Ants vs. Frogs: Who Eats Who?

Ants vs. Frogs: Who Eats Who?

OMG! You won’t believe what I managed to capture
on film this week. This massive paludarium, i.e. half land, half
water vivarium, we call the Hacienda Del Dorado, has become the home of a colony of micro frogs
sent in to exterminate some mite-infected zombie ants, in order that the mites don’t
spread to the rest of the ants in the Ant Room. Well, turns out, the zombie mite-infected
ants have long been eliminated, and I’ve slowly been removing the frogs over time since they’d
fulfilled their purpose at getting rid of biohazardous ants. But before removing the final 5 frogs from
the Hacienda Del Dorado, I had the craziest idea this week. What if I could move in some ants, but keep
these frogs inside with them? What if the ants and the frogs could somehow
co-exist in the same living space? That would be an incredible co-habitation
project I’ve never before executed in my entire life! And so, AC Family, today watch as we attempt
to place an entire, aggressive ant colony in with some ant-eating microhylid frogs. Will the ants devour the frogs alive? Or will the frogs devour the ants? Or will they do as I suspect, and co-exist
in a beautiful balance within the Hacienda Del Dorado? You’re about to find out, here on the AntsCanada
ant channel. Please SUBSCRIBE to the channel and hit the
bell icon. Welcome to the AC Family! Enjoy! Imagine if you could create a world that was
in perfect balance. Wouldn’t that prospect be worth trying? A world that flowed naturally like drops of
water from a waterfall? Well, I, the Creator of Worlds, was able to
achieve that today and what I managed to create in perfect balance, will blow your mind. Let’s get started on this new chapter in the
Antiverse. Before us stands the site of much history
within our Antiverse, this Ant Room which is home to various ant kingdoms and creatures. But this lush kingdom, the Hacienda Del Dorado
here, has probably undergone the most intense of changes. If you’re new to the channel, it was formerly
the home of a huge supercolony of yellow-crazy ants, an OG colony of this channel, called
The Golden Empire, and also one of the most successful ant kingdoms the Antiverse ever
saw come to rise. But once the colony was crippled by a plague
of blood-sucking mites, the Golden Empire fell, and was reduced to a small population
of a few thousands. Now the Golden Empire is still rehabilitating
in a separate quarantined outworld, mite-free and healthy, but they will still need more
time to grow back to the same massive population of their glory days. Though the Golden Empire has been struggling
to regain its footing over the their former territory has been thriving, and is now a
purged and cleansed haven and home to various plants, mosses, and aquatic life. Let’s have a look into the pond, shall we? The waters of the Hacienda Del Dorado house
a pair of rasbora fish which pick at tiny organisms living in these waters, as well
as some cleaner shrimp which have begun to breed. Check out that female shrimp carrying a new
set of eggs. The waters over time have grown healthier,
housing clumps of java moss and colonies of beneficial, cleaning bacteria, living as the
soft gunk which covered everything in the pond. The water itself has taken on a gorgeous dark
tea-coloured tint, as it has become what aquarists refer to as blackwater. This blackwater makes for a super naturalistic
habitat for the fish and the shrimp, as many ponds, rivers, and streams are blackwater
in the wild. The color is caused by tannins, which naturally
occur in plants and wood, which I’d placed into the pond as decoration when I first created
it. The blackwater is actually quite healthy for
the organisms that live in it. But I think, the ones that have appreciated
these waters the most, were the retired death sprites that also live here – the frogs. The remaining five frogs that live here in
the Hacienda Del Dorado emerge every evening to gallivant by the marsh and edges of the
pond. These frogs which used to be super light shy
when they first moved in, were now accustomed to the safety and security of life in the
Hacienda Del Dorado, and have learned there’s nothing to be afraid of, coming out in the
open despite the lights being on. Since the disappearance of the mite-infected
ants these frogs were meant to exterminate, I’ve been feeding them tiny roach nymphs and
fruit flies. They’ve also come to learn that insects often
get trapped on the water’s surface and keep their eye open for the opportunity to grab
