Amazing New Ant Terrarium

Amazing New Ant Terrarium

In the animal kingdom, death paves the way
for life, and survival depends on your ability to defeat and outcompete your opponents. In our last episode, we were shocked to discover
our beloved Jawbreakers, our cherished colony of trap-jaw ants who we watched grow, were
massacred by a savage colony of black crazy ants, which raided the Jawbreaker’s home killing
the workers, brood, and queen in cold-blood. It was truly a tragic ending for the Jawbreakers,
but now the question lies. Who is to inherit this new terrarium which
you, the AC Family voted by landslide was meant to be for the Jawbreakers? Find out who gets to live in this epic new
ant territory which we will build together in this episode, to be new pastures for one
of our four remaining ant colonies. Also, in our last episode, we launched a worldwide
search for official flags for our ant colonies, and today for the first time you will all
be casting your votes to choose an official flag for our first colony, selected works
by you talented members of the AC Family. All this exciting stuff and more ahead, so
keep on watching until the end, so let’s all gather round and issue a triumphant welcome
to one lucky ant colony on this channel into this new unclaimed terrarium, on this episode
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bell icon, welcome to the AC Family. Enjoy! So AC Family, before you sits an empty terrarium,
with nothing but earth, some driftwood, and some earthworms which were transplanted a
couple of weeks ago to prepare these soils for the life which was to thrive within it. An empty canvas for we the creators, this
terrarium was now ready to sustain its own community. To provide this new land with energy and light,
we have a single bank of flourescent full-spectrum lighting, as well as two LED spotlamps to
provide bright sunning spots for our plants and terrarium inhabitants. And below the terrarium we have our new botanical
additions. Because the tank is not as large as the Hacienda
Del Dorado, our options for plants are slightly limited, but it doesn’t mean our new terrarium
need be boring. Let’s have a look at these plants. First, we have some gorgeous air plants. These beautiful plants which belong to the
Bromeliad family, are called tillandias and are classified as airplants because they acquire
all their needed water from humidity in the air. You might notice the surface of the leaves
look fuzzy. This fuzz is where they get their magic. The hair-like structures called trichomes
on their leaf surface help absorb water from the air, as well as water that drops onto
the surface of the leaves. These plants are epiphytic which means they
attach themselves to other plants and trees. They make great additions to a terrarium because
they can be stuck into nooks and holes in wood and look absolutely beautiful! These ones happen to be flowering at the moment,
which will add a nice hint of colour to the terrarium. Next, we have sphagnum moss. For years I’ve used this stuff to decorate
terrariums and I love it. They add a nice touch to any terrarium. They’re highly absorbent and give a nice forest
or bog-like finish. This sphagnum moss is dead, but just a note,
if you’re going to add this stuff to a terrarium make sure you buy the non-dyed kind. If it has a deep green colour and it’s dried,
then it’s likely dyed! If you’re up for a challenge and have ample
lighting, you can even try to transplant living moss from the wild. Finally, we have my favourite plant for terrariums. Ficus. I love ficus because the leaves remain small,
but it creates dense foliage with ample lighting, it is easy to grow, doesn’t need extreme amounts
of sunlight, and is also a low-laying plant, which means if you don’t have a giant tank,
it’s perfect as it creates a carpet of intricate low laying vines along the ground and decor,
much like it has in the Hacienda Del Dorado. So let’s do this AC Family. I have also added some coconut husk to the
soil medium to give the soil some structure and integrity which will help when ants build
their tunnels and caverns. It minimizes cave-ins in case the soil gets
dry. I have made sure to mix up the medium in such
a way that it was non-homogeneous, meaning some areas had the coconut husk and other
areas didn’t. This will give the ants more of a choice for
ideal soil conditions when nesting. And so the time has come. Let’s add some life to these desolate lands. In an hour and a half, our new territory was
complete. Behold our brand new, fully formiscaped terrarium,
designed to provide a tropical forest floor paradise. Let’s have a look shall we? I’ve secured our Tillandsias into fitting
holes in the driftwood. They make great feature plants and their soft
pink blossoms look quite nice against the blue wall backdrop of the ant room. Let’s look at the ficus. You’ll notice, I’ve placed the ficus towards
the back. This will be helpful as the ficus grows, as
it will grow towards the spotlamps and carpet forward, much like it has in the Hacienda
Del Dorado. I will have to keep up with cutting the vines
back if the plant gets out of control. I’m excited to watch how the ficus develops
in this terrarium. And finally, we have our sphagnum moss which
I have packed mostly towards the front to give the terrarium some mossy spots. This will also help when I water the terrarium
because the shagnum helps reduce splash which when dried on glass can look unsightly, so
placing the carpet of sphagnum moss towards the front will help at keeping the glass front
of the tank free of mineral deposits from water droplets. And so AC Family, this new terrarium is now
ready to provide a lush home for one of our ant colonies. And here’s where I had a bit of a complication. A couple videos back, I asked you guys to
vote for which colony you thought should live in this new terrarium, and by a landslide
vote, you guys wanted the Jawbreakers to move in, however they were killed. So normally, I would by default choose the
2nd place winner which was the Golden Empire. I was OK with this choice because they were
starting to completely overcrowd their current terrarium, the Hacienda Del Dorado, and in
a recent video, we discovered evidence that the Golden Empire may be producing queens
and breeding within their own. This means then that a population explosion
may possibly be in the horizon for the Golden Empire. But because the Jawbreakers won by such a
landslide, I wanted to be sure you guys wanted the Golden Empire to move in. I ran a poll on our Twitter and in 24 hours,
the results surprised me. By a 51% margin, the majority of you chose
the Titans to be the ones to inherit this new terrarium. One thing that scared me about this choice
