Ant-Man & The Wasp POST-CREDITS Explained – Avengers 4, Captain Marvel & Infinity War Theory

Ant-Man & The Wasp POST-CREDITS Explained – Avengers 4, Captain Marvel & Infinity War Theory

Ant-Man And The Wasp’s post-credit scenes
finally answer the question: where was Ant-Man in Avengers: Infinity War? Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, it’s Jan here
and today I’m breaking down the two post-credits scenes in Ant-Man And The Wasp, explaining
their connection to Infinity War and how they set us up for Avengers 4. If you’re new here, I do regular superhero
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about the movie to enter. Spoilers ahead for Ant-Man And The Wasp and
Infinity War. The mid-credits scene opens with Scott Lang
preparing to head back into the Quantum Realm on a mission to collect quantum healing particles. Janet van Dyne warns Scott to stay away from
Tardigrades and not to get sucked into a time vortex. Once inside the Quantum Realm, Scott collects
some healing particles, then reports he’s ready to come back. Hope counts down his return over the mic 5… 4… 3… but then the line goes dead. As the camera cuts back to where Hope, Janet
and Hank were operating the Quantum tunnel, we see the remains of 3 clouds of ash falling
to little piles on the floor. Basically, the Pym family has been dusted
by Thanos’s snap at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. It’s a really ominous moment when you hear
Scott’s panicked voice over the mic as the camera pans through little clouds of ash. He realises something’s wrong but has no idea
what. The scene is also a chilling reminder of the
Infinity War post-credits scene where Nick Fury and Maria Hill evaporated into ash in
New York. It’s especially tough to watch as Hope only
suited up as the Wasp in this movie. And Janet van Dyne was only just rescued from
the Quantum Realm, and now we have to see them dusted. Wasp will be in Avengers 4, however, Evangeline
Lilly has said she’s only going to be in it a little which is disappointing as it seems
she’ll probably be limited to just scenes where she returns with the other dusted heroes. Now, there is a glimmer of hope no pun intended
in Janet’s last words to Scott about time vortices in the Quantum Realm. Avengers 4 is very likely to be set several
years after the snap in a film that I expect will show the surviving Avengers adjusting
to a decimated world and figuring out what they can do about it. Marvel has cast a currently 16-year old Emma
Fuhrmann to play an older version of Scott’s daughter Cassie in Avengers 4, which means,
I expect, that once Scott realises that there’s no one at the other end in the real world
to bring him back, he may try travelling through a time vortex. This could take him into the future where
he meets an older Cassie and then together they visit Tony Stark to tell him about the
Quantum Realm, and the Avengers then try to figure out how they can use time travel to
fix what Thanos did. This would tie in with the Avengers 4 set
photos of Ant-Man in New York with Iron Man and Captain America with each of them wearing
a similar looking device around their wrist. Another possibility for how Scott escapes
from the Quantum Realm could tie in with Captain Marvel. I expect a reason will be revealed in her
film as to why Carol Danvers hasn’t been around or available during the various crises we’ve
seen on Earth, such as the Battle of New York, Sokovia, or Infinity War itself. It could be that she’s in the Quantum Realm
herself. And the beeper that Nick Fury set off to contact
her in the Infinity War post-credits scene may be able to communicate with Carol there. Ant-Man might hear the beeper while he’s stuck
there too. And he and Carol might both even meet up in
a Captain Marvel post-credits scene that sets them up to meet the Avengers in Avengers 4. Another possibility is that Scott simply gets
stuck in the Quantum Realm for several years and learns new secrets and survives there,
just like Janet did. His daughter Cassie could eventually find
out where the mobile Quantum tunnel was located and so she turns it on again to bring him
back out. What’s also interesting in this credits scene
is that Scott was collecting Quantum healing particles. These were being gathered to help Ghost, however,
there’s a chance they could also play a role in restoring the heroes who were dusted in
the Thanos snap. There is a second post-credits scene which,
while short, does provide a little more backdrop for Avengers 4. After all the credits have rolled, we snap
back to Scott’s house which seems to be deserted. Everything is quiet except for the dissonant
tone of an emergency broadcast playing on a TV screen, indicating the Thanos snap has
truly kicked off a crisis. This sense of unease is followed with a shot
of the ant who filled in for Scott during his house arrest playing the drums. It’s an uncomfortable moment watching the
ant drumming away as he seems oblivious to the catastrophe around him. And just to unsettle us even further, as the
screen fades to black, a title card pops up with the words “Ant-Man and the Wasp will
return”, but a little question mark is added after a second or two. We can’t take this last bit too seriously
as I think Marvel is just gently trolling us because as I said earlier, it’s already
been confirmed that Evangeline Lilly does return in Avengers 4. Now, I’d love to hear your theories on Avengers
4. And if you’ve seen Ant-Man And The Wasp, what
did you think of the movie? Let me know in the comments and make sure
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  2. I personally have not seen it yet but i look forward to it because two heroes with one being able to grow and shrink and the other fly and shrink

