Alternative Treatment For Fibroids – Dr.  Su Yun An’s Story

Alternative Treatment For Fibroids – Dr. Su Yun An’s Story

My name is Dr. Su Yun An. I’ve always known that i’ve had uterine fibroids over the last seven, eight years
and I didn’t realize gradually that it was growing and interfering with my life, but
because these changes were so suttle I was trying to brush off to the side saying that
well everybody has mestrual cramps or everybody has this kind of problem. But just because everyone has it doesn’t make
it normal. My OBGYN was very sure that I should get a
myomectomy. I have some friends who’ve actually gotten
a myomectomy with some complications and they took a whole lot longer than me to recover
as well. It took me three days to fully recover. The first twelve hours was very difficult,
but gradually it went away relatively quickly. Within about forty eight hours I was able
to walk and do most of the chores and I even felt like I could go back to work that day
but I took an additional day off. You know it was nothing, it was everything
that I could manage. I almost want to call Dr. Doe’s office every
month, every time I have my cycle because it is so much better. You know my message to you is to really consider
this procedure because it has been a life changing experience for me and now if I talk
to any women who has uterine fibroids without hesitation I recommend Dr. Doe and his office.

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