Ant Apocalypse Stopped by a Rhino Beetle

Ant Apocalypse Stopped by a Rhino Beetle

You’ll never believe what actually goes on
in the soil. We humans, as giants, completely miss all
the events, the plot twists, the drama, the miracles, the battles, triumphs, and defeats
that occur every day, deep within the the very earth, that sustains us and is teaming
with life. Take this micro-village of springtails for
instance, which you guys have named the Spring Cleaners, the cleanup crew of the microworld,
busy eating up all the organic bits left behind by other lifeforms of the land, or this baby
millipede which eats up decaying vegetable matter, but don’t get too close; he uses cyanide
as a weapon, and that baby earthworm, feeding on vegetation above ground, a solo detritivorous
mite perhaps searching a mate. For a moment, try to forget your big size
and throw all scale out the window, and imagine this terrestrial world, as a giant forest. It’s called the Hacienda Del Dorado, home
to countless communities of creatures and plants. Those gnats you see there, they’re the vultures
of the land perusing the tree tops. But AC Family, something terrible has happened
to the original rulers of this gorgeous territory. You’re about to see what in a moment. I was admiring this lush kingdom one day,
when my eyes caught focus of this. An ant, of the supercolony, we know on this
channel, as the Golden Empire. She’s alone, and oddly she carries a message
for us. Look! It appears she’s struggling to grapple with
something that is locked onto one of her legs, something red, and clearly causing her much
discomfort. She tries desperately to remove it from her
appendage, to no avail. Guys, turns out, this ant, is one of a few
remaining survivors of what I discovered was a mass holocaust. It’s every ant keeper’s nightmare. This week to my utter horror, I learned that
out of nowhere, an apocalypse has come for our cherished Golden Empire, and worse, there
was nothing I could do to stop it. But, it may surprise you, that there was one
unlikely hero in this entire story, who possibly could. AC Family, you will not believe how a humble
rhino beetle rose to the occasion this week, to become the possible saviour of an entire
Ant Empire, during this ant apocalypse. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel and hit the
BELL ICON. Welcome to the AC Family! Enjoy. AC Family, I was legit crying this week, when
I saw this. Imagine an ant colony who you watched grow
over the years, an OG supercolony on this channel, within our world of Ant Kingdoms
in the Antiverse, suddenly amidst a mass extinction event. If you’ve been following this channel for
awhile, you have followed the epicness that the Golden Empire, our multi-queen supercolony
of yellow crazy ants, has experienced. From surviving a mite plague, to outsmarting
carnivorous pitcher plants, to keeping an array of pet beast, to even being elected
as the lucky colony to inhabit a Youtube Gold Play Button, these ants were definitely a
triumphant empire and favourite in the Antiverse. But I’m afraid to announce, that the Golden
Empire is officially seeing their end of days. I’ll explain everything, but we need to start
from the beginning. A member of the Golden Empire is wandering
the premise, assumingly in search of some food. She waves her antennae around smelling her
surroundings and the air for the scent of any new roaches that may have dropped from
the skies. There are in fact, several roach carcasses
around her, but for some reason, they’re unfit for her tastes. I watched as she inspected each roach piece
and moved on. In fact, I’ve been placing roaches into the
lands as I always have for years, but I noticed more and more, the ants weren’t eating them. Of course, the Spring Cleaners were loving
this abundance of food, and so were the earthworms which were coming up to the surface to have
a nibble! It was great that the creatures of the soil
were benefiting from all this extra food, but while this abundance in food was great
news for the soil creatures, it pointed out to me that something was indeed very wrong
in this biological food chain. Little did I know something from the soils
were killing the most important creatures of this entire biological kingdom, and it
was killing them, one ant at a time. When I began to notice the ants weren’t eating
as much, and less and less ants were seen foraging above ground, I started to get very
suspicious that something was up. Now, if you saw our last video on this ant
colony, you’ll know they disappeared on us once before, but after watering their lands,
