Ant Saunders “Yellow Hearts” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Ant Saunders “Yellow Hearts” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

So this song was mainly inspired by this point
in time where I was talking to this girl and she was interested at first and then after
a while I just kept questioning if she still was or not. And it just had me so stressed out and freaking
miserable. The first thing that came to me was the yellow
heart line, like, “She put my name with yellow hearts.” I usually kind of make everything all at once. I write and produce at the same time. I knew that after that line, I kinda wanted
to make something like fun sounding. My song blew up on TikTok, yeah. And not a lot of songs that blew up on TikTok
kind of like stick with people. They’re usually just kind of like a trend. Like they’re here and then they’re gone the
next week. It’s just really encouraging to me, like people
actually like my song. I really didn’t know what the yellow hearts
meant, so I got curious so I did a little research. And apparently like, all the different like
colors of hearts have different meanings. And yellow stands for like friendship. She told me she was crazy and I should’ve
listened to that. I made a hit song out of it, so, thank you. I’m pretty sure I actually used that line. It went well, like, she liked it. She appreciated it. In that, I’m kind of referring to like the
situation of like our relationship not going well when I say, “I drive down open roads
so slow.” When things like that are going on, sometimes
you just get so like down and depressed that you just don’t feel like doing anything. You don’t feel like fighting back. When you just like enjoy talking to this one
person so much, and then all of a sudden you’re just not anymore, you just feel so left out
and like regretful, like you wish you could’ve done better. I don’t know, I was just so into her and like
I didn’t wanna be alone. That sounds kind of lame, but I just kept
going and I shouldn’t have because it just really stressed me out. I’m always on my phone, like I should be pretty
good at keeping with the trends, but I don’t know. I’m slow. I would hold back from talking about it a
lot. Just ’cause I didn’t wanna be disappointed
I guess. If you just feel like it’s not gonna work
out, and the odds are kind of all against you, sometimes you just gotta go with that
or else you’re just gonna hurt yourself even more. When I saw yellow hearts, I just like, I didn’t
know what to think. I don’t know, sometimes, I guess it just kind
of depended on what mood I was in. Like if I was feeling optimistic, I would
just be like, oh all right, nice, nice, nice. That was kind of like all she would say a
lot of times. So that had me kind of pessimistic. Where I live, there’s just carpenter bees
like fucking everywhere. So that’s kind of how I got that part. I wanted to include like a nature visual because,
I don’t know, I find that like just taking a walk on a nice day can be really therapeutic. Like when I was thinking nature, I was thinking
Bob Ross because like who else would you think of? Bob Ross doesn’t have a long enough beard,
so I thought of James Harden. I mean, when I wrote it, I guess I kinda thought it was like a climate change reference, but it really wasn’t. Since we were off and on, when we would like
start talking again, it felt like it was good as new. Like we had just met each other for the first
time again. There’s this one thing she would do where when we would snapchat, whenever I would compliment her she would just send a bunch of yellow
hearts, so I was just like hmm, wonder what that’s all about.

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  1. Everyone’s talking about how he sounds like the studio version but no ones talking about how nervous he looks 😩 props to him though I don’t think I could’ve sang in front of the people behind the camera and stuff 😖

  2. Guy: “Babe… why?”
    Girl: “yes”
    Guy: “would you put my name in yellow hearts
    Girl: “No”
    Guy: “Would you cheat on me”
    Girl: “ Yes”
    Guy: “ babe Do you love me”

    Read it backwards 😉
    They broke up and haven’t talked since

    Edit: I am not begging for likes I just wanted to do this

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