Ant-Man Goes Subatomic – Ant-Man (2015) Movie Clip 4K Ultra HD

Ant-Man Goes Subatomic – Ant-Man (2015) Movie Clip 4K Ultra HD

I’m gonna show you
just how insignificant you are. Cassie! I’m coming! That’s a messed-up looking dog. I’m gonna destroy everything you love. Freeze! S.F.P.D. I can’t break through. It’s titanium, you idiot! – Get her out of here.
– Come on. Sorry, sweetheart. You have to help
Daddy pay for his mistakes. You stay behind me, okay?
Stay behind me. I’m gonna have to shrink between
the molecules to get in there. Get away from us! – Daddy, help!
– I love you, Cassie. Daddy, where are you? You could go subatomic. …go subatomic. Oh, no. You would enter a reality
where all concepts of time and space… All concepts of time and space
become irrelevant. …time and space become irrelevant. Come back, Daddy! …as you shrink for all eternity. Everything that you know… and love… gone forever. Daddy, where are you? Where are you? Where are you? –
– Cassie. Come back, Daddy! Do not mess with the regulator! Daddy! I love you so much. I love you, too. So much. You know,
there’s a big hole in the roof. Sorry. – Is she all right?
– Yeah, she’s fine. Mommy! She’s fine, she’s fine.

7 thoughts on “Ant-Man Goes Subatomic – Ant-Man (2015) Movie Clip 4K Ultra HD”

  1. Something that confuses me:. How does his suit still work? He pulled out part of the regulator to install the 'enlarging' device. Shouldn't that limit it to a one time use until he fixes it? How does he shrink again?

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