we discovered that they were all just esthivating underground keeping moist during a dry spell. But this seemed different now. The soils were moist, and usually the lands
would be covered in foraging ants at this hour in the night. I only could see one ant now up in the leaves. I decided to prod around and try to agitate
the vegetation and create vibrations in hopes to set the Gold Empire into defense protocol,
so they would come pouring out of their nest entrances to fight me with their formic acid
sprays. I finally decided to dig into the soil a little,
and finally got a small squadron of ants to come out, but AC Family, check out how few
of them there were that emerged. Something very strange was happening, and
I did not expect, what I was about to soon discover. The next morning, I placed food into the territories
as I usually do, but as has been the case these past few weeks, no ants came to feed. Only soil creatures. I tried watering the lands again, to try to
get the Golden Empire to surface like they did before, but again, only the soil creatures
came to surface rejoicing in the moisture. OK, it was time to pull out the checklist
of possibilities as to what in “Thanos: Infinity War” was going on here. AC Family, are you ready for this? I had to see if the ants had possibly escaped? Now as you may or may not know, the Hacienda
Del Droado, like many of my ant farms, is an open top terrarium, which means it lacks
a cover. Ant keepers do this to ensure the ant territories
get proper ventilation, to decrease mold-growth, and access the ant farm easily. A baby powder barrier is applied vertically
and horizontally upside down, to keep the ants inside. This design in particular was made to create
the illusion of a barrier-less ant setup, with its landmarks rising up out of the top
of the tank, but though it looks like there is lots of places the ants could escape and
crawl out, they actually technically can’t as nothing is touching a point of access to
the outside and the ants can’t jump very far. The only place, the ants might be able to
escape was through this chord which powers the water pump and filter, but even that is
covered in baby powder and secured with a baby-powdered stopper keeping the ants from
proceeding up the chord. Ants making it that far fall onto this powdered
platform which is also secured with powdered walls to keep them from climbing further. Ants on this platform end up jumping back
into the Hacienda Del Dorado below. But could they have possibly found a breech
in the barrier that was keeping them in and moved out of my window one night while I was
sleeping? With their sheer numbers and nomadic tendencies,
this was definitely a possibility! But then I noticed some movement below. Alright! It seems the rains had caused some ants to
emerge to feed from my roach. At last! There clearly wasn’t as much ants as there
used to be, but it was nice to see at least some ants coming out to eat. And AC Family, that’s when I saw it. Look! This ant carried a something on its leg and
it was impeding its movement. A mite. Back when this colony had mites before, it
never affected their movement and general life processes. The mites they dealt with before were likely
phoretic mites, harmless hitchhikers wanting delivery to greener pastures. In fact, the reason this whole Hacienda Del
Dorado terrarium was created was to help those phoretic mites fall off, and it worked in
the end. But this time, things were different. And if you look carefully, although the ants
are hanging around this roach, it doesn’t seem like they have that same healthy appetite
to dive in and feast like they usually do. These mites were definitely affecting our
ants in a very negative way. AC Family, I’m afraid to announce that the
Golden Empire has been struck for the very first time, with every ant-keeper’s fear – parasitic,
blood-sucking mites. Some of the ants appeared mite-free, but many
of them carried the mite killers. Now, this is bad because every ant keeper
knows that once you find these blood-sucking mites on your ants, it is a death sentence,
and the killings happen quick. My heart sank, when the reality of situation
began to sink in. We found our answer and there was nothing
we could do to stop it. What we were witnessing here, AC Family, was
the extermination and final days of the Golden Empire. As weird as it sounds, I began to cry for
the ants. It was time to say goodbye to the supercolony
we grew to love, over the years. My house keeper and I began to take apart
the Hacienda Del Dorado, starting with the Golden Springs, which ironically were installed
