold! Our great golden gift for the Bobbleheads. A dead Golden Thread Turtle. This juvenile turtle had just freshly died. A friend of mine who owns a local pet store,
who also happens to be one of us AC Family, watching these ant videos, contacted me to
ask if any of the ant kingdoms wanted to feed on a freshly deceased turtle. Of course, I, the Creator of Worlds, accepted
this, as I’ve never before fed a turtle to my ants. And after seeing how the Fire Nation reduced
the mouse to bones, the chicken head to a zombie chicken, and the bird-eater tarantula
to an empty shell, it made me curious as to how the ants were going to deal with this
turtle, which anatomically was quite complex. First off, the turtle’s shell was practically
impenetrable. Turtle shells are made of pure solid keratin,
the same stuff as our hair and nails, but I couldn’t imagine the ants being able to
get into the turtle through the shell which protected both the top and bottom of the creature. The turtle’s skin was also very tough. It felt like the thickest of leather which
I felt not even a sharp pin could penetrate. My guess was the ants were going to burrow
into the turtle’s eyes, nostrils, mouth or perhaps its anus? Well, AC Family, it was time to find out. Let’s give the Bobbleheads this gift of a
lifetime! I carefully placed the turtle onto Avista,
where the ants were already active and wandering about. It wasn’t long before first contact was made
by a few curious Bobbleheads. They curiously investigated this massive dead
dinosaur that fell from the skies. And before long, the rest of the colony was
notified, and ants came rushing out of the nest to investigate the huge carcass. The Bobbleheads immediately identified this
dead turtle as food and, as predicted, were showing signs of choosing the turtle’s head
as their point of entry. Also as predicted some ants were busy investigating
the tail end. The ants were rather chill about it all, which
made sense as, the turtle wasn’t moving so it wasn’t posing an immediate threat nor putting
up any sort of a fight, but it did look like the Bobbleheads had a certain plan in mind. I noticed some of the ants carrying pieces
of debris around the turtle. Were they planning on burying this huge turtle? I was interested to see what the Bobbleheads
were up to, and what their strategy was at consuming the turtle. Little did I know, we were in for a jaw-dropping
and even disgusting treat coming up ahead. A few hours after the introduction, I came
back to Avista to check up on the ants’ progress on the turtle, and this is what I saw. A swarm of ants digging into the turtle’s
eyes. The Bobbleheads had deployed some supermajors
to help slice open the eye lids so they could get into the soft interior of the turtle’s
head. Slicing and dicing are the supermajor’s specialty. Check them out, AC Family! What do you think? How long do you think the ants will take to
consume this turtle? Leave your guesses in the comments and go
back to it later to let us know if you were right! Day 2… Over night, the ants had successfully tunneled
into the turtle’s eyes and into its head. Well that didn’t take very long! Surprisingly, it also looked like the supermajors
had at one point dedicated their slicing powers to cut up the turtle’s skin at the neck! Have a look! Perhaps they realized the skin was way too
tough, and abandoned that operation once the ants found another way inside. But here’s the thing that I found peculiar,
AC Family. Have a look at the eyes for a sec. Although the eyes were now gaping caves, it
didn’t seem like they were busy entrance points for ant traffic. I only spotted a few ants entering through
the eyes. It only told me the ants had found another
way in, and this AC Family is where things get really disgusting. In fact, I almost puked at the discovery! By Day 3, I could clearly see that the ants
had established some kind of entry point into the turtle that wasn’t the eyes, but rather
somewhere beneath the turtle. They had piled dirt to form large entrance
ways which lead to the darkness underneath the turtle. So of course, I had to see what they were
up to. AC Family, are you ready for this? My plan was to pick the turtle up and see
what was really going on underneath. Here we go, guys. I had no idea what to expect, but based on
the growing smell of the three day old turtle carcass, I was prepared for gore… but was
soon going to discover that I was in fact, not prepared for what we were about to see
next! I picked the turtle up. Immediately, I saw tonnes of ants scrambling
around from catacombs they’d set up underneath the turtle with brood! Interesting that they found the area below
the turtle a suitable place to store the babies. I investigated the turtle. The ants were definitely coming in and out
of the turtle, but from where? I carefully turned the turtle, and that was
when it hit me! A huge wave of the most horrible stench of
rotting turtle meat, wafted everywhere as red bodily fluid gushed out of a huge cavern
created at the inner thigh of the turtle. This was their entrance point into the inside
of the turtle. Check it out! That gaping hole goes right into the turtle’s
body! Oh man! It was then that I began to gag. The smell was just so unbearable now, that
I just had to put the turtle back down and leave the Ant Room for the night, until all
the rotting stench had subsided. The Bobbleheads which were initially a cute,
sugary sweet ant kingdom in my mind, were now suddenly, the most savage of amazons with
a hunger for rotten reptilian flesh. I would never look at the Bobbleheads the
same again! By Day 4, it seemed the turtle was no longer
a site of major activity. Ants were no longer seen entering and exiting
the holes below the turtle. I had assumed that it meant the ants had taken
all the nourishment they had needed from it. The smell had also subsided, thankfully. But one thing I did notice was the Island
of Avista was almost completely deserted. I couldn’t see many ants foraging the surface,
as they usually would. This to me, meant the colony was not hungry. It seems the turtle had given the Bobbleheads
their fill for the time being. And though this entire process was pretty
gruesome to witness and smell, it did satisfy me to know that the ants were at least happy
with full bellies down there below the soil. …..And AC Family, check out what was left
of the turtle as of this morning! A completely hallow shell, which the ants
left for me to clean up, as per our usual arrangement. Isn’t that something? What we witnessed today, once again AC Family,
was a process of Mother Nature, that despite turning our stomachs, to the ants, was a thanksgiving
feast and a golden gift from the gods. Different frame of reference indeed, right
AC Family, and yet another display of how varied and multi-faceted, Mother Nature truly
is. The death of one creature meant life to millions
of others, and that was something, I, as their Creator of Worlds, could stomach. Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed this
visit to the mystical double floating ant island of Avista. Enjoy your dinner tonight, guys! Haha! AC Family, did you enjoy today’s episode? It was awhile since we updated you guys on
the Bobbleheads on Avista so I was happy to revisit the islands even if today’s episode
was super gross! There is still much more ahead in the Antiverse
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