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  4. Ant-man and the Wasp was better than Ant-man! It was so funny and I absolutely loved Luis and Scott( the truth serum part was my favourite).

  5. Im dying to see it… but your reviews are so appealing I don’t care about being spoiled!

  6. Seeing it on Sunday, I love how Marvel Studios builds the suspense around these worlds. So far, they have all lived up to the hype!

  7. I absolutely love every single second of Ant-Man and the Wasp. My favorite part was when they got SNAPPED! Of course it was a scary moment, but it was just so planed out and amazing. I loved everything. (this is a enter for the giveaway, btw the pic of this profile isn't me its my dad lol)

  8. This movie just goes to show that timing and placing of events is everything. Even with all the humor, I still couldn’t bring myself at ease knowing what happens in infinity war and this movie taking place before and during that. Although, my greatest disappointment in the film was the absence of Hawkeye. I was really hoping for a cameo after hearing him mentioned being elsewhere with ant-man during infinity war. I had a slight enjoyment of the end credits but at the same time, chills. I knew the dust was coming, perfect execution with the music and camera pan and ant man over the coms. But hear me out on this one: the emergency broadcast system was playing in Scott’s house meaning someone was watching TV before the snap occurred. Could it have been Cassie and her other family watching from Scott’s house? And if she is still alive, where was she at that moment? My best guess was that marvel was trying to keep the tone not too dark, as a lone girl sitting by herself listening to that broadcast would be much more creepier and scarier than a human size ant playing drums. Anyways, that’s just my two cents on the film.

  9. I found it fascinating that Dr Strange has actually also visited the Quantum Realm in his own movie. (when the Ancient One sent him on a little "trip"). It became even more obvious in this movie, as you could see some of the kaleidoscope-like terrains in some scenes.

  10. Jan, how do you know everything? My wife and I saw it today, and she has turned into a Marvel Fan and my movie partner. If Ghost was not dusted, she may know where the mobile tunnel is, since the healing particles were for her. They may know a way to contact Scott. I think he may be there for a few years, as he will meet his daughter when she is older. The post credit scene was a great shock moment and works if you saw infinity war. I can see why this movie came out after that one and before Captain Marvel. What a great time to be a Marvel geek!

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  15. The movie was really good. I enjoyed it. They still had the family thing going which I appreciated. Though the dusting at the end, even though I knew it was coming, still really cut me deeply. :'(

  16. I loved the movie! It was funny, kept us guessing, had good villains and that post credit scene was awesome!!!

  17. Holy fuck what if they do the Adam warlock story but instead of being in the soul stone they are in the quantum realm and it's captain Marvel feeling the pants of Adam in Avengers. And it would be sick to have a Scruffy Scott lang kicking ass

  18. I think that her daughter in the future will be "the wasp" because she left clear that she wants to be a superhero like her dad.

