Ant-Man and the Wasp: Post-Credits Scenes Explained in Hindi | SuperSuper

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Post-Credits Scenes Explained in Hindi | SuperSuper

so guys sometimes we fans than the super hero movies are more interested in their post credit scenes whatever is going on in the full movie, what happen in the post credit scene is more important for us to see so by following the ten years tradition of marvel’s we see a mid-credit scene and a post-credit scene in the ant-man and the wasp or if we say the right thing than more than half fans are waiting for these scenes more than the movie because we all know that what will happen in the next but before discussing about these post-credit scenes i want to tell you that if you didn’t see this movie then firstly go and see this movie and then see this video then now when all of you already aware then lets go and talk about the mid-credit and post-credit scenes of this movie so guys i am Aman Sinha and today we are going to talk about Ant-Man and the Wasp post-credit scenes and the mid-credit scenes so by keeping in mind about scholars lets start if you ahve already see ant-man and the wasp then you know that ant-man and the wasp is that type of movie that know for their best movements and their dangerous mid-credit scenes for a long time. the post credit scene of this movie will be known for normal but the audience will be shocked by the mid credit scene. this mid credit scene join the ant man and the wasp with avengers infinity war. but by the name of post credit scenes prank is done with we fans if the picture hall staff asked u to go on the start of credit then u are lucky . lets put eye on mid credit scene what happens in infinity war will happens everywhere! mid credit scene will be started from terris where Hankedpimed Gendvendine ovendine or Scotland all seems to fits a small quantum tunnel into a van and talks to each other. then after some talks this will be clear that the team mission is to send Scott to quantum realm to collect the healing energy of this so that giant amandine and hanged timed ever means ghost to correct the unstable matter state. after the countdown of hank scott will reach the quantum realm and after reaching their he will start to collect the healing energy of there with talking to other peoples through the radio and after collection of the sufficient energy he will ready to come back and then she immediately start the countdown 5…4…3… Scott can’t be able to listen after three then Scott feels that the peoples outside are making kidding with them but after sometime due to his voice we noticed that he was panic then we see the show of terric where whole pim’s family already converted into dust those were seen with the other peoples in the end of infinity war and then Scott screaming GUYS GUYS and mid-credit scene will be end then what happen here? you all know’s very well about what happened here will definietly occur that means we all already knows that the sound of fingers snapped by Thanos in infinity war will hear in ant-man and the wasp and most probably in the captain marvel but we did not expect that due to this Scott will be stuck into quantum realm so here Pim family convert into sand means all these things were happen when Thor storm breaker is into the Thanos chest so the main points of this mid-credit scene is that the hank and his whole family will be converted into sand and Scott stuck into quantum realm but this is not the first time of Scott Scott also stuck into quantum realm in the first ant-man and the wasp movie from where he is successful to come out so most probably like old technique this time also from quantum realm he will come out. but the real question is that Scott can survive due to Quantum Realm i mean to say that because Scott is in the Quantum realm so fingers snapped by Thanos does not harm him or he will be one of the left live peoples but in these things this is clear that Scott will definitely come out from them because we see them in the avenger’s fourth and title movie’s set images but in all these things we should think that hanged timed and all others peoples are on the roof from how much time dangerous fights happened in the two places of the world and tony stark is hide from the earth so this news will not reach the ear’s of all these four peoples so lets talk about these post credit scenes ant loves the drum set this scene start form the Scott’s house from where we got the shots of outside and inside views and with this we hear the emergency broadcast on tv and with all this we got the sound of drums then this reveals that these drums were not played by any other peoples but played by the giant ant iyself who will take the place of Scott in his own house during the whole movie then camera will zoom on the ant face and he stopped and post-credit scene end then what will happen here? through emergency broadcast we all get to understand that their is the rumor in the whole world due to the snapping of fingers by Thanos and we already saw this giant ant to play the drums during the movie but this question mark takes my attention so basically this question mark is placed due to the hide of wasp so that marvel can scare us and say that god knows that the ant-man and the wasp will return or not because she is already converted into sand and the Scott in Quantum realm is stuck marvel team will make good joke But there is nothing to worry about every night after morning, or not! so guys this is the video about the ant-man and the wasp post-credit scenes their is no worry of eat and drink in quantum realm because giantmandine is also in this form several years but if any detail is left form me or if you have new facts related to this video then let us know with this you can tell us about your predictions related to quantum realm with this for the facts of latest super videos and awesome super videos follow us on Facebook Twitter Instagram and Google plus we are everywhere so guys if you want to see the comics of hank pym’s antman and janet van dyne’s wasp then i will recommend our civil war comics series with this if you like this video then like and share this video and for all these super contents do not forget to subscribe our channel Thank you guys this is Aman Sinha and you are super super peace

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  1. Bro ek questions tha
    #Avengers age of ultron me jab koi hacker code badlta he jo ultron se bhi tej hota he wo Hacker kon tha he nhi pata chala ????

  2. sab scientist to mar gaye ab time travel kese hoga tony bhi titan pe hai……..mhuje to bhaut tension ho rahi hai

  3. Antman survived the snap because he was in quantum realm as remember hank said in antman that all concepts of time and space are irrelevant in the quantum realm ..

  4. Quantum real ma khane pina ko koi kami nhi ha….wah wah……To savi log wahi chalte hai na kavi koi bhuka nhi marega

  5. Yes u are right and one question how did u know this at last the are taking in van….
    Yeah all movies at last small show it shows

  6. ek doubt h.. hank me naye suit me regulator lagaye hi nhi the or agar
    Scott ne Naya suit pahna hoga to wo ant man 1st k Jaise wapas nahi aa payega..

  7. Kiyaa zabrdats bat kardi…
    Marvel ki logic Sach main bakwaas hai..AntMan main Jo quantun reel main Phansi ti usko Khaana kiya uska baao deta tha?😂

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  9. If thanos had the infinite powers then why he did not increased the resources instead of vanishing half of the population 😁😁😁😁😁PLEASE ANSWER…..???????

  10. Chlo yar av kuchh naya sonche nhi to me sonch rha tha ki, pymp family dhul nahi bane jabki phle ki trh #chhuppan chupai khel rhen hean scot ke sath😋😂😁😁😂😀😁😀😉😊😋😉😂😁

  11. Bakwas .. one of the worst explaination I have ever seen.. there is no mention of time vortex .. where Scot will be sucked to go back in time to change the events

  12. Kya tum ye explain kr skte ho ki wasp pym Or janet teeno ek saath ek hi second me dhul kese bn gye jabki har jagah ek ek krke sb dhul bne Or vo bhi kuchh seconds me

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