Ant-Man & The Wasp Trailer REACTION

Ant-Man & The Wasp Trailer REACTION

Why would you release a trailer this big mere DAYS before the Super Bowl?

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  1. While watching the end of this, I was like, "a Hello Kitty Pez dispenser"…and then started laughing. This looks like so much fun.

  2. Ant-man is my favorite MCU movie so I'm so excited for this movie I just hope it's as good or better than Ant-man but I bet it will be

  3. This trailer is a meh for me. Never care much about Ant-Man. A sequel seemed unnecessary imo. Black Panther and Infinity War hype af.

  4. for a moment i thought where the hell is the stinger blasts? i'm happy there are present. no offence but i dont consider this a trailer. this is more of a teaser. my guess the original trailer will come after super bowl. i'm waiting.

  5. VIEWER QUESTION: hey grace I was wondering with the lower view numbers of ant-man and the wasp. I was wondering how do people count the number of trailer views in the first 24 hours and what videos are counted?
    Hope you answer
    Hello from Hamilton, New Zealand

  6. The trailer may not have premeired for Super Bowl, but after seeing the similarities in the shrinking episode of The Flash tonight you'll see why they wanted to beat them to the punch this morning rather than wait

  7. The first Ant-Man was very schticky but it was new and the part where he prepares the heist, steal the suit and try it out and also the story with his daughter was more fun than the superhero thing in the second half. We've seen that and now they put the emphasis on reducing the size of stuff, expanding the size of stuff and dealing with normal size stuff while in small or bigger size, so boring. I really hope there's a bigger villain and plot this time around.

  8. I enjoyed this trailer!  I worry, though that the Wasp's costume isn't bright enough.  So many costumes have so much black in them that I'd really like to have pops of color.

  9. I'm SO glad they're using the shrink-grow power for both action and comedic purposes – they've clearly really put a lot of thought into it!

  10. UMMMM you do know that they always drop a trailer early before it will be on the movie for the upcoming weekend. Or in this case the Superbowl. Like Deadpool 2 trailer going to be on Black Panther but i bet that drops either Tues or Wed.


  12. I love your youtube page!!!!! Keep up the good work!  I did my FIRST Trailer review for this movie. : )))))

  13. Probably one of the most enjoyable reactions I’ve seen of yours, not a subscriber because I feel a lot of your reactions are negative, non the less great reaction.

  14. Can't wait for it I told everybody 10 years ago that I wanted an Ant-Man movie and people laughed at me and that's it it will be Fucking awesome with today's special effects. AND I was right. BUT I will say the whole building being shrunk down and the keychain with the tank was too silly.. but I get past that.

  15. Marvel is just more imaginative than the DCEU movies right now, even after ALL THIS TIME. This trailer is further proof. That goes a long way. I hardly ever hear anybody point that out

  16. Marvel with this trio ,BLACK PANTHER INFINITY WAR and ANT MAN AND WASP, is going to curb stomp the shot out of what's left of the dceu

  17. There's no more phases for Marvel. The hype reactor is now self-sustaining. Nothing to do now but watch hit after hit as they're unleashed upon the masses. What a great time to be a comic book fan!

  18. Can't wait so I'm messing around with  cheap Ant-Man mods for The Movies and making cheap as chips green screens

  19. The only thing I didn't like about this is how they'e still not paying attention to their own rules when it comes to the shrinking.
    But other than that, it looks fantastic.

  20. I heard this is meant to be set after the avengers infinity war part 1 movie, but after watching it, it looks like its clearly set before Infinity war. I know Black Panther is the next Marvel movie due out, but for clarification, is this too out before Infinity war?

  21. VIEWER QUESTION Grace you always say that the writer is the most important person on a tv show. Is this the same for a mini-series(or three part shows like Sherlock)? Since they are a lot shorter and closer to the length of a movie(rather than 8 hours). i have been watching your videos for a bit over a year now and greetings from Ireland.

  22. I'm more hyped for this than Infinity War. I loved the first Ant-Man, and can't wait to see what happens next! The only movie I'm really looking forward to more than this one is Deadpool 2, but this is a close 2nd. This trailer looks great!

  23. Why is it that the Marvel movies that are marketed as action comedies, where the property would actually work best as an action comedy, are the only ones I have even a mild interest in? I have seen all three Black Panther trailers and I had to wait until the reviews came out before I even considered seeing it and of the Infinity War trailers, the Comic Con footage and the trailer for the trailer generated more hype for me than the trailers. Yet the Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man trailers actually catch my interest. I don't know what you're doing, Marvel, but you really need to work on marketing your more "serious" films, because it's not going to be much longer before audiences start to recognize that the trailers are just flash, with little substance, and I'm not the only one who has little interest in the films.

  24. nice to see them use 'Ant Invasion riff from Adam and the Ants ( kings of the wild frontier )

  25. Watched it yesterday it was fantastic but not as good as infinity war
    Ant man and the wasp gets a b+
    Infinity warfare gets an a-

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