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  1. If you
    Look at 7:58 video time you can see what looks like a lizard under the mans bench and it starts to run.

  2. Today at school there was a queen and it was black and for shur a member of Camponotus it was about 1 cenameter too two cenameters any ideas oh and I did not have a container so I couldn’t get it it would have benn my first ant colony DX

  3. Hey love your channel been watching it for a few weeks now just Sub yesterday. Next time you’re in NYC please visit the outer boroughs like queens we have a beautiful park there called Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Whenever people visit New York they visit Manhattan and neglect the other four Burroughs which make up the entire city.
    Either way I just found out my nephews are entering their stage in life where they’re interested in bugs. So I ran down to my local Toys “R” Us and got them an ant farm. I also got myself one too since I wasn’t allowed to have one as a child. I’m going to mail order their ants since they’re still pretty young. But I’m currently looking for a queen ant where I live. Would you be able to point me in the right direction and tell me what species of queens I may be able to find at this time of year?

  4. I was just about to say that there's a lot of species that is not from New York city that is in New York are used to collect a few answer when I was a kid and we'll all the immigrants that come inside of a state is a lot of different bugs that come here also that there was one time I remember my sister had a small Act form of some African ants don't know where she found them but didn't last long

  5. Just in my front lawn there are 4 species of ants, attas, campognatus, a red one I haven't identified and black crazy ants

  6. Here in phoenix it gets down to the low 30s at night but gets back up into the 50s-60s during the day for maybe 2 months. I don't think ants hibernate very long here. The summer gets up to 120, i wonder if they have to stay under ground to escape the heat?

  7. A few weeks ago the tree across the street had a lot of ants on the nuptials. It was pretty cool to watch and because of the knowledge from your show I was able to explain to my sister-friend and some strangers what was happening. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay …. Brooklyn NY ants.

  8. Tapinomas ants
    I have a question to ask you
    what is your email because I have a question on the ants I found in the sidewalk

  9. You started the weekly contests in this video! 😀 Love those ^^
    Also… I chose 40!🙀 Damn close 😭
    You were so kind to that kid 🙂 I'd given you a hug as well XD

  10. Found almost 25 second ants of these queens one year but I didn't have my nest yet so I just put all huge number of them in a gel thing

  11. Anyone watching in 2019? 9:38 if you see in the bottom left corner, you see this woman looking at Mikey like he's crazy Hahaha.

  12. "but I don't care, I love ants" good on u man – keep on doing these videos and don't mind others judgements!

  13. You do do your own narration!!!! Finally lol I always thought it was someone else because older videos of you sound completely different

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