Ant-Man in Wonderland: Marvel Through the Looking Glass

Ant-Man in Wonderland: Marvel Through the Looking Glass

– [Narrator] This video is
sponsored by Squarespace. Whether you need a domain, a website, or an online store, make your
next move with Squarespace. On May 23, 1885, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson briefly wrote about strange hallucinations he experienced, followed by a headache. He noted that it was the
second time he was victim to such visual manifestations, leading some to speculate that perhaps the first experience was
years before in the 1860s when he was writing a book called Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. Strange drawings and
previous diary entries seem to support the idea that Carroll based at least some of Alice’s adventures on his own mental
misperceptions of the world. A neuropsychological condition known as Alice in Wonderland Syndrome describes the disorienting experience of perceiving distortions in reality, often followed by a migraine. In Oliver Sacks’ Hallucinations,
he writes that quote, “It is not only the visual world “that may be affected in a migraine aura. “There may be hallucinations of body image “the feeling that one
is taller or shorter, “that one limb has
shrunk or grown gigantic, “that one’s body is tilted
at an angle, and so forth.” End quote. Throughout Alice’s adventure,
she constantly changes size, ranging from as big as a
house to as small as a mouse. This gimmick of having a character who can shrink and grow in size has fascinated audiences
and storytellers for ages, providing a ton of creative potential for imaginative action and adventures. And with a story as popular
and influential as Wonderland, not even Marvel can resist paying homage to Carroll’s classic with their own size-changing superhero, Ant-Man, who in his original
story, much like Alice, fell down a hole of curious discovery. When Ant-Man debuted in the comic story The Man in the Ant Hill from
1962, he wasn’t a superhero. He didn’t have a costume or
any supervillains to fight. Heck, he wasn’t even called Ant-Man, he was simply Hank Pym, a scientist who wanted to test and prove the success of his latest discovery, a potion that causes objects to shrink in scale. Pym saw the potential commercial and military uses of his technology, but he first needed to test
it out on a living subject. Who better than himself? He empties the bottle and
becomes the size of an ant. A size-altering potion in a bottle is familiar territory for
both Ant-Man and Alice. Although there were many objects that caused Alice to change size, the very first one was a
bottle with the label Drink Me which shrinks her down
to a few inches high. There was also some cake and a fan but the most consistent
way she changed size throughout her adventure was by nibbling on a peculiar mushroom revealed to Alice by her own helpful-ish
insect acquaintance. Not an ant, but a caterpillar. – One side will make you grow taller. – One side of what? – And the other side will
make you grow shorter. – The other side of what? – The mushroom, of course. – [Narrator] Through trial and error, Alice learned that the
piece of the mushroom in her right-hand made her shrink while the left-hand bit made her grow. This is mirrored in Ant-Man’s suit where the button on his
right hand reduces his size, and the button on his left… (dramatic music) (grunting) – Holy shit! – [Narrator] Oh, you get it. But when Scott Lang initially puts on the Ant-Man suit in the
film, his first obstacle is the fact that he’s stuck in
a bathtub as the water runs, threatening to wash him away. Hank Pym, over Scott’s headset,
calls this a trial by water. – [Hank] It’s a trial by fire Scott. Or in this case, water. – [Narrator] Alice goes
through a similar trial in chapter two of her story
titled The Pool of Tears. Early in Alice’s adventure, she simply tried to go
through a door into a garden, but even that proved no simple task. The door was small, and Alice had trouble becoming the proper
size to fit through it. As Alice kept growing
and shrinking in size trying to get it right,
she became frustrated with her situation and started weeping. Quote, “she sat down
and began to cry again, shedding gallons of tears, until there was a large
pool all around her, about four inches deep and
reaching half down the hall. End quote. When Alice shrank again, she nearly drowned in
her own pool of tears. In fact, during this moment in the story, Alice started getting smaller and smaller at such a rapid rate, that she was worried about
shrinking out of existence. Quote, “‘I must be growing small again.’ “She got up and went to the
table to measure herself by it, “and found that, as
nearly as she could guess, “she was now about two feet high, “and was going on shrinking rapidly. “She soon found out that the cause of this “was the fan she was holding,
and she dropped it hastily, “just in time to avoid
shrinking away altogether. “‘That was a narrow escape!’ said Alice, “a good deal frightened
at the sudden change, “but very glad to find
herself still in existence.” End quote. The fear of becoming so tiny that you risk shrinking away endlessly is a prominent plot point
in the Ant-Man movie, happening both to Scott
Lang and Janet Van Dyne. But alright, aside from
these more literal elements, the stories of Alice and Ant-Man, both Hank Pym and Scott Lang, share a similar theme of
following ones curiosity. – Curiouser and curiouser. – [Narrator] Alice was just laying around doing nothing special when
she saw a white rabbit panicking about being late,
run by and jump down a hole. Quote, “In another moment
went down Alice after it, “never once considering how in the world “she was to get out again.” End quote. In Hank Pym’s first adventure, he tested his experimental
serum on himself without a second thought. And with Scott Lang in the Ant-Man movie, he didn’t have to put on the suit. No one made him, and he
didn’t even know its function, but he was curious. Right before he shrinks
for the first time, he utters the words… – [Ant-Man] I wonder. – So, follow your curiosity. Ask questions, wonder. And don’t ever make me watch
Alice in Wonderland again. That movie gives me
actual, literal anxiety. So this was kind of a different
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