was that the huge super majors were capable of chewing through some really hard substances
including grout. If the Titans were to move into this new terrarium,
I had to be vigilent to make sure every day that the baby powder barrier was effective
and working. I didn’t want them chewing through the mesh
and escaping into my home. So which colony was I to choose? The Golden Empire or the Titans? I decided to sleep on the decision and decide
the next day. The next day came in a flash. It was time to add the ant colony that deserved
this new terrarium the most. I began to add a thick layer of baby powder
along the top of the terrarium which would keep the ants from reaching the top, making
it easier to keep the ants in especially when working around the tank. These new territories were now ready to welcome
its new ant inhabitants. Who did I ultimately choose to add to this
terrarium? Was it the Golden Empire? Or was it the Titans? Who do you think deserves this terrarium more? AC Family, I chose to give this new home to,
none other than… The ants within this humble tower, which I
laid sideways to encourage the colony to walk out into their new expanse of a home. The Titans were at first a bit shocked to
find their nest had been opened up and toppled. The queen and her cohort of supermajors immediately
began to mobilize and transport her out of the now openly lit and exposed chamber. Right off the bat, it seemed like the ants
were a bit dazed and seemed like they didn’t know what to do? The supermajors kind of romped around, seemingly
unconcered that their home had just been put on its side. Some workers began to attempt to repair the
nest by moving soil around. It wasn’t until several minutes later that
the first worker decided to wander into the new lands. It eventually returned to the colony and I
expected it to bring happy news that a great new territory laid just beyond the nest and
that everyone needed to check it out, but surprisingly, not many ants came out to explore. In fact, the ants were not interested in leaving
their current home at all. I decided to place a light directly onto the
container to further encourage the ants to move out. As for the other two towers, I removed the
top and placed one of them here, laying its long tube close to the first tower so they
could easily find each other, and I placed the third tower between the two towers and
also laid it on its side to encourage the ants to move out into their new territory. For several hours I watched as the Titans
continued to be apprehensive at leaving their current nest home. Most ants seemed preoccupied with fixing their
home and moving brood to new areas. Some workers wandered out into the terrarium
but not many. Perhaps the colony just needed some time to
warm up to this new home, after all, these three towers were all they knew for months. Perhaps we should just give them some time. I decided to leave the towers like this for
the time being and check up on their progress by night. Night came, and to my surprise it seemed like
not much had changed. Workers were still busy trying to fix their
home. No workers were exiting from the 1st and 2nd
towers. But then I noticed a little bit of movement
from the middle 3rd tower. There was a bit of a commotion happening. Hmmm… peeking between the two toppled towers
I saw workers that had wandered beyond the towers and were clearly excited about something
on their new land. This brought me so much happiness. The Titans had realized that before them was
a great unchartered territory. The Titans had discovered that this new land
was now theirs. It seemed like the colony was slowly sending
out workers and workers from the outside rushed to return to the colony in the 3rd tower with
news of their new home. This was great, because even if the ants within
the other two towers seemed nonresponsive, all we needed was just a few ants to perpetuate
the growing idea of moving out, and this eventually would get the ball rolling and inevitably
convince the entire colony to move out. Perhaps it was a good idea that the queen
and her cohort remained in their tower while this initial party of ants got going with
nest construction first before their royal queen moved in. Although initially, a part of me had thought
the Golden Empire may have been the better choice for this new territory, watching the
ants dancing about on the soils of their new home now, and watching their excited and erratic
movements as they explored their new home convinced me that we had made the right choice. Thank you, AC Family for choosing the Titans. Give yourselves a pat on the back. We’ve done well today and just made this very
promising ant colony quite happy. I am not sure when this colony will finally
move out, but I think it may be a good idea to wait for the colony to be ready to move
out on their own time. So what do you say? What should we call this new ant territory? Leave your suggestions in the comments section
and I will choose my favourites for us to vote on together in a future video. And to commemorate the start of this triumphant
move into these new pastures, it is now time AC Family for us to vote on an official flag
for the Titans. Are you guys ready? Behold, the finalist flags chosen to represent
our majestic Titans. Please take a few moments to look at each
flag carefully and vote for your favourite flag in this icard poll here, AC Council. The winning flag will become the official
symbol of this colony, and its desginer will win a free Omni Nest Small courtesy of By the way, if you haven’t entered yet, we
are still accepting flag entries, so click the forum link in the description box of this
video to post up your flag submission for a chance to win an Omni Nest from Alright, AC Family. Be sure to tune in next week, as we continue
to follow how our Titans do at moving into this new terrarium. Let’s hope the entire colony, queen, cohort,
brood and all move into these new lands soon, so we can watch them grow fruitfully. And thus ends another episode of the AntsCanada
Ant Channel. Thank you, AC Family for watching. We will see you again next week. It’s ant love forever. OK AC Family, are you as excited as I am to
see the Titans move into this new terrarium? I also can’t wait to see which flag you guys
vote for to represent them. AC Inner Colony, I have left a hidden cookie
for you here to watch some extended play footage of the Titans. And now it’s time for the AC Question of the
Week! Last week we asked: What ant colony killed
our beloved Jawbreakers? Congratulations to Gavin Guerrero who correctly
answered: Savage black crazy ants
killed the Jawbreakers. Congratulations to Gavin Guerrero you just
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