Ant War: Battle Of The Three Armies

OMG! AC Family, there has been an ongoing ant war
within one of our ant farm setups, and we had no idea! Returning to my home after being gone for
two weeks, I was shocked to discover that within our Garden of Eden, a large terrarium
that is home to our growing colony of Marauder Ants, a colony you guys have called the Titans,
there has been an epic war ensuing. But not so fast, this was not just any war. This was an ant war, and not what you expect. Today you will see how real ant wars occur
in the wild, as we get a chance to watch for the first time on this channel, not one, not
two, but three different ant colonies coming in contact and interacting with each other. You won’t want to miss this exciting and rare
opportunity to watch what happens when the Titans, our Marauder Ants, are forced to confront
savage Black Crazy Ants, and a third surprise species, which I have never before featured
on this channel. Today these ants all battle over an essential
resource for survival: food, so keep on watching until the end because I will need your advice
on what to do. Time to explore the rules of ant war, AC Family,
in this action-packed episode of the AntsCanada Ant Channel. Please subscribe to my channel, and hit the
bell icon. Welcome to the AC Family. Tired of nature channels not showing nature
shows? Just watch this channel. Enjoy! Welcome to the Garden of Eden, the site of
much drama and turmoil, life and death of creatures of different kinds. In fact, that story of this terrarium, which
used to be home to my late bearded dragon, is so twisted and epic, we concluded that
my bearded dragon’s ghost haunted it. We called it the Dragon’s Curse. But hold on, if you’re new to the channel,
don’t get confused by this paranormal talk. This is a science channel but I do suggest
you watch our last update on this terrarium for their complete story which I will place
in an icard here so you know exactly what this terrarium and its inhabitants have been
through. Essentially, the ant colony that lives here
now, our beloved Titans, has had quite a tough time. Before two weeks ago, we questioned whether
or not the Titans were even alive, but happily, upon some weed trimming, we discovered that
the Titans indeed were strengthening their numbers secretly underground after all this
time. We were super delighted at this news because
it meant that these massive territories could finally be home to one of our resident ant
colonies. But it seems, unpredictability is a frequent
guest here in the Garden of Eden, for though it felt like a chapter was finally closed
in the Saga of the Dragon’s Curse, a new one just opened, and I feel this is a twisted
one which we will have to follow for awhile. Giant exoskeletons of superworms lay stripped
of its meat in a clearing within the Garden of Eden, and here are some of the Titans now,
patrolling the area, perhaps snooping to see if there was any superworm meat left on site. I was happy to see that the Titans were eating
well while I was away. My house keeper has been diligent at providing
the Titans with a good variety of cockroaches, superworms, and sweets. I was excited to feed them tonight. I wanted to see our Titans emerge in all their
majestic glory. The Titans are truly a prized ant colony on
this channel. They’re unique because they are polymorphic
ants, meaning among the many smaller workers, they also have walking among them massive
supermajors, which specialize in cutting up food and enemies. They’re native to Southeast Asia, and as a
species are known to be difficult to keep in captivity, but it seems today we’ve been
doing a pretty good job at providing this epic colony what it needs. I placed a cut up cockroach into the Garden
of Eden, and here, AC Family, is where I was about to witness an ant war. At first the cockroach lay there, waiting
to be discovered by one of our Titans. The smell of its freshly spilled roach blood,
called hemolymph, filled the surrounding area, a definite draw for any nearby Titan. Let’s watch what happens. Yes, a Titan inspects the cockroach. As soon as it identifies that this huge roach
is food, it will head back to the colony and let them know about it. But then, suddenly, appeared an ant that completely
shocked me! It was a black crazy ant! What? Where did this black crazy ant come from and
how did it even get in here? And then appearing on site, was another ant
I had never seen before! AC Family, this tiny yellow ant seen here
is the world infamous Pharaoh Ant, Monomorium pharaonis. Now how did this ant get in here? So many questions, but I sat quietly and watched
closely. Our Titan, the black crazy ant, and the pharaoh
ant inspected the cockroach carcass, and soon would flee back to their respective colonies
to inform their families of their find. Watch what happens. I will not cut the video. Look at how long it took for the first fleet