as a population regulator. As I began to clean up the lands, again, with
little to no ants in sight, I started to wonder what I was going to do with the Hacienda Del
Dorado. Was I going to just throw the entire terrarium
away? Based on 98,000 of you who voted in a community
tab poll, most of you felt the Jawbreakers, our booming colony of trap-jaw ants, deserved
to inherit the Hacienda Del Dorado seeing as they were doing so well in their little
kingdom, and were ready to expand. But after discovering the mites, I knew I
couldn’t do this, because that would be like throwing humans into a zombie pit. The parasitic mites would then go on to annihilate
the Jawbreakers. But as I was digging around, something pretty
incredible happened. Check this out! I hit a vein! A gold vein. I must have hit some chamber where a lot of
Golden Empire were hiding out. It seems a lot of the ants were still brooding
in hidden chambers within the soil. It was nice to see this many ants congregating
in a single place. Though some of the ants had mites attached
to them, it looked like many of the ants were still quite mobile, energetic, and otherwise
seemingly healthy. I moved the soil around and scanned the premises. I needed to see if I could locate any of the
8 queens. Do you see any? I continued to move more soil around and sure
enough, a queen! There she is sprinting away! I continued looking, and to my delight, guys,
look! Another queen dashing away! I stopped for a moment to take a look at this
queen. Thankfully, she was mite-free. Amazing to think that her eggs helped fuel
the Golden Empire, along with her other 7 fellow queens, for years. Her workers each only lived for a couple months,
but queens like her can live as long as a few decades, and it was her steadfast role
as egg-layer over time, that lead to the Golden Empire being one of the most successful and
glorious ant colonies I’ve ever owned in my life. It was heart-warming to see one of her workers
coming to her side to tend to her. Soon another worker came to join the royal
entourage. And then a third. The sight was so moving for me, and suddenly
made me realize why I had fallen in love with the world of ants in the first place. These worker ants, who’d been through a lot,
were comforting their queen amidst crisis befalling their empire. It looked like these worker ants were among
the clean, mite-free group of the survivors, but although their days were numbered, their
home torn up, and hope for survival minimal, they weren’t going to give up. They were the Golden Empire, conqueror of
challenges. Now it was recently discovered that an entire
ant colony harbours collective memories that its individual members can’t possibly store
in their individual brains. I bet now, the colony was tapping into their
history to find ways to survive this mite plague. These ants were determined to fight for life
until the very end, like gladiators championing their Empire’s legacy… And that, AC Family, is when it hit me. Gladiators. OMG! About what I said earlier about there being
nothing we could do to stop the death of the Golden Empire at the hands of the mites…
well, that isn’t entirely true. For those of you who are new to the channel,
meet our rhino beetles. Three males of a fleet of 7 rhino beetle gladiators,
who are slated to compete in an Olympic tournament called the Rhino Beetle Games. Their names are Apollo, Dionysus, and Poseidon. Now upon welcoming them to the world as fully
formed adult beetles, we did notice they carried on their bodies, small gangs of mites. At first, I thought these were maybe bad mites,
but turns out, one of you guys pointed out that they are actually Hypoaspis mites, which
are predatory mites which live in symbiosis on the beetles, feeding on small soil creatures
and more importantly, bad parasitic mites that may want to feed on the beetles’ blood! In fact, Hypoaspis mites are often used by
gardeners to eat undesirable pest insects. So, AC Family, know where I’m going with this? So call me crazy, but what if we could somehow
collect a few of these Hypoaspis mites from our rhino beetles, propagate them, and then
release them into the Hacienda Del Dorado, where the Golden Empire are congregating,
to eat the parasitic mites that are feeding from the blood of our Golden Empire! The idea was insane, but by principle, it
could work right? AC Family, it was time for an important experiment. First, I prepared a water test tube. This test tube was a standard ant test tube
setup with cotton creating a water reservoir which would provide humidity. This setup was going to house a few of our
