Animated Spider-Man – Funniest Moments

Animated Spider-Man – Funniest Moments

got the weirdest wall crawling ’80s moments
from Spider-Man, the animated series. In 1981, that
was a truly magical animated series that webbed
the hearts of many, Spider-Man. From great quips
to strange clips, here are our favorite
weird and wonderful moments from Spider-Man in
his 1981 animated series. My spider sense tells me
this cake isn’t for eating. It’s for throwing! Your cake! I’m sure I’d have gotten
the big bang out of it. Hey, that’s city property! So? I’m a taxpayer. Stairways are for Peter Parker. Spider-Man can take a shortcut. [GROWLING] See you later, alligator. Sir, you on the
ceiling, you can’t board this plane without a ticket. Don’t worry. I promise I won’t
get in the plane. [CLUNK] Sshh. Some days it feels good being
your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. I’ll just use this pipe to– uh-oh. You’re no pipe. I am now master of the world. Look, I don’t care if you’re
master of Melvin’s Supermarket. When real spiders do this,
it’s called ballooning. Hope it throws them off. Look I’m not just a
nut in long johns. I go to college and everything. Hey, I thought you were
standing guard outside. Uh, I’ve got something
to tell-a the kingpin. Oh, yeah, sure. And in sports today– Hey. WOMAN: The picture’s gone. MAN: It’s the antenna. A Spider-Man’s
work is never done. Well, hey, kid’s, pro
tip, shush your chairs, because they’re noisy. Yeah, I don’t want those
chairs talking back to me. I have an exploding
cake, and I’ll use it. Oh, well, listen, that
is just the tip of the web for this amazing show. So tell us some of your favorite
moments with that hashtag, #EarthsMightiestShow. And if you want even more
wonderful, webbed weirdness, go check out Spider-Man, the
animated series from 1981, over on the new
streaming service, Disney+, where you can
also catch tons of other Marvel animated series. Yeah, we’ll see you next time.
I’m Langston. I’m Lorraine. And this is Marvel. Your universe.

100 thoughts on “Animated Spider-Man – Funniest Moments”

  1. I loved the spider friends with Ice man and Firestarter the weirdest episode I remember was with Swarm. Once you hear it you can't get it out of your head. Swarm Swarm Swarm Swarm.

  2. I had that episode with Doom when he takes over the UN on VHS when I was a kid. Peter was there taking pictures for the Bugle. Classic.

  3. I dont remember Spider-man being such a high quality memer back in the day… I think I watched another series tbh….

  4. You guys missed the moment when Spiderman goes to use a phone booth and someone's using but then walks out and it's Superman with his classic theme playing and Spiderman goes "say where have seen that guy before? Well no time to worry about it now." Lmao

  5. You were terrible in the last video I saw, and you are terrible now. At least the third guy isn't in this one. If I have to see you guys it's not worth it to watch this channel.

  6. I love the nostalgia feeling watching old cartoons and hearing the music/sounds they used during the cartoon was great and typical for that time period

  7. Yikes I remember watching this with everyone in the common room. We thought it was awesome then. lol BTW Lorraine and Langston together is gold!

  8. We need a reboot of Spiderman unlimited 1999 just finished the episodes on Disney + I can't handle a cliffhanger.

  9. there needs to be an animated sequel to the Spider-Man/Amazing Friends continuity. Seriously. Like a 90 minute reunion movie.

  10. Why doesn’t Spider-Man make this gadgets with webs anymore like the ballon I actually like the old tricks mix the modern ones and the new ones to make sick ticks like the web shield

  11. So when Spider-man says a cake is for throwing and not eating he’s a hero, but when I do it I’m “ruining the party” and “embarrassing the family”…

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