of ants to arrive. Enter a mob of black crazy ants! This was insane! Look at how many of them there were! They began to pour in in droves, clamouring
about in hopes to taste that sweet cockroach meat. Following their trail, I was surprised to
discover they were coming out from the shadows in this driftwood piece. Wherever they were coming from, it seems this
cockroach was now theirs. Or was it? AC Family, keep your eye on any one black
cazy ant worker. In almost an instant, our Titans arrive on
site and completely drive out the Black Crazy Ants, biting and pulling on their antennae. Perhaps it was hard to see because if you’re
not used to seeing ants, our Titans and the Black Crazy Ants look the same, but let’s
watch that again in slow motion! The cockroach is covered in black crazy ants
and then suddenly, the Titans arrive and show the black crazy ants, who’s boss of the Garden
of Eden. Isn’t that just crazy?! What we just witnessed here was our Titans
whooping some serious Black Crazy Ant butt! The Titans were filing in now from this place
in the driftwood. It seemed this cockroach carcass was officially
property of the Titans. As the Titans proceeded to enjoy their meal,
what interested me now were our black crazy ant guests. Where did they come from? I watched as some black crazy ants circled
the periphery as the Titans feasted, trying to get near, but still keeping their distance
like careful cowards. It seemed they knew to stay away from the
Titans. For sure, these black crazy ants had moved
in from outside. They must have been a savage colony who entered
my home, discovered how habitable the Garden of Eden was, and decided to move their colony
in and setup camp somewhere at this location within the driftwood. Not to be confused with our own Black Crazy
Ants, the Dark Knights, who live securely still in their two story setup nearby. These black crazy ants in the Garden of Eden
were alien ants, ants from the outside. In a previous video, we saw that the Dark
Knights were able to escape this terrarium despite a layer of baby powder barrier, by
gripping on to the corners of the tank. So this is probably how these savage black
crazy ants got into the Garden of Eden. As for that random Pharaoh Ant, I’ll get to
that later, but what was super intriguing to me now about all of this was it seemed
the newly moved in savage black crazy ants were not an immediate threat to our Titans. As I continued to watch them, it seemed the
Black Crazy Ants were respecting the Titan’s command for space. Now as a general rule in ant keeping, you
should never mix two ant colonies together, especially two different species of ants,
as it would result in ant war, but it seems in this case the two separate colonies have
learned to share the space, and they’ve established a sort of pecking order. It appeared as though our Titans were the
alpha colony, and these savage back crazy ants were subordinates. Perhaps our Titans were like lions in the
Serengeti, and the black crazy ants were like hyenas, waiting for our Titans to finish before
having their fill. I could understand this, as black crazy ants
seem to be a bit less aggressive than most ants and can even be kinda dopey. The Titans on the other hand were a fierce
species, and were now sending in some majors, not supermajors yet, but majors none the less
to help with cutting up the cockroach carcass. Now check this, AC Family. I decided that I needed to test this theory
of ant alphaism. Had the ants truly established a sort of pecking
order? Were the ants truly forming a truce or understanding
and willing to share the space. The reason why these were critical questions
was because, I didn’t want our Titans to be in danger, in danger of being out-competed
for food, out-competed for space should the black crazy ant colony grow, and/or even killed
by the black crazy ants, because just a reminder, it was a savage black crazy ant colony that
murdered our Jawbreakers in the past in one fell swoop! Wouldn’t it be the biggest plot twist of the
century if these savage black crazy ants were the murderers of our Jawbreakers?! OK that’s too much to think about now. It was time to test to see if our Titans were
indeed the alphas of this land. I placed in a second cockroach into the Garden
of Eden, this time closer to the driftwood where the Black Crazy Ants were emerging from
earlier. If this second cockroach would be overtaken
by the Titans, it would mean that these Black Crazy Ants indeed were no threat to our Titans,
and their presence was nothing to be concerned about. A black crazy ant approached the cockroach
and it soon left to tell the colony even carrying a piece of the roach back. I watched as some Titans wandered close to
the cockroach. Ideally, I wanted the Black Crazy Ants to
find the roach first, and then see if eventually the Titans would overthrow them, as they did