a treat. But these five remaining frogs were going
to spend their final night here in the Hacienda Del Dorado, as they were scheduled for release
back into the wild where they were collected, and I didn’t exactly need them anymore. The mite plague was a distant problem of the
past now, and the Hacienda Del Dorado, thanks to these frogs, as well as the 13 others that
had already been collected and released, was now clean and ready for an ant colony to populate
its soils. But there’s something I need to tell you,
AC Family, and I’m not sure if you guys will agree with what I’ve decided. So the Golden Empire is still recuperating
in the outworld, and I do want to still house them in a setup where I can closely monitor
them to ensure they’re not experiencing some kind of mite-relapse infection. It was for this reason that I feared moving
them into the Hacienda Del Dorado might not be the best idea. Another reason why the new Hacienda Del Dorado
was no longer an ideal territory for the Golden Empire was because of this area. Have a look up here, above the waterfall. The rocks and vegetation that come so close
to the top, make it difficult for me to apply a wide enough barrier of baby powder to ensure
the ants slip off and don’t make it to the top of the terrarium, allowing the ants to
escape. It is a danger zone because if I were to place
the Golden Empire back into the Hacienda Del Dorado, this area here would be an easy bridge
to their freedom out of the tank and into the Ant Room. So AC Family, here was my decision: the Hacienda
Del Dorado was going to be passed on and inherited by another highly deserving ant colony of
the Antiverse. Can you guess who? Let’s start! Obviously, the Fire Nation, our massive fire
ant colony couldn’t inherit these lands because they would easily escape through that danger
zone, and neither could the Dark Knights, our immortal black crazy ant supercolony. The Titans, our huge marauder ant supercolony,
would have been an amazing ant colony to move in to the Hacienda Del Dorado, however they
too would easily escape this danger zone, as would the Bobbleheads. The Lumberjacks, our young carpenter ant supercolony
were still too young to move into this massive space. The Blood Legion, our colony of Dracula ants,
were an awesome choice to move in here because they don’t like climbing and are mainly ground-walkers,
but were also too young and small of an ant colony to move in. The Platinum Dragons are also still young
and being an arboreal species could easily climb out of the terrarium via the danger
zone. This only leaves us with one final colony,
a colony that in my mind was not only ready to move into a larger space, but was also
perfect because they don’t like heights, and can’t even climb glass! To the left of the Hacienda Del Dorado lies
our booming colony of trap-jaw ants, known as the Jawbreakers. Jawbreaker fans, this is your hour of glory! The Jawbreakers are an incredible ant colony
that started out as a colony of a couple hundred in a plastic jar, but has now blossomed over
the course of almost a year, into a colony of about a thousand or so, based on my observations
of the number of ants foraging above ground. They live in a terrarium known as the Plateaus
of Gaia, which they have transformed and customized to fit their needs as the colony has grown
over time. What makes these ants unique is the bear-trap
jaws that they sport on their faces. These jaws are allegedly the fastest moving
predatory appendages in the animal kingdom, which open 180 degress and snap shut with
mind-blowing speeds of 126-230 km/h and the peak forces exerted at 300 X the body weight
of the ant. As a mental visual, that’s like dropping 12
SUVS onto something if the ant were human-sized! Crazy and painful bite from an ant, and believe
me I know this from literally first-hand experience! So, the Jawbreakers, having been problem-free
for the 10 months that I’ve had them, were the most ideal and deserving ant kingdom to
inherit the new Hacienda Del Dorado. But as I went in to collect the final five
frogs in the Hacienda Del Dorado, I looked at an insect trapped in the water which the
frogs were likely going to eat up in a bit, and then I looked back at the Jawbreakers
dealing with a superworm in their current nest, and suddenly I was struck with the most
amazing, but ambitious idea. AC Family, now hear me out and listen to this. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but
