Ant-Man and the Wasp CHALLENGE with Paul Rudd & Connie

okay got 30 seconds you’ll get three
more laps in you may be watching this wondering what
is happening here why is Connie on a child’s bike why are you on a
penny-farthing well let me start from the beginning my good friend Connie
kindly invited me on a trip to Disneyland Paris and to be honest we did
not really know what to expect as you guys know the new Marvel movie ant-man
and the wasp is coming to Europe in a couple of weeks so on the Saturday
Connie and I were told we were going to be doing a series of tasks in the run-up
to the premiere in the evening as you know from the first film ant-man has the
ability to shrink down to the size of an ant and grow to the size of a building
65 feet to be precise Connie and I had to complete three tasks around this idea
however we weren’t the only team put to the test there were lots of other groups
people representing different parts of Europe like an Italy team a Germany team
France team all challenged to the same tasks as corny and I know we had to
represent UK and do our best to win the overall objective over the day being to
locate Ant Man aka tic-tac challenge number one the first task Connie had to
stand on a big hill with a speakerphone overseeing a giant jigsaw puzzle can you
hear me Connie had a teeny tiny and I mean tiny photo over the puzzle that I
had to complete while she shouted instructions at me from the top of the
hill we only had three minutes to complete the puzzle and the team that
got the most pieces in place won the challenge okay it’s like a little bit of
blue with some red in the top corner all along the bottom is the text it says
Atman of the woods yellow text on the far side yeah perfect
that goes in the middle that is the other side of the board yeah
that was actually a lot harder than it looked and although we were only the
second out of like seven teams to try the challenge we came in third place
which i think is pretty good we were winning but I think Italy beat us I
think it was a stressful task okay definitely harder than it looks
challenge number two each team had to race around a track one on a
penny-farthing one on a child’s bicycle and whoever did the most laps one
bearing in mind I have never even attempted to ride a penny-farthing and
Connie broke her leg last year so sometimes it hurts a little bit um as we
were watching people clamber upon the penny farthing I was thinking I am NOT
going to be able to balance on this thing yeah so we weren’t the most
excited about this challenge but nevertheless we gave it our best shot
and I think we smashed it sort of two minutes on the clock
three and two you want that yes clearly I was really good at that
I’m just happy I did about to be alive and this quail third Avenue asset at
this point it’s just the taking part that counts yeah I think we got about
eight laps between us it’s fair to say we didn’t win that challenge challenge
number three for the third and final challenge each pair teamed up to take on
ant-man and the wasps themselves aka Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly I think
Paul and Evangeline were just as confused as we are by this whole
situation Connie and I were against Paul aka ant-man
and we had to see who could build the better card tower
Paul had itty-bitty playing cards and Connie and I had giant ones I’ll let you
be the judge of who on this task they put themselves in the line of fire I’m I’m equally horrible okay comes to
building flirty okay right I hold them and you put them
on okay nope never build these great you guys and then you hold these two guys are
doing I feel like guards is a group ever there’s too much competition in the
world do you walk which is what the film is about thank you maybe if this was
like a infinity war junket and then they’d be at odds with one another but
it’s not it’s not the superior film because you’re in it okay one day yeah
he definitely sabotage dark heart our cheating I don’t think any of us were
the winner in this situation we were all the winners teamwork also the whole
playing cards thing didn’t really make much sense until we watched the movie
later that night so after we beat Paul at that game we got to meet Evangeline
Lilly and the director of the film Peyton Reed who is such nice guy then we
all walked over to the Marvel section of Disneyland where the European premiere
was being shown if you get the chance I definitely recommend going to see the
film it’s so funny I was laughing all the way through I thought the suits
looked really cool as well and from a design point of view I always liked
looking at suits thank you so much to Disney for hosting this whole amazing
event and thank you to Connie for inviting me I will never forget this
hilarious experience you can see more mini videos from this trip on my
Instagram at hello snow I made a story highlight on my
profile so you can go watch that if you want let me know in the comments if
you’re an app man fan and whether you’re looking forward to the new movie I hope
you enjoyed this video and I will see you next time bye

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