with this first cockroach. It wasn’t long before the Black Crazy Ants
came rushing in. It was truly amazing to think that just inches
away from each other, two separate ant colonies were feeding, and not warring. I was particularly interested in the space
between the Black Crazy ants and our Titans. There seemed to be an understood border now,
where the Titans seemed to stay on one side and the black crazy ants on the other. There was no fighting at this border. It was just respect. What did all this mean? Could these two ant colonies be respecting
each other’s space? Or could it be that the Titans were allowing
the Black Crazy Ants to eat their fill because they felt they had enough with this first
cockroach? Could these two colonies be friends? So many questions! I knew I just needed to wait for the answers,
but what I didn’t know was that what was about to happen next would leave me with more questions. 3 hours later, I came back to a shocking discovery. The Titans were still working on their cockroach,
but as for the second cockroach… it was completely covered with Pharaoh Ants! What?! Where did the black crazy ants go, and where
did all of these pharoah ants come from? Unreal! So this is the very first time, we’ve ever
featured Pharaoh ants on this channel. They may be small, but they’re a force to
reckon with. First off, look here. This larger ant is a queen, and so is this
one. In fact, pharaoh ants are polygynous like
Black Crazy Ants, meaning they have many queens in a single colony, in fact, Pharaoh ants
may have more queens to workers than Black Crazy Ants, which means these colonies reproduce
super fast. I tried to follow the trail of Pharaoh ants
to see where they were coming from, and yup, it seemed they were all breaking and entering
from one of the corners, completely crossing the baby powder barrier. So that one sole Pharaoh Ant worker we saw
at the beginning of this video actually made the long trek back to its colony wherever
it was and brought the whole gang into the Garden of Eden to feast. So far it seemed they stole the bounty of
the Black Crazy Ants and not our Titans. This so far was a good sign. I wondered how long this three ant species
interaction had been going. I wondered if all these Pharaoh Ants would
also decide to move into the Garden of Eden seeing as they now knew it was good hunting
ground for food. But most important of all I wondered, if these
two savage colonies were endangering our Titans. I decided to come back later and see what
would happen. I returned to the Garden of Eden at 3AM. AC Family, are you ready for this? The second roach was still covered in Pharaoh
ants, and as for our first cockroach, also covered in Pharaoh Ants! Uh-oh! What did this mean? Did the Pharaoh ants end up driving out our
Titans? Or were the Titans simply finished with their
meal and so they allowed the Pharaoh Ants to have their fill? I spotted a Titan nearby and it looked as
though it was being bullied or chastised by the Pharaoh Ants. There were Black Crazy Ants also present,
and they circled the periphery not getting too close to the Pharaoh Ants’ meal. So here’s where I need your help AC Family? The Titans are no longer alone. There’s an active Black Crazy Ant colony that
have setup camp inside the Garden of Eden, and there is also now a persistent and scary
Pharaoh Ant colony that enter and exit the Garden of Eden freely. Who knows if they plan to also move in. So my questions are as follows: 1) Do you think we should be concerned about
the safety of our Titans? 2) Do you think the Black Crazy Ant colony
is a threat? 3) Do you think the Pharaoh Ant Colony is
a threat? and 4) If yes, what measures should we take
to ensure our Titans remain safe from these savage ants from the outside? Let me know your thoughts in the comments
section. AC Family, once again the fate of our Titans
lays in your hands. I don’t know what is next for our Titans,
but it seems their next chapter has just begun, and the Saga of the Dragon’s Curse continues
on in our Garden of Eden. I am eager to see what comes next. If you’re not SUBSCRIBED to this channel yet,
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this unfolding epic ant story. Until next week, AC Family, it’s ant love
forever. Alright, AC Fam, isn’t this all just insane? This ongoing Dragon’s Curse Saga is too epic. Nature truly keeps us on our toes! Now AC Family, it seems this new savage Black
Crazy Ant colony and the intruding force to reckon with, the Pharaoh Ants, will be new
ongoing colonies on this channel so they will also each need names. Leave your name suggestions for the black
crazy ants and pharaoh ants in the comments section and I will choose my favourites for
the AC Family to vote on in a future video. AC Inner Colony, I have left a hidden cookie
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