something told me there was a good chance it would. What if we could leave the frogs in to co-inhabit
the Hacienda Del Dorado with the Jawbreakers? Now, here’s why I felt it could work. The frogs generally hang out in this wet marsh
area, as well as the pond, and the Jawbreakers, are more land-loving ants. In herpetoculture, as a rule of thumb when
combining species to co-exist in a single terrarium space, you should mix species that
occupy different niches within the living space. This way, they do not compete for territory,
and it decreases the chance of conflict. But what made this whole trap-jaw ant-frog
co-habitation idea very attractive to me was the prospect that perhaps these frogs, which
actually specialize in eating ants and small insects, could be used as a population regulator
for the Jawbreakers! Could you imagine if we wouldn’t have to worry
about the Jawbreakers overpopulating the Hacienda Del Dorado, and still be able to keep these
5 frogs which admittedly I have come to love, and not have to worry about feeding the frogs? The frogs could pick off several ants a night
and keep the Jawbreaker population under control. Now, the trap-jaw ants are a little over twice
the size of the Golden Empire’s yellow crazy ant workers, and we saw in a previous video
that the frogs could consume 8-12 yellow crazy ants a night, which means the frogs could
probably consume 4-6 trap-jaw ants a night, multiply that by 5 frogs and that translates
to 20-30 ants eaten a night. This was a good number in my mind for the
size the Jawbreakers were at now. Perhaps my calculations were way off, but
I was willing to try it out. There was also the danger that the trap-jaws
would totally swarm the frogs and kill them, but knowing how nimble the frogs were, I knew
they could easily leap into the safety of the water area if they needed to. But one thing I needed to test first was to
see if the frogs had a taste for Jawbreakers. AC Family, I usually don’t feed live on this
channel, but frogs require moving prey in order to feed, and this test was necessary
to see if our prospective co-habitation project would actually work. So, I grabbed a Jawbreaker ant and placed
it into the Hacienda Del Dorado. AC Family, let’s watch this in slow-mo for
added dramatic effect. The ant was placed onto the moss, and let’s
watch what happens. And look, a frog pops out from beneath the
driftwood. AC Family, brace yourselves, and don’t blink,
as we’re about to watch just how fast a frog can pick off an ant. Bam! Swallowed! The frog crushed the ant instantly using its
muscles and bottom of its eyes to ensure the ant was dead and unable to sting the frog
nor bite it from the inside. Success! The frogs officially will eat the trap-jaw
ants. Many ants in the Philippines from where these
frogs naturally live are aggressive, stinging species, so I knew the frogs would be able
to handle consuming trap-jaw ants. I tried a couple more ants, and the frogs
devoured them cum gusto! This was it! Now that we knew the frogs loved to eat the
trap-jaw ants, it was now time to move the trap-jaw ants into the Hacienda Del Dorado. AC Family, this was going to be an operation
and a half! You won’t believe just how epic the process
was! So here was the problem. How to move an entire ant colony of aggressive,
bite-ready and stinger-ready trap-jaw ants living in a smallish glass terrarium, into
a bigger terrarium? Usually moving an ant colony from a test tube,
formicarium, or container is easy, as you only need to use light to get them to move
out and into a desired space, but in this case, we couldn’t use light and we certainly
couldn’t bore a hole into the glass to get them to move out by heat. As an added danger, I was afraid to go in
with a trowel or digging apparatus in fear of injuring or splitting the queen in half
which would have been the death of the entire colony. There was only one safe way to move the Jawbreakers
into the Hacienda Del Dorado. We had to dump them in, soil, decor, and all. But to do that we needed protection. I along with two other friends wore protective
gloves, and face masks in case we got trap-jaw ants on us. A sting or bite from one of these trap-jaws
would be extremely painful, and to make matters even more dangerous, trap-jaw ants can use
their trap-jaws to jump! Before making the move, I had to make sure
the frogs were out of the way so I guided them carefully into the pond area. I also went in to clear cut some of the excess
foliage in the middle, and clear the danger zone. I then went in to remove a large piece of
