– I’m Coyote Peterson. This morning, we’re
gonna answer the question do ants bites or do they sting? And I’m about to
find out first hand. (yelling and groaning in pain) (dramatic music) The southwestern United States has a reputation of
being rough and rugged. It’s cowboy country, and in many people’s minds, it is laced with
dangerous reptiles and dream haunting arachnids. When it comes to
Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, a fair share of
this lore is true. There are venomous animals and some pretty big spiders. It never becomes any
less nerve wracking to pick up a tarantula, I promise you that. But trust me when I say they are much more afraid of you than you should ever be of them. Insects on the other hand, are another story. And living in many
Arizona backyards is a fearless creature
armed with one of the most toxic venoms in the world. And while they are no bigger
than the tip of your finger, they are absolutely fearless when it comes to
attacking an intruder. OK so, right now I am
tucking my pant legs into my boots because
what I am standing in is the attack zone
of the harvester ant. Now there are many
species of ants that live out here in
the Sonoran Desert, but nothing is more aggressive
than the harvester ant. All ants have the
ability to bite, but what most people don’t
realize is that many species, including the harvester ant, also have the ability to sting, and boy is it a whooper. What I’m gonna try to
do is see if I can get harvester ants on my hands and let them bite and sting me for 60 seconds. If you guys want me to be stung
by the bullet ant some day, I think you have to
walk before you can run, so I think the harvester
ant is a great test to see how I would fend
against the bullet ant. All right, you ready? Now before I go
through with this, let’s talk about the toxicity
of the harvester ant. A single sting is said to
be almost 20 times as potent as a honeybee. Personally, I’m not
allergic to any bees, wasps, or hornets, still, this is
incredibly dangerous, so I stress never,
and I mean never, attempt what you are about
to see in this episode. I’m basically just
gonna put my hands down right here in front
of their burrow, and let them hop on. When harvester ants attack, they use their powerful
mandibles to bite and hold onto their victim. Ahh! Yep, getting stung already. While repetitively stinging
and injecting venom through the stinger at
the base of their abdomen. Oh, that burns. The venom is laced with
an alkaloid poison, which when released,
(yells in pain) acts as an alarm pheromone that causes other ants
in the area to attack. (yelling in pain) They’re all over my
hands now, look at that! This was very obvious, as after the first
sting was inflicted, it seemed as if
the entire colony was called to the front lines. Oh boy. (yelling in pain) 60 seconds seemed
like a lifetime. Ahh! As tiny stingers jabbed
me over and over. I could feel them
getting into my clothes, up my back, and onto my neck. Ow, there’s one on my neck. Murray, get the one off my neck. And eventually the
pain became too much. – [Voiceover] All right,
I think that’s 60 seconds. (yelling in pain) I was done. The ants had won. Ahhh! I gotta take my shirt off. So why in the world
did I do this? Well, many of you
out there watching have requested that I be
stung by a bullet ant, which can inflict a single sting that is considered to be one
of the most painful stings in the animal kingdom. Ow, there’s still
one in my pants. Ahh! This is truly the meaning
of ants in your pants. The producers and
I wanted to see how my body would
react to several stings from the harvester ant. When it was all said and done, the crew and I counted
63 sting zones. And the effects of the venom
lasted for nearly a week, which included searing pain
during the first couple hours followed by
swelling, tenderness, and periodic itching. My arms, my hands,
the back of my head are absolutely on
fire right now. Wow. The harvester art is one
formidable little foe, I can tell you that much. If I could sustain
this, maybe, just maybe, the bullet ant challenge
isn’t too far off. – [Voiceover] We
gotta get a shot, man. Come on over. (Coyote groans in pain) I know it hurts. – I think a half hour
from now, if I’m OK, there’s a good chance
that I’m gonna be able to get up close, possibly
stung, by the bullet ant. I’m Coyote Peterson, be brave, stay wild, stay away from harvester ants. I’ll see you on
the next adventure. I’m sure your’re shaking your
head right now, thinking, “Coyote, you are
absolutely crazy.” And maybe I am, but
I hope that we have all learned something from
this little experiment. One, that ants both
bite and sting. And two, never, I mean never, tangle with a colony
of harvester ants. If you thought getting stung
by harvester ants was crazy, check out the time I was
chewed by the solpugid. And don’t forget to subscribe
to join me and the crew on this season of
Breaking Trail. Oh my gosh, his little
mandibles are razor sharp. (moaning in pain) Ow.

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  2. Coyote what is your real name? Is it actually Coyote? Or do you just like that name because it is an animal name?

  3. I got them all over me feet!!! I was walking with my dog, and they were climbing all over my jeans and I tried to shake them off but they fell into my rainbow checkered vans, so I had to walk quickly away and take my shoes off. My dog had been stung by some, too. Do you guys have any tips to curing the sting? I’m not okay mentally.

  4. I've gotten bitten by a red harvester ant and the pain felt like 10× that of a bubble bee and the pain lasted from 3:30 pm till I went to bed at 9:30 pm

  5. Yeah, I feel ya, dude. I actually did have ants in my pants once. At work, too. Cashier. Just standing at the register ringing people up and suddenly I felt like needles were stabbing into my foreign parts. I actually panicked and ran to bathroom to see what the problem was. Lo and behold, two ants(idk what kind) were crawling around in my boxers. Not a fun feeling.

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