Ant Game of Thrones

Ant Game of Thrones

Greetings, AC Family! Game of Thrones fans anyone? Well, we have lots of work to do today. First, our last video hit #4 TRENDING in USA
which finally lifted the channel to over 900K subscribers. Congratulations, AC family! We are on the road together marching like
ants with a mission towards the big 1M. Let me know what video you guys would like
to see on the day we hit that hallmark number. Also, this week we celebrate the 2 yr anniversary
of the AntsCanada Ant Forum at and to celebrate this, we are holding a contest
giving away FREE Omni Nest Small formicariums to a handful of lucky winners. Stay tuned until the end of this video for
full contest details. Now, Game of Thrones fans, to further immortalize
the epic ant kingdoms we have grown to love and learn about on this channel, I’ve decided
that it was time we gave official flags for each of our colonies. Today, we will go over the biographies of
each of our ant colonies, so if you’re new to this channel, sit back and prepare to discover
why our rapidly growing AC Family has come to love these ants. Let’s immortalize our ant colonies with their
very own special flags! You won’t want to miss a single moment of
our ant history, and just a hint, there are some shocking plot twists in this video that
will make you go “whhhhhaaattttt?”! Let’s take a nostalgic walk together down
memory lane as we embark on a worldwide, crowd-sourced search for official flags to represent our
beloved ant kingdoms, on this episode of the AntsCanada Ant Channel. Please subscribe to my channel, and hit the
bell icon, welcome to the AC Family. Enjoy! Let’s start with the oldest of our five ant
kingdoms. The Fire Nation, the name our AC Family gave
to our famous, aggressive and lethal colony of red tropical fire ants. We are proud of this explosive ant colony
and always give them ultimate respect. We watched these ants start in small Hybrid
Nests and followed them as their setup grew with the addition of AC Outworlds, eventually
becoming a huge network of tubes and units. We watched these ants completely own a natural
disaster, easily overcoming a massive flash flood. Perhaps the most impressive thing about this
massive colony of millions of members is that they all came from just a single queen ant. One mother birthed this entire colony. I have not seen this queen since we first
acquired the colony, and I don’t expect to see her ever again as they conceal her well. She is the most important member of this colony
because if she dies, there would then be no one to lay eggs, and the population would
eventually fizzle out. This species cannot reinvent nor create a
new egg-laying queen to take over. These fire ants are a stinging species and
aggressively sting all prey that end up on their territory. I one of the most famous, or perhaps infamous
videos on this channel, we watched as the Fire Nation devoured a pregnant cockroach
which ended up ejecting its egg sac, from which baby cockroaches emerged, only to then
be devoured by the savage fire ants. Now, for those of you wanting to take a stab
at designing a flag for the Fire Nation, what you must do is visit the link I place in the
description box and it will take you to the forum thread where you can post your flag
entry. I will choose my Top 3 favourites, and you
the AC Family will be able to VOTE for your favourite in a future video. Moving on to the Dark Knights, our black crazy
ants, also one of our oldest colonies on this channel. Other than the fact that their population
has also exploded since the start, these ants are the complete oppositve of the Fire Nation. The Dark Knights are quick moving, capable
of running circles around the Fire Nation. We watched as some black crazy ants moved
like ninjas through the Fire Nation with incredible ease. They also are stingless, and are non-aggressive. We watched as they went from just two queens
and some workers in a test tube to a huge super colony in a 2 storey 40 ft setup which
spanned the two floors of my condo. What is interesting about the Dark Knights
is that they actually are capable of creating multiple egg-laying queens. As we discovered in a past video this species
is capable of double cloning making sibling reproductives genetically unrelated and therefore
eliminating the possibility for incest to happen if siblings were to mate, giving these
ants the opportunity to produce as many egg-laying queens as possible. This colony is techincally an immortal colony
which can self-perpetuate forever as long as they keep producing queens that mate with
their birth brothers within the nest. I have recently changed up one of their units
by placing a large pot with an aloe vera plant in it to better provide the Dark Knights with
moisture. And now, AC Family, are you ready for our
first plot twist. As I was working around the Dark Knight’s
setup, I noticed that some workers were pinning down and locking jaws with fellow black crazy
ants. At first, I thought nothing of it. Perhaps some wild black crazy ants from my
condo fell into their enclosure and so they were seizing these savage ants. But later I realized, “Wait a sec. What if these ants were not savage black crazy
ants, but were in fact fellow members of the Dark Knights?” Oh no! Ac Family, could it be that the Dark Knights
are turning on their own? Let’s review how this could be possible. The current territories of the Dark Knights
are comprised of two major nests, home bases located at two separate locations connected
by 40 ft of tubing. Now the way ant colonies work is each ant
colony has its own distinct colony scent, like an ID badge telling fellow ant colony
members that it belongs to the same colony. Now, it could be possible that over time these
two nests began to develop independently to the point that they each started to develop
their own distinct colony scents. This means then, that the Dark Knights may
have possibly developed into the Dark Knights of the North, and the Dark Knights of the
South, and may now be creeping towards a possible civil war of North and South colonies. Wow! But then again, it could be possible that
these ants that the Dark Knights were seen attacking may be savage, wild ants that fell
into their territory. There was only one way to find out. I offered the Dark Knights of the South some
red-dyed honey so that the Dark Knights would drink it, and its members would all eventually
be filled with this red dye. So if the Dark Knights of the North were indeed
warring with their Southern counterparts, I would see the red members going at it with
the Dark Knights of the North. So far, I don’t see any of that happening
yet, but I will let you know if I do see any evidence of a Dark Knights Civil war happening. So, AC Family, if you’re going to design an
official flag for the Dark Knights, I suggest you submit both a North and South flag, as
we may need to make these two seperate kingdoms. Isn’t that just crazy! We have a total Game of Thrones storyline
happening here! An epic ant war against their own may be brewing! So again, if you’re submitting a flag entry
for the Dark Knights, just click the link in the description box and post your flag
entries. Moving along now to the Golden Empire, our
majestic kingdom of yellow crazy ants, rapidly becoming our most popular ant colony on this
channel. This ant colony has gone through a lot! They started with two queens and a few workers
and were fused with a single queen mature colony, which then went on to suffer a period
of colony infection from life-threatening mites, which we tried to cure with exposure
to lemons, the movement of the colony into a huge tank, and eventually the further fusion
with another 5 queen supercolony. The Golden Empire which is now mite-free,
thriving, and exploding in population as they live in harmony and disharmony with their
various tank-mates has become the central focus of most of our recent ant videos simply
due to how epic their story has unfolded. So AC Family, please do feel free to submit
your flag entries for the Golden Empire in the link in the description box and we will
vote for our favourite in a future video. Now moving on to the Jaw-Breakers, our menacing
giant colony of trap-jaw ants. This colony came to us in ints infancy with
a queen and a few workers and eventually grew into a colony of 30 or so members. The Jawbreakers, to our surprise were more
shy than we thought, and were more careful with their food choices. They rejected roaches that were too big and
with great care, carried food that passed their levels of standard into their nest for
consumption. We even watched in awe as their one royal
queen gave birth to an egg. The Jawbreakers instantly became a channel
favourite and even won by a landslide vote a couple weeks ago to occupy this new terrarium
which is awaiting habitation from one of our ant colonies. The Jawbreakers was a promising colony awaiting
to enter its golden years. “Was” is the important word here, AC Family. Are you ready for it? As we know in nature, inevitably where there
is birth and life, there is also murder and death, and in some cases it happens sooner
than we expect. AC Family, I am sad to inform you that I came
home one night to a mass of savage black crazy ants completely covering the container in
which the Jawbreakers lived, despite there being baby powder along the outside! I tried in a panic to shoo all the wild ants
away, but sadly, it was too late. The savage black crazy ants had eaten and
killed our Jawbreakers. They had made away with all the brood, even
took away the workers, and there was no trace of the queen anywhere. I am sorry about this AC Family. Our Jawbreakers are officially a dead kingdom. So, we will not be taking entries for this
murdered ant colony. How can we seek vengeance for this massacre? I know where the wild ant colony lives. Their nest lays somewhere in a crack in the
wall on my balcony. Quietly in their three tower lair, lives the
majestic Titans, our colony of Asian Marauder ants. They’ve been quiet and strengthening their
numbers in their current setup. This species is super impressive due to their
massive supermajors which act as colony guards. The polymorphism in this species is incredible. The tiny minors hitch rides on their massive
sisters which move like tanks, protecting the colony and helping with cutting up food. Check out the massive queen here. We are lucky to see her. Usually they conceal her well. She is almost always accompanied by a cohort
of supermajors protecting her. Watching her move into this setup was truly
magnificent. So, AC Family, please do feel free to submit
your flag entries in the link in the description and we will vote based on my top favourite
picks in a future video. And there you have it, AC Family. A myrmecological Game of Thrones of sorts,
this channel will continue to follow these ant kingdoms in the weeks to come. I invite you to take part and try posting
your flag submissions for our ant colonies in our AC Forum on our website and you could
win a free Omni Nest Small from our shop. You can submit a flag for one, some or all
the colonies. Good luck and as always, thank you for watching
another episode of the AntsCanada Ant Channel. Until next week, AC Family, it’s ant love
forever! Alright, AC Family, what an adventure it’s
been together right? We’ve been through sad moments, scary moments,
triumphant, and inspiring moments. I am honoured to have shared the journey with
you guys. AC Inner Colony, I have left a hidden cookie
for you here, if you would just like to see some extended play footage of some of our
past highlights of each colony. And now it’s time for the AC Question of the
Week. Last week we asked: “What creature other than the ants
feeds on the insects that enter my ant room at night?” Congratulations to MealsOnWheels who correctly
answered: The house geckoes Congratulations MealsOnWheels you just won
a Free Ant T-Shirt from our shop. And for this week’s AC Question of the Week,
we ask: What ant colony killed our beloved Jawbreakers? Leave your answer in the comments section
and you could win a free test tube portal from our shop, perfect for housing your starting
ant colonies caught during this year’s nuptial flight season, before Snow comes. Hehe. Hope you can subscribe to the channel as we
release a new ant video every Saturday at 8AM EST. Please remember to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, and
SUBSCRIBE to the channel if you enjoyed this video. It’s ant love forever!

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  2. Sorry for late reply:
    SO Jaw Breakers were nominated by us to claim new lands(rule) and just before they were suppose to travel,they were brutally murdered by ant of another nation. I can smell a deep conspiracy here

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