Ant-Man & Wasp — Marvel Becoming — Cosplayers SoloRoboto & Kit Quinn

My name is Steven Meissner
of SoloRoboto Industries, and today I’m becoming Ant-Man. Hey I’m Kit Quinn, and today
I’m becoming Wasp. I really liked the style,
cause we did the classic Ant-Man. I had all the accessories, I had gloves,
I had boots that would work we had the helmet. Kit volunteered to make me the suit. So she did it in an afternoon
out of a box of scraps, and it’s become one of
my favorite costumes. So that helmet was sculpted out of
mostly Bondo- automotive body filler. Sanded, molded in silicone, cast in resin,
and then chrome plated so it is real metal on the outside
and it is a 100% mirror polish. It’s basically flawless. It’s a litte north of 250 hours of work
just for the helmet, and the majority of that is sanding. I love making helmets,
helmets are super cool. Ant-Man is the only helmet
I like to wear. So, when it came to making Wasp, of course Wasp has a million different
outfits, cause she’s into fashion. When it came to making the armor
it was a sculpted piece. It was a sculpting challenge for myself to
take the different designs- cause animation changes by artist,
by issue, by panel… so to take what I liked from each of the
different panels and issues and create a different silhouette
that I thought was unique to me and to fit my body. We’ve made costumes together
for a number of years, Ant-Man and Wasp being
one of our biggest builds that we’re really together. So when you are lucky enough
to find somebody who’s symbiotic with your skill set, you’re unstoppable! It’s really awesome being able to have the person that I spend
so much of my time with -and want to- have one of the same hobbies that I have. We have a lot to do together that way. It’s special, in a really
kind of powerful way.

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