ANT MAN AND THE WASP Trailer (Marvel 2018)

ANT MAN AND THE WASP Trailer (Marvel 2018)

I Just have one question When cap needed help? If I’d asked you would you have come ? i Guess we’ll never know But if you had you’d have never been caught I Do some dumb things and the people I love the most they pay the price Thanks to you we had to run We’re still running Let’s go Maybe you just need someone watching your back… …like a partner Hold on you gave her wings? And blasters So I take it you didn’t have that tech available for me No, I did

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  1. jamas entendi la logica de ese poder se hace pequeño pero conserva la masa pero cuando se hace gigante la aumenta, eso es lo que pasa cuando creas un super heroe en pleno auge del lcd

  2. No he can not carry a whole building. It still has the same weight. God the tank in the first one was bad enough

  3. Marvel messed up when they put Ant-Man out after the Avengers it should be first since this movie is after Civil War

  4. Damn! At the end of Ant-Man they made it sound like they were going after her mother. That would have meant The Micronaughts . Hopefully at the end of this they'll set it up.

  5. I know this is about the storyline, but on 0:58 is an Riced out 2019 Hyundai Veloster. If the car's performance is that good, maybe I wouldn't mind, but I suggest not putting tacky stuff on it.

  6. This look really fun….but how do you expect me to just watch a movie about people shrinking after infinity war?

  7. Can someone tell me why wasn't ant man in the infinity war because I think I am missing something here… couldn't he shrink himself and get Thanos's gauntlet or something.

  8. i hope some day marvel will make a movie about black cat.
    and they should better make her look just as sexy as she looks in the comics.
    i am not going to watch a super heroe movie withought fanservice.

    after all what other reason i could possibly have to watch a marvel or a dc movie?
    for the fights that are either bad or mediocre at best?for the stupid story wich is bad just like a michael bay movie but everybody likes it eitherway?for the forgetable characters?for the lame villains who are evil for no reason?

  9. When I went to the movie theaters some guy behind me was cracking up so loud and I couldn't hold my laugh

    Ant-man and the wasp takes place while avengers 3 is happening. And avengers 3 takes place while ant-man and the wasp is happening
    Edit: watch ant man and the wasp you would know that

  11. Enjoy the first Trailer for Ant-Man

  12. Antman gets stuck in the Quantum realm after he reunites with Hope's mother who surprisingly is still alive, but then dies by a snap from Thanos. In the end…everyone except Antman dies…

  13. I love Evangeline Lilly so much as Hope Van Dyne/The Wasp in this movie, that I wish she could reprise her character role in a Wasp film.

  14. The acting was good, I need the think to minimize my house when I go vacation. Recommend to watch it using Boxxy Software app at home with your girlfriend/wife :*

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