test subjects for a little while. Now it was time to go into the Hacienda Del
Dorado to collect our subjects. With our test tube, I went in, and collected
three ants. Two of the ants were infected with parasitic
mites and one was mite-free. I’ll explain why the third ant had to be mite-free
in a second. I also went in to collect three more ants
placed in a second test tube setup, again two infected ants and 1 non-infected ant,
so that we had a control group. Hello, Gr. 9 lesson on the scientific method! If this all works out, these six worker ants
were going to be heroes in the history of the Golden Empire. Alright, so now that we had our test subjects,
we now needed the help of one of our beetles, and I knew just who I was going to choose
to partake in this critical experiment. If you look to the left, you’ll see the living
chamber of Apollo, who is buried somewhere in here. Of the three available beetles, I chose Apollo,
because fittingly, he was named after the Greek god of medicine and healing, and also
of plagues, so it was only appropriate to choose him. He was not going to be happy at me pulling
him out, but the fate of our Golden Empire relies on it! I filled up a small dish of water and got
two q-tips. The plan was to go in, get Apollo out, and
try to collect a few Hypoaspis mites from his body. I started to dig, and carefully moved the
soil around until I heard his voice, well stridulation. There he was! As expected, he was very upset at my intrusion. Behold, our mighty gladiator Apollo, small
horns beautiful colour. And now, the possible saviour to deliver the
Golden Empire from doom. I carefully tried to look around Apollo’s
body for mites. I didn’t need a tonne of mites, just a couple
for our experiment. Turning him upside down, I saw them, and quickly
ran the swab to collect. Got it! I picked up one of the test tubes, and carefully
introduced the Hypoaspis mite inside with the ants. The mite instantly bolted into the test tube! This entire process made my heart race a million
miles a minute! I went back to Apollo and swabbed again one
last time, and placed the second mite into the same test tube. The test tube now had two Hypoaspis mites. I placed two inside so that if they were male
and female they could hopefully breed, but we didn’t really need to measure breeding. We just needed to see if the Hypoaspis mites
would feed from the blood-sucking parasitic mites on the ants. Also, the reason I included a mite-free ant
in the mix was to see if the two Hypoaspis mites would feed on the parasitic mites enough
to keep the parasitic mites from breeding and infecting other ants. If the group with the Hypoaspis mites suddenly
end up with the parasitic mites all gone, we know that the Hypoaspis mites would be
an effective biological agent to eradicate the parasitic blood-sucking mites killing
the Golden Empire. I then marked the test tube that contained
the Hypoaspis mites with black tape, and left our control group tapeless. By the end of this experiment having the two
test tubes to compare, will make it easier for us to understand the results. I took both test tubes, inserted a drop of
honey onto the cotton in each, and placed them into a dark drawer, to simulate the soil
conditions underground. And all there was left to do now was pray
to God, that the results of this experiment were favourable. Apollo, completely upset and shaken up, dove
straight into his soils to get away from us. Thank you Apollo, you’ve been a greater help
than you’ll ever understand. Guys, as giants, perhaps we may not see everything
that happens in the soil, but this time, we were going to try to learn enough, to at least
bring salvation to an entire Empire of gold, fighting for the continuation of their throne,
as rulers of the ever-evolving Hacienda Del Dorado. I was going to wait with baited breath for
the results. Alright, AC Family, it’s do or die now! It’s been a crazy week, but I’ll be sure to
let you know the results of our experiment to save the Golden Empire. Let’s hope the Hypoaspis mites prove effective
at eating the parasitic mites on our ants. At this point, it’s our only hope. So guys, be sure to smash that subscribe button
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can follow their stories and better appreciate how these ant kingdoms came to be, and why
we love them so much! AC Inner Colony, I have left a hidden cookie
for you here, if you would like to explore the new Hacienda Del Dorado! I’ve had to remodel, completely removing the
Golden Springs seeing as we no longer need a population limiter anymore, so go check
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