  19. I think Infinity War happens first because Ant Man and The Wasp happens 2 years after Civil War and because they were dusted

  20. I kinda figured that someone important was going to get dusted, but I just didn't know who. Now that the part happened, I'm like nooooooo, whyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Btw, that second end credit scene had a very eerie, "end of the world" type vibe to it. When the people in Infinity War started to disintegrate I had the same feeling in Ant-Man and the Wasp, I just didn't know how to explain it; so eerie and end of the worldy sounds about right!!

  21. Definitely enjoyed this movie when I saw it yesterday! I’m very intrigued how Scott being trapped in the Quantum Realm will impact Avengers 4 and how he will get out. I like the theory that Captain Marvel is in the Quantum Realm too, but I think Janet’s character might have come across her if she was. Hopefully Cassie figures out how to save Scott. I think I saw Ty Simpkins’ character Harley is also in Avengers 4 so maybe Harley and Cassie rescue Scott?
    Thanks again for your videos Jan!

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  26. Nice just watched the movie today and I really liked it but liked the 1st movie alot more. I feel like Ant-Man will somehow see all the heroes that are dead and will be told a way to fix everything goin into The new Avengers movie.

  27. it released yesterday for me. saw the movie yesterday… you have no idea how bad i wanted to click this video and the other one XD but couldnt for spoilers!!! aaaaaaah the DUST! NOOO IT BRINGS BACK HAUNTING MEMORIES STHAAAAP!

  28. Antman and wasp… Fun filled movie…. I have watched movie only for the postcredit scene only…. Its a complete humorous packagee…. Waiting for captain marvel

  29. ant man and the wasp was so funny im about to go see it again. i love ghost i feel bad for her she isnt a villain

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  31. the movie was very fun and i enjoyed it a lot! Can’t wait to see more of Ant-Man and the Wasp(?).
    The action scenes were really good. | Can’t wait for Captain Marvel 🙂

  32. For those of you who have seen "ant-man and the wasp" [SPOILER ALERT], Antman gets trapped in quantum realm in the mid-credits!!! Why can’t he just grow back as he did in the ”Ant-man”??

  33. One thing completely outside of everything anyone is talking about is a reinforcement to a question I asked after Infinity War. How was the half of the universe that ceased to exist decided on by the stones? My main issue before was if it spared the Asguardians because they already had half (did Big Daddy D count them to make sure he only killed half?) their remaining population killed? Did it take Groot because there are other Groots out there or did it really just take the only surviving member of the species? But now, now it's taken the WHOLE Van Dyne family. Hank, Janet and Hope were all erased, the whole family gone.

  34. Just saw it today and I’m honestly confused.. it still doesn’t explain why the Avengers didn’t call Ant-Man to help fight Thanos??? And don’t say it’s because he was on “house arrest “ cuz that’s BS tbh

  35. Hey ok but what they should do is include the superhero’s from Netflix!!! JESSICA JONES IS SUPPOSED TO BE FRIENDS WITH CAPTIN MARVEL!!

  36. I kind of doubt Cassie will be in Avengers 4. I know this is a bit dark but I think she didn't survive The Great Snap War. I also knew that Ant Man and The Wasp would tie in with the the Infinity War. I just didn't know who would die. My guess was Egghead, Ghost, and Janet Van Dyn Wasp. I didn't know the Hope Wasp would die too. I also didn't think Hank would as well.

  37. Finally it's out in UK and I can come back to this video! I like your theories, they make a lot of sense, though there's a higher chance they'll use the time travel theory rather than Carol in the quantum realm. Plus, didn't at one point Hank say that Ghost's energy was shifting through different parallel universes? So maybe that could also have something to do with the saving.

  38. Either the Quantum realm protected Scott from Thanos' snap or he wasn't part of the half that was snapped out of existence by Thanos. I like your Time Vortex theory

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