driftwood from this corner of the terrarium, where I intended to dump the majority of the
soil and trap-jaw ants from the Plateaus of Gaia. And now here was the hard part, the first
part of my plan was to remove the main driftwood piece that acted as the skeleton of the Plateaus
of Gaia, and as quickly as possible, place it into the Hacienda Del Dorado. I knew with this driftwood piece would also
come some soil, the plants, and a lot of ants! Here we go, AC Family. 1 – 2 – 3! cc With the Plateaus of Gaia held up against
the side of the Hacienda Del Dorado, I swiftly picked up the driftwood from inside the Plateaus
and quickly placed it into the terrarium. Ants were everywhere, but I did my best to
stay focused and act quickly. After having removed the main driftwood piece
I could now see just how many ants there actually were. There weren’t a thousand of ants in the nest. The Jawbreakers were easily a couple hundreds
of thousands! Wow! Look at them! They scurried around carrying brood to safety. What a successful colony! I then went ahead and carefully scooped handfuls
of soil into the Hacienda Del Dorado and with them fell the ants. I made sure to work softly and carefully because
in this mess was the queen and she was the most important member of the colony to keep
safe. I knew the workers would protect her wherever
she was in here. And after an hour and a half of careful operation,
all the Jawbreakers were in. Subscript 2 days later… AC Family, will you believe that our plans
worked. Behold the new Hacienda Del Dorado, the new
home to the ant kingdom we call the Jawbreakers. Check out all the new tunnels and ant hills
the Jawbreakers have made in the soils. They’ve truly claimed these territories as
their own. I couldn’t look away! It was all so beautiful! So mesmerizing and hypnotic to watch the ants
at work. It’s amazing that in just two days, they’ve
constructed a subterranean lair to house their massive colony. I am certain the new space will give the Jawbreakers
much room to expand and increase in numbers. Isn’t that something, guys? And look! It turns out, the frogs enjoy feeding on the
trap-jaw ants every night, and will even venture onto Jawbreaker territory to pick a few off
before retreating back to the marsh and pond to rest. As I had expected the ants have claimed the
land, while the frogs have claimed the wetlands. Both creatures will sometimes venture into
the other’s territory but based on what I can see, both parties are content, and beautifully
co-existing. At times the ants will shoo the frogs away
if they get too close, but the Jawbreakers seem much more interested in pre-killed insects
than anything else. They’ve even managed to fish out hiding roach
nymphs which managed to evade our frogs back when I was feeding them before the Jawbreakers
moved in! The Jawbreakers seem to be thoroughly cleaning
up house! Watching all this made me remember that this
complex ecosystem of interdependent organisms we set up, actually extends deeper into the
food chain in this Hacienda Del Dorado. Because, AC Family get this! If you recall from a past video, insects captured
by the Jawbreakers are actually brought piece by piece into the soils, where they are used
to feed colonies of smaller creatures called springtails, which the trap-jaw ants just
love to eat. I suspect that is what they’ll be doing here
in the Hacienda Del Dorado, as well, as these lands are abundant in springtails! Now all I need to do is throw in a few pre-killed
insects, which the Jawbreakers would feed to springtails, which would be eaten by the
Jawbreakers, who are in turn eaten by the frogs. What an epic food web, wouldn’t you say, AC
Family? Overall, this was a monumental moment for
me and the Antiverse, as it showed me that ants can actually live with larger-scale animals
like frogs if carefully planned. I’ll be sure to closely monitor this new community
within the Hacienda Del Dorado just to make sure there are no problems, but from the looks
of things, everything is running smoothly, just like drops of water of a perfect waterfall. I, as the Creator of Worlds was pleased with
our work today, and I am grateful that you, AC Family have joined us for this new chapter
in the Antiverse. It’s ant love forever. AC Family, did you enjoy today’s episode? I’m so thrilled at this new co-habitation
project that has so far worked out! Are you happy that the Jawbreakers were moved
in? There is still much more ahead in the Antiverse
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