Ant-Man vs. Thanos: Neil deGrasse Tyson Butts In

Ant-Man vs. Thanos: Neil deGrasse Tyson Butts In

– So, Neil, looking on the internet, this is something that’s about, that’s going viral. Ant-Man will kill Thanos
by going into his butt (laughing) and then expanding so that he explodes from the inside out. – Back to the normal size? (laughing)
– Right. Right. Or he could be a giant now so he could actually expand to– – Okay, first
– Wow! – First, that’s nasty. (laughing) Because if Thanos is as
powerful and as evil as he is, he’s gonna have powerful, evil poop. (laughing) Okay, so I would not want to find myself in that environment. But second, I wouldn’t think. Second, why not put something
else in there that expands? Why does it have to be your own self? – I bet you Thanos has quantum butt armor that would prevent that from happening. – Yeah, what would– (all laughing) – Just saying, just saying. – Quantum butt protectors. (laughing) Quantum butt panels. I don’t know. I’m just saying, if you just want to go in and expand and kill him, you don’t have to be
the person to do that. Send some other quantum
thing in there to do it. – Right, to do it. By the way, you can look at Thanos. You know he does kegels, so. (laughing) – (in growly voice) Tighten up
the butt cheeks will kill ya. That’s what I’m gonna do. – You are imitating Eddie
Murphy imitating Mr. T, in Eddie Murphy’s movie. – That’s very, very good. That’s exactly it. – (in growly voice) Tighten
my butt cheeks and rip your… (laughter drowns out words) In the movie.
– That’s exactly what it is. – That was Eddie Murphy, dude.

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  1. I can't believe we're discussing this, but Ant-Man can't expand in Thanos, the titan is indistractable Ant-Man would blow inside Thanos trying to expand.

  2. I would assume that Thanos’ skin is as think on the inside as it is the outside, so when with Antman inside of him, he probably wouldn’t be able to break through him.

  3. (slightly nsfw!) The only way Thanos can prevent this is by buying a XL Unflared Chance from bad dragon and completely inserting.

  4. 1960: I bet in the future we’ll have flying cars and live in the moon.

    2019: One of the world’s most well known and respected Astrophysicists is discussing how realistic of a solution having Ant-Man crawl up Thanos’ ass and blowing him up would be.

    God I wish Stan Lee were alive so we could hear his take on this

  5. Ok so what if Tony hawk did a 900 kick flip and knocked the thanos gun out of his hand and THEN hulk shoves his meat sword in his asshole

  6. It wouldn't work for many reasons.
    1. He can beat the ever loving shit out of the Hulk like it's nothing. This means even if Ant-Man tried to grow while inside Thanos which that itself is kinky. It wouldn't matter because his strength alone would stop him from growing much. Thanos's ass muscles are able to withstand planet busting powers and Ant-Man growing inside his ass is nothing close to that.
    2. He could just snap his finger and erase him.
    3. He could just change reality make another Ant-Man, and make him go up his own ass.

  7. Tyson: “he’s going to have powerful, evil poop”

    The smartest scientists in the world, ladies and gentlemen

  8. People seem to forget Thanos has a magic oven mitt that can bend the laws of reality and physics. If Ant Man crawled inside Thanos' ass, Thanos could just make the walls of his rectum denser than Ant Man.

    Ant Man would end up crushing himself inside Thanos' ass

  9. what if thanos looped ant-man with the time stone? thanos have infinite number of ass penetrating. and ant-man is entering infinite times his butt.

  10. I've I understand that Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a great Scientist guy and all, but everytime I see this Holy Man I think of Pluto.

  11. I think the logical thought here would be his insides are just as impenetrable as the outside. Only Thor impaled him right? With the new God tier axe. Ant-Man would be unable to overcome Thanos's skin level with a low level grow ability.

  12. No because Thanos is so powerful, his bunghole is like a blackhole. And once you cross the event horizon you get spaghettified.

  13. Andy Barrette of here. I've recently created a collection of free interactive physics apps, which I'll expand in perpetuity. Enjoy!

  14. You already have seen that metal & other hard-powerful substances don't really hurt Thanos so to think antman wouldn't kill himself by doing that is ridiculously naive.

  15. Carl sagan: We're made of star stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.
    Star talk: Thanos has